All you need to know about tooth decay in kids

All you need to know about tooth decay in kids. We all know that every child is at risk of tooth decay because of modern food and diet habits. Kids are always at the risk of developing plaque of their food habits. The enamel is quite thinner as well as softer on baby teeth, which improve the chances of tooth decay. However, it must be noted that it can be preventable. As a parent, all you need to do is to help your kids to clean and brush their teeth every day. Since baby teeth help kids to eat, drink and speak; hence it is essential to take care of them at the beginning only.

Kids always take sugary drinks, food

We all know that kids always take sugary drinks, food, and chocolates as a result bacteria in their mouth develop over time. These bacteria produce a wide range of acid and damage the outer surface of the tooth. They not only leave a cavity or ‘hole’ in the tooth but also results in bad breath.

Dentists easily spot the problem

Dentists know and understand all these things and quickly locate the problem.They see the white, gray areas on the teeth or on the external layer, which is the major problem. Furthermore, teeth start showing different dark colors such as brown or black. Most of the time, the upper four front teeth are affected, and developmental problems in kids. If minor dental problems are left untreated, it may lead to loss of teeth, and gums. 

Limit food items

According to some dentists, milk can pool in the mouth and attract the bacteria that further cause decay. Saliva flow is low during sleep and hence cannot prevent tooth damage. Kids also drink and take various items, like juices, lollipops, soda, butterscotch balls, French fries, fried rice or soft drinks, which make the condition more intense. Hence, it is advisable to limit their sugary foods and beverages. 

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Dental cavities and excruciating pain

 Most of the kids also develop dental cavities and feel intense pain. Even a small hole in the teeth can cause a big problem. Food substances as well as carbohydrates stay on the surface of the teeth and cause damage. This sort of problem develops constant, sharp as well as the throbbing pain in the tooth.

Dentists suggest a wide range of treatment options

Dentists recommend a wide range of treatment options from retainers, braces to other dental alignment tools. All these are quite helpful to prevent toothache as well as decay. They also recommend various other treatments to fight temperature sensitivity as well as pain.

According to some dentists, improper brushing may also develop a wide range of decay problems. They help kids to brush appropriately without exerting pressure on the teeth as well as hums. That is why it is essential to check with your dentist to know the proper technique of brushing as well as flossing.


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