Anatomy of the nerves in hand

If you are willing to know about the nerves in hand, you are at the right place. Before we begin to describe various nerves in the hand, you should have a general knowledge regarding peripheral nerves.

Peripheral nerves are those nerves that have the ability to transmit impulses along their length. They are known to transmit impulses to and from the CNS. Now let us see all the nerves in hand in details.

Radial nerve

The C5, C6, C7 and C8 along with T1 nerve roots are responsible to form radial nerve. These nerve roots belong to brachial plexus. If you have no idea about brachial plexus, this is a group of nerves branching from neck or the cervical spine.

Radial nerves help in the straightening of elbow with the help of triceps muscles. Similarly, they also help in the straightening of wrist and fingers. This means, if you face radial nerve injury, it will be difficult for you to straighten your wrist and fingers.

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Ulnar nerve

The C8 and T1 nerve roots of brachial plexus form the ulnar nerve. From the elbow, these nerves in hand are very close to the skin. There are times when we may experience tingling in the fingers, numbness or even a sharp electric pain. This happens when we hit our funny bone. Actually, we are hitting our ulnar nerves during this.

The main function of ulnar nerves in hand is to power almost all the small muscles present in the hand.

Median nerve

The C5, C6, C7, C8 along with T1 nerve roots form the median nerve. These are also the nerve roots of brachial plexus that branches from the neck or the cervical spine. Regarding the function of median nerve, you will see no function of median nerve unless after it crosses the elbow. Almost all the pronator muscles as well as the flexor muscles of forearm are supplied with nerves by the help of median nerves in hand.

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Musculocutaneous nerve

C5, C6 as well as C7 nerve roots are responsible for the formation of Musculocutaneous nerve. These are also the nerve roots of brachial plexus that branches from the neck or the cervical spine.

The Musculocutaneous nerve powers the  brachialis, coracobrachialis as well as biceps muscles. Moreover, sensation to the lateral forearm is also provided by this nerve.

Axillary nerve

C5 and C6 nerve roots are responsible for the formation of axillary nerve. These are also the nerve roots of brachial plexus that branches from the neck or the cervical spine. The long head of triceps muscle, the deltoid as well as the teres minor are powered by axillary nerve. Here, you must keep in mind that radial nerve is present in most parts of triceps muscle except the top part which is supplied by axillary nerves in hand.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

There are times when you may feel tingling in your fingers, pain and numbness in your hand. This is a condition commonly known as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

The main reason behind this syndrome is the squeezing or compression of median nerve while it passes through the wrist. Is burning hand a sign of health issue?

Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

When you have the syndrome, you may develop some particular symptoms. These symptoms will help your doctor to identify if that’s Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Here are the symptoms that you may possibly develop:

  • In the region of your thumb, index, ring and middle finger, you may feel numbness, burning pain and tingling
  • The numbness, tingling as well as pain may travel towards the shoulder region of your body. This becomes shoulder pain from the nerves in hand
  • Shock sensations may occasionally be felt when you have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • You may feel weakness in your hand. Similarly, it may be difficult for you to perform some normal daily tasks
  • Sometimes you may end up dropping things due to lack of proper control of your hand

As per reports, the symptoms of this syndrome doesn’t come all along in the beginning. Instead, it comes with a few symptoms and the symptoms may come and go. With the worsening of conditions, the patients may observe the symptoms more frequently in nerves in hand. Additionally, they may observe more symptoms than that of the starting phase.

The symptoms are more probable to come during the night time. The worsening of the condition also occurs during night time. The region behind this is the sleeping position. Most of the people sleep with their wrists bent. This can awaken you from your sleep. However, shaking your hands may help you get some relief in this condition. The nerves in hand may feel relaxed doing this.

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