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Women crying: is it emotionally beneficial?

Do you know women will cry 4,680 times over in their adult life which is more than twice as much as men? Crying is a common human activity, and it can be triggered by many different emotions. But what do you think women crying is emotionally beneficial?

According to the psychologist women are stereotypically associated with crying. It has benefit for both your mind and body. Check out all the health benefits of crying.

Why do women crying have health benefits?

It is said the women crying have benefit for both body and their mind. These crying benefits begin at birth with a baby’s first cry. Keep reading and learn more about the benefits of women crying.

1. Detoxifies body

There are three different types of tears:

  • Reflex tears
  • Continuous tears
  • Emotion tears

Reflex tears are 98% water which clear debris like smoke and dust from your eyes. Emotional tears also contain stress hormones and toxins, while continuous tears also contain 98 per cent of water. When you cry, you are effectively detoxifying your bodies of accumulated debris. Emotional tears help to lubricate the eyes and protect them from infections. Researchers have also said that women crying stimulate the production of endorphins, so they feel better.

2. Dulls pain

Women crying for long periods of time-release oxytocin and endogenous opioids. These chemicals help to relieve the pain and may also ease both physical and emotional pain. Oxytocin gives women a sense of calm or well-being. In this way, women crying helps to dull the pain and promote a sense of well-being.

3. Improves mood

Along with relieving the pain, it also helps to improve the mood.  When you cry, you breathe a cool air. Breathing cooler helps to regulate and even lower the temperature of your brain. As we already know crying release oxytocin and other hormone which help to feel relieve. So sometime it is necessary women to cry as much as they can.

4. Get supports from other

If you find women crying, you must understand that they are in need of support. These types of support are known as interpersonal benefits.  You see when a baby is crying, it is an attachment behaviour towards their mother. The main function is to obtain comfort and care from a different way.  So women crying can build up the social support network when they’re in need.

5. Aids sleep

What do you think? “Is it healthy to cry yourself to sleep?”.  You must remember one thing that crying is way of soothing you which is a completely normal reaction. Crying is not only beneficial to women but its aid sleep to babbies too.

Crying follows the calming, mood-enhancing, and pain-relieving mechanism which may help a person fall asleep more easily.

6. Fight bacteria

Women crying help to kill different types of bacteria and keep the eyes clean. As tear contains a fluid called lysozyme, which had such powerful antimicrobial properties that it could even reduce risk of presented by bioterror agents, such as anthrax. Emotional tears help to prevent from many more bacterial infections.

7. Improves vision

Our eyes aren’t much different from the other body part. Eye too needs water to stay hydrated. When you start crying, you are really helping your eyes to rehydrate it which can improve the focus of your eyes. So you must cry occasionally to prevent your membrane from drying, which finally leas to blurry vision.

How much should women cry?

According to the comphrensive study at Tilburg university, the average American women cries 3.5 times a month, where average american man cries 1.9 times a month.  When you see women crying in china is about 1.4 times each month. The average of women crying by country vary considerably.  Men in blugaria reportedly cry a mere 0.3 times each month. If you cry one to three times a month, its totally normal.

How to make yourself cry?

1. Recollect sad events from your past

This is the painful but the most effective way to make you cry. Just think one of the terrible saddest moments of your life and you will get to see emotional tears pouring down to your face.

Recalling the sad moments that happened in your past like the loss of loved one, personal tragedy, break ups, accident, etc can make your cry and it’s really bad for your health.

2. Put on the sad songs or watch the sad movies

I think listening sad songs and watching sad movies that made you cry in past will be best advice on how to make cry yourself. Music affects us in many ways. It can make you relax, it can make you creative, and even you can cry with sad movies and sad songs.

If sad music isn’t working, you can try recalling or watching the movies, television shows, or even series that have made you pour tears in the past.

3. Read something sad

The next tips on how to make yourself cry is reading something that make you feel sad for particular person or things. You can try reading sad love story, confessions, or start recalling the sad moment from any chapter of your life.  

These tips can be tough because reading something shocking or extremely painful can make you cry easily. Even you get to read from the Google too.

4. Trust the power of onion

Have you seen women crying from the onion? We all have been seen women crying in kitchen while chopping onion. You can also try this method and start crying.

This is because onion consist enzyme named synthase enzyme that released when you start chopping the onion. This enzyme comes in contact with other chemical including air and makes you cry just because of Syn-propanethial-S-oxide.

5. Use the menthol method

Ever wondered how to make yourself cry like you are not serious about it? This method is actually used by the actors in the movies, Tv shows and other platform to make cry them in form acting.

All is that they use menthol under the eyes. This process will make them cry.


Are women crying okay? It may be beneficial for women in a different way. Not only women, if anyone feels that he or she needs to cry, don’t hold back tears. Crying is a normal and healthy way to express your emotion, sadness and dark chapter of your life.


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