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5 Tips On How You Can Maximise Your Fat Burn When Swimming

Being overweight and obese are common problems. The more the weight, the more effort is needed to lose it. One of the best ways to lose weight is swimming. It can be done safely, comfortably, and conveniently in your own home. It is also a low-impact exercise that does not cause any problems. Since it is done underwater, you get a better workout than other forms of exercise. There are some tips that can help you swim in a more efficient way so you can maximize the way you burn fat while swimming in your Fibreglass Swimming Pool. Read on to learn these tips.

Swimming to fat burning

Burning fat is the key to weight loss. The best way to burn fat is by getting a full-body workout. Such a workout ensures fat is burnt all over the body. This helps in toning the body so you look good once you lose weight. When you swim, it works on your upper body and also the lower body. The core of your body that contains belly fat also gets a workout. This can help you lose weight in a more effective way.

Consider this example. You go jogging or for a brisk walk at the rate of 6 miles per hour and you do this for half an hour. You are likely to lose 300 calories. Now let’s assume you swim instead. If you swim with the standard breaststroke for half an hour, your calorie loss increases to 367 calories. In case you decided to swim a bit more intensely through freestyle swimming, the fat burning increases and you can burn 404 calories. 

When you swim, the water offers resistance. This ensures you get better exercise as compared to other forms. Exercises like running or cycling can put a strain on your knees. This can be a problem for those who have joint pain. Swimming is a low-impact activity. It is safer as compared to other activities. Swimming also is a cardio activity that helps in improving your heart health and lung function. All these ensure you can burn more fat and lose more calories when you swim in the right way. 

How to ensure maximum fat burn?

There is no doubt that swimming helps in burning more fat as compared to other exercise forms. If you swim a bit more smartly, you can maximize the fat burn. This allows you to get better results that motivate you to swim more and lose more weight. We give you five tips that will be helpful in ensuring maximum fat burn. 

1) Increase the rate of swimming

The rate of swimming refers to how hard you swim and how fast. A slow and casual swim will not help you lose more weight. Just as you need to walk fast or jog at an incline to lose more weight, similarly hard swimming is needed. The faster you swim, the more is the effort you need to put in. This ensures your heart rate increases, which helps you in the process of weight loss. The best way to do this is through the freestyle stroke. The butterfly stroke can be even more effective but you need to be adept at swimming to do it.

2) Find your fat burning zone

Your body has a fat-burning zone. This is the optimal rate at which you can ensure more fat burning. Finding out this zone is simple, all you need to do is find your maximum heart rate. This is easy to calculate. First, subtract your age in years from the number 220. If for instance, you are 30 years old, then you get 220-30 = 190. Now that you have this number take 65% of this. 65% of 190 is 124. So, 124 is your maximum heart rate. When you swim, you must raise your heart rate to this level to get the best benefits. 

3) Swim for more time

Burning calories is not too complicated to understand. The more time you exercise, the more are the more calories burnt. Exercising for an hour is the best recommended time. Not only will you burn calories instantly, but your body also continues to burn calories for three more hours. Therefore, you need to swim more time. Don’t try to do this immediately, since you will find it strenuous. Start with 15 or 20 minutes. Follow this routine for a few days or weeks. Once you are comfortable increase it to 25 minutes. Practice for a week and then make it 30 minutes. When you do this gradually, your body gets adjusted without too much strain. 

4) Interval training can be helpful

One of the best ways to maximize fat burn is to try out interval training when you swim. The concept is simple. Instead of putting all your effort continuously balance it through the session. You can swim for around 90 seconds by putting in maximum effort, such that your heart rate increases to the maximum. Then slow down the swimming and put lesser effort for 90 seconds. In this way, keep alternating so you get the best benefits

5) Swim on an empty stomach

It is always best to exercise when your stomach is empty. This is why experts suggest that you should exercise first thing in the morning. When you swim in the morning when your stomach is empty, it creates a lasting effect for the body. This makes the body use your body fat to get energy. As a result, you burn more fat while swimming. If you don’t have time to swim in the early morning, don’t worry you can swim later. But ensure you swim at least two to three hours after a meal. This will allow you to maximize your fat burn from swimming.

All these tips are easy to implement and you can start following their benefit. Use the benefits of these tips to burn more fat when you swim. This will help you lose weight in a more efficient way. 

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