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6 Ways To Take Care Of Yourself When People Disappoint You

We live in a world that is surrounded by different kinds of people. Humans depend on each other for even the smallest of things, and when there are such connections, there is bound to be hurt too, which is not bad as it teaches us and shapes us into the best versions of ourselves.

However, if you are always being disappointed and betrayed, it would be best to change the company and improve the standard of friends you usually keep around you. You need to understand that you are your biggest cheerleader, the only person you should expect things from is yourself, and for that, you will have to be kind and determined to yourself and your ambitions.

We treat ourselves in the worst way; we don’t listen to ourselves and ignore our desires due to which good things don’t happen to us. Trust yourself and be nice to yourself, write down all that you want to do in your life so that there is clarity in whatever you want to do. I have collected six different ways to guide how you can take action if people keep disappointing you. If this article helps, then make sure to share it with others so that they can be educated on the matter too and improvements can be brought, 

Allow yourself to feel sad:

There can be many ways in which a person can feel disappointed; you can be rejected, you can be let down, or worse, you did not expect the other person to be what they turned out to be. When you have been treated like this, it is evident that you feel sad, down, angry or frustrated, and sometimes we try to ignore the fact that we are feeling this wrong way.

Allow yourself to accept and feel this way, human beings are connected through relationships, and we tend to turn to other people when we are feeling down, no matter how much we say that we don’t want help. It is natural to be disappointed when people don’t listen to how you want them to hear or aren’t there for you when you need them.

To acknowledge the feelings, all you have to do is put whatever you are feeling into words and communicate them to the other individual. Ask yourself that whatever you think is relevant to the situation, or are you just overreacting, try not to dwell on the past and stay in the present situation. Still, if communicating your feelings can change the situation, you must go for it without being scared.

Set limitations to keep yourself safe:

Nice people have a problem of keeping others before themselves, which is wrong behavior and must be changed; if anyone in your life betrays and disappoints you, again and again, you need to think about what needs to be done through which you will be protected.

The answer will be simple and easy, but there are great chances that you will be ignoring it, which is wrong; if seeing them less helps you, then it is better to see them less, but for some people, that can look like a major and negative step since the toxic person may influence you, or you would love them due to which it is harder to let them go so in such cases it is important to communicate whatever is that you are feeling with all the consequences they have to face if they keep on treating you this way.

Many people fall into the dark pits of depression for which doctors recommend products like weed, and if you are a resident of Canada, then cheap weed in Canada can be bought in any store but make sure to consult your doctor before taking anything. Just remember to be kind to other people as you have no idea what they may be going through and what you will mean to them, set limitations so that getting hurt is less of an option.

To sum it all up, people around us are capable of different things and must never be underestimated for anything, but that does not mean that the power of love does not exist. There are bad and good people in this world, and it is solely based upon us how we deal with them and keep them in our lives; if someone keeps on disappointing you and hurting you, get rid of them because you have to make yourself a priority.

Take good care of yourself:

You want to do many things, but your friends don’t want to make you kill your wish of doing what you wanted. For example, you are out for dinner with your friends and want Thai food, but you want to have Indian curry, rather than eating Thai, you should step up and get yourself Indian food even if you have to go all by yourself or you can ask others to join you. Try not to disappoint yourself and find ways through which you can be soothing to yourself.

Try never to give up and be a healthy adult who can make decisions that benefit them rather than think what person A, B, or C think. Furthermore, try to write whatever you feel in a journal or a diary as it can help you find your compassion and turn out to be a medium through which you vent. Remind yourself again and again that I am my priority; I will not be self-critical when others are being rude and unreasonable and try to love myself at the good and the bad times. 

Check if your expectations are reasonable:

There are many times when we tend to expect a lot from others, which is not wrong but a little unfair if the situation is not what you are making of it, and it should be clear that whatever you are expecting from the next person is capable of that? For example, if your brother is in his office and couldn’t call you because he has back to back meetings, he cannot be blamed since being an adult is not always easy.

The only way to see if your expectations are reasonable or not is through keenly examining the situation and then communicating whatever you are feeling to the next person. Remember never to assume that the next person is bad for not checking up on you or ignoring you as everyone has a reason. Try to talk to them when you can, and if they have a genuine reason for whatever they have done, it is your job to put your feelings and expectations aside and be there for them.

Make sure you know when it is time to speak up:

Often, we tend to stay quiet and miss our chance at improving the wrong things, and this behavior must be changed. Ponder upon the fact that will it be productive to speak about your feelings or not. You have to think about the next person and their capability to interpret what you are trying to tell them.

You also need to focus on the fact that if you speak your mind, then there will be consequences as it is not always necessary for the next person to understand you and your feelings. They have the right to act as they want, if they are close to you, they can demand to end what you and they have, which can be more painful than what you are already feeling.

Therefore, calm down and decide what you want from the person; for example, you can be looking for an apology; you can be looking to make amends or communicate what you feel. So, make sure to know what you want, and remember to speak up when it’s the time to speak up. You can practice whatever you want to say to them before messing up things, and everything goes smoothly.

Identify and accept your needs:

The root needs to be identified so that you can understand why you feel so low, down, and betrayed. You can need different things such as empathy, understanding, support, friendship, consideration, and so much more.

Ask yourself questions about why you feel this way and what makes you feel this way. Are there any past experiences or something painful that makes you beg for such needs that can cause a problem. Sit down with yourself and once you have all the answers, try to untangle yourself from all the present and past negative experiences and tell yourself that if a need is not met, then there is no issue in this, and you will be fine without it.

If your brain, heart, and body reject your plea, you need to find an alternate for the unmet need so that you are satisfied; always remember to not rely on things you get from other people as they will always be temporary. Try to love yourself and find everything you want in others.

Mehedi Hasan

Mehedi Hasan is an enthusiastic health blogger and the founder member of WOMS. He likes to share his thoughts to make people inspired about their fitness. He is an experienced writer and author on highly authoritative health blogs.

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