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Adrafinil vs Modafinil: What Is the Difference

Have you ever felt that you sleep too much during the day and that is actually reducing your productivity at work? One might say that how come sleeping during the day is a health issue? It is factually correct but if that happens regularly and without any prior sensation within yourself, you just get dizzy all the time during the day and sleep without notice in mid of work. This is a health issue, popularised as narcolepsy, some even name it is sleep attack. 

But the core is that people suffering from narcolepsy tend to miss their deadlines and are often at risk of encountering serious incidents. For instance, suppose you are a driver, and suddenly you fall asleep in the midst of the drive. This could be dangerous both for you and the passengers traveling. Another example could be a worker working in a factory surrounded by heavy boilers, and other machines. Now, even for a second the worker gets dizzy or falls asleep it could risk his life as well as other co-workers and lead to an unfortunate accident. 

To get rid of this daytime sleeping issue, we use several famous pills like Modalert 200 and Modvigil 200. One of the most debatable topics on anti-narcolepsy drugs is whether Adrafinil is the same as modafinil. Both work for the same cause, in fact, modafinil is actually the active/reactive ingredient in Adrafinil.Let’s learn about both of them in this article. 


Modafinil, you can say is the father of ant-narcolepsy medicines. It was actually, the first major medicine that focussed on the issue of sleep disorders that relieved the public. Now it has become the active ingredient in well-known narcolepsy-treating medicines. One of the most famed nootropics, Provigil also contains Modafinil as its main ingredient.


Modafinil is an ingredient in other medicines, hence its composition is 100% modafinil. It is not prescribed to people who are allergic to Modafinil. Hence, it is also a prescription-specific medicine, you may not be realized optimum realized with less productivity if you violate the prescription. 

Side effects

The side effects of Modafinil are not something that will trouble you a lot because there aren’t many of them. Yes, there will be harmful side effects if you do not follow the basic precautions. For instance, if you are allergic to Modafinil and still you take it, then it is bound to happen.

Otherwise, Modafinil has very controllable side effects like minor inflammation, itching, headache, disturbance in sleepiness, constipation etc. 

Is it safe?

The use of Modafinil is absolutely safe if your actions go by the instructions of the prescription. The moment you take decisions on your own, problems may arise. 


Adrafinil, you can say is an advanced version of Modafinil. They both work for the same cause and have almost most things in common with only slight differences. It was found in France, as a wakefulness-promoting drug. It also got the title smart pills. 


The main element of Adrafinil that leads to the person remaining awake and not falling asleep during the daytime is Modafinil. But here unlike Modafinil, there are other minor ingredients such as preservatives and catalysts that make the job easy for Modafinil in the body. It is also a prescription-sensitive medicine so, you need to be sure, that you do not violate the prescription rules. 

Side Effects

Here, there is a lot of similarity between the two drugs as both of them lead to minimal side effects. Utmost the side effects are temporary, which means even if a few of them trouble you, they will last for more than a few days. Once the drug is consumed for a few days, it gets habituated with the body and side effects cease. 

Is it safe?

Adrafinil has been cited as a safe drug by several drug agencies, so you need not worry about it.As a patient, you need to trust the doctor, if he has prescribed you a drug then it must have cleared the parameters of safety.

Where to buy it?

Well, if you need to buy Adrafinil or buy Modafinil order from the Online medication store Smart Final. It has the best prices that suit your wallet and the high-quality drugs that serve your health. This combination is rarely available at online portals, where there is always difficult to trust. 

You can also buy Modalert 200 from offline shops, but there is the possibility of drugs getting out of stock very easily. 


There cannot be a single winner, who is safe? Safety is something that is associated with the way people take drugs and how strictly prescription is followed. And on this parameter both Adrafinil are alike but yes, Modafinil is slightly aggressive whereas Adrafinil is mild. So, doctors usually begin with Adrafinil and prescribe Modafinil to people only who can take it. 

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