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What is saliva?

Overview of saliva

what is saliva? do you have a proper idea about it? Sometimes when I observe the animals who have met with an accident, they keep on licking their wounds. I then used to wonder why they perform such an activity. Being a man, I like licking to something that tastes really good like an ice-cream. It was always running in my mind that what was the need for performing such action. I then started searching about this activity and that’s what this article is all about. I studied a lot about this action. What I came to know was that saliva was all they were using on their wound.

Knowing about saliva really amazed me. I have always thought to help in softening of food. But ultimately it’s not only useful in the softening of food but in lots more tasks. Let’s go through the blog to know what is saliva.

After studying a lot about this action I came to know was that saliva was all they were using on their wound. Knowing about saliva really amazed me. I have always thought it to only help in softening of food. But ultimately it helps in lots more tasks.

Is saliva medicinal?

Saliva is the best medicine for most of the wounds in our exposed body parts. Generally when we meet with an accident. The animals keep on licking on their wounds until they completely heal themselves. They get their saliva reached to the wound. And for sure by this method, they can heal themselves. This is such a normal method that you can observe it in a dog nearby you who has met with an accident. Always keep in mind that the saliva mostly works for small and easily heal-able wounds. Like the wound for which you don’t need a doctor but for urgent treatment, one must consult to medical personnel.

This article includes information that will help you live healthier and better with good utilization of your saliva. Most of us are habitual of drinking water as early as we wake up. What may be the actual reason behind this? Have you ever thought? We also get to know about several disease? Sometimes saliva test reports are needed to find out several diseases.

Saliva in mouth

The saliva present in our mouth during morning time is very important for our body so we shall consume it within the body and one shall not throw it outside the body by spitting. This type of saliva is also rich in medicinal matters.

The pH of saliva during morning time is about 8.4. This saliva is basic in nature and when we consume it inside the body by the means of water, it helps to improve the condition of digestion and absorption inside the body. Improvement of digestion and absorption mechanism inside the body helps us to prevent various diseases so we must drink sufficient amount of water in the morning as soon as we wake up.

Saliva consists of various such micro nutrients which are also present in soil which is highly rich in micro nutrients. So using it in a good way can help us to have a healthy lifestyle. One experiment was performed to check the importance and work of saliva on some people.

These people were having problems of dim vision, Eye-red problem and disposition problem. Using saliva of morning time daily for about 6 months improved their vision of sight and problems like the burning of eyes was also cured. Saliva has this much capability but using saliva must be done by following some strict and special methods. I still suggest taking reference of medical personnel in such cases.

Saliva helps to remove spots

One of the most advantageous works of it is that it can remove different spots on the skin which is not easily be removed. The dark spots under the eyes can also be removed by the use of it of the morning time on the skin for a number of months.

It also experimented on a number of people and the majority of the people got rid of such spots. It is a treasure and more information about it are still unknown and most of the scientists are working to utilize the saliva more effectively. The medicinal importance of it connects Allopathy with the Ayurveda.


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