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Purine calculator is an important tool to determine the value of purine in different food items. It helps to maintain a proper check and balance at the intake of high quantity purine food products. Purines are the ingredients of several food products. Moreover, these purines metabolize in the body producing uric acid. Uric acid is the end product of purine metabolism.

Normally, the kidney filters this uric acid in the urine. But there are several diseases that hinder the filtration process of uric acid. Uric acid continues accumulating in the body. This uric acid causes several diseases in the human body. Therefore, there is a special need to calculate purine count in food items for people suffering from these diseases like gout.

Why is there a need to calculate purines in different foods?

Purines metabolize into uric acid. People, who have trouble with the metabolism of uric acid, suffer from different painful conditions. Uric acid usually dissolves in the blood or passes out in the urine through the kidney. In this way, people with disturbed uric acid metabolism have high levels of uric acid in the body. This condition is known as hyperuricemia.

Uric acid forms crystals in the body and accumulates in the joints and kidneys. Uric acid in the joints causes a Painful condition known as arthritis or gout. Uric acid also piles up in the kidney and causes kidney stones.

Therefore, there is a need for a purine calculator that provides detailed information about purine levels in several foods. Foods high in purine levels are dangerous for the health of patients with gout and kidney stones.

Why should we include less purine quantity in our food products?

People with normal metabolism can easily digest all the purines and excrete the metabolic end-products in the form of urine. But this does not happen in every case. There may be several digestive problems that can hinder the digestion of purines. If you continue taking excess purines in your food, there is a chance of increased uric acid. Increased uric acid can cause several diseases in human beings.

Purine calculator is designed to get sufficient details about the levels of purine in any food. High purine levels may cause several problems. Therefore, it is important to check the purine count in any food before consuming the product. Let us have a detailed look at these diseases to increase awareness.

High Diabetes mellitus risk

Excessive purine will automatically lead to high uric acid. Increased uric acid in the blood may cause several diseases. Several studies suggest that increased uric acid levels may increase the risk of diabetes mellitus.

Kidney stones

If uric acid stays in the body for a longer period, it forms crystals. Uric acid crystals may continue accumulating in the kidney. These crystals may form kidney stones. In this way, it can disturb kidney health.

Arthritis and gout

Arthritis or gout is a painful condition of joints. In these conditions, uric acid crystals accumulate in several joints of the body. It causes inflammation of the joints and may cause extreme discomfort. This condition requires proper medical management to get relief from this severe joint pain.

High uric acid also increases the risk of high blood pressure and fatty liver disease.

How to diagnose high uric acid levels?

There is a need to confirm high uric acid levels in the blood. A blood sample taken from the patients explores the blood chemistry. Any kidney stone, passed in the urine or removed surgically, is checked to know the ingredients of kidney stones.

Moreover, to confirm gout or arthritis, uric acid crystals need to be extracted from the fluid of swollen joints. There are also special imaging techniques (CT scan, ultrasound, X-ray) to confirm gout or arthritis in the patient.

What are the foods that contain high purine levels?

There are several food products that are high in purine levels. Such food items must be restricted to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Purine calculators are helpful to check the count of every food item. Some of the food products with high purine levels are as follows:

  • Seafood
  • Yeast extract supplements
  • Meat sauces and gravies
  • Organs in the form of meat just like kidney, liver, brain, heart, etc
  • Alcohol and beverages

What are the alternatives to these high purine-level food items?

It is harmful to gout patients to rely on these high purine count food items. There are several food items that contain purines but in low levels. These serve as the alternative to these products. Moreover, these food products are beneficial for patients with gout. Let us have a look at these food items.

  • Eggs
  • Low-fat dairy products
  • Legumes and nuts
  • Beans, lentils, and peas
  • Oatmeal and oats
  • Half cup of vegetables like spinach, cauliflower, green peas
  • Limitation to poultry products for at least 4 to 6 ounces every day

How to treat high uric acid levels?

There are several ways to reduce the high uric acid levels. For gout, medicines can help to reduce inflammation and pain. A person must drink a lot of water to reduce uric acid levels. There is a need to drink at least eight glasses of water to pass out kidney stones in the urine.

The only way to prevent these conditions is to limit the purine levels in your diet. Take a proper check and balance on your diet regarding purine levels. A purine calculator can help you to find the perfect food item according to your condition.

How do purine calculators help to find out the purine levels?

Purine calculators are very important tools for patients with gout and arthritis. In addition, a purine calculator helps to regulate the levels of purine in the food. Moreover, the purine calculator includes a variety of food products with their purine levels. Therefore, purine calculators are highly recommended for such patients to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Purine calculator includes purine data and food items with their up-to-date nutritional status. In this way, these purine calculators help to provide an updated nutritional status of various food items. In this way, the purine calculator helps gout patients to maintain their diet.


A purine calculator is an important diagnostic tool for gout patients to determine the purine count in any food item. Foods high in purines are harmful to patients with gout. Purine catabolism forms uric acid in human beings. Patients with gout suffer from a disturbance in the metabolism of uric acid. Uric acid forms crystals and continues accumulating in the kidney and joints.

Uric acid crystals in joints may induce a painful inflammatory condition of joints. This condition is known as gout. Moreover, uric acid crystals form kidney stones. There are several other diseases that arise due to high uric acid levels in the blood. Therefore, patients with gout must be aware of the purine levels in the food items. Purine calculators serve this purpose for patients with gout.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What are the minimum levels of a purine for patients with gout?

For gout patients, it is necessary to lower the intake of purines. It will help to prevent increased uric acid levels in the blood. An intake of less than 400 mg per day is recommended for patients with an increased risk of gout. These purine levels are safe for patients with gout.

What are the normal uric acid blood levels?

Normal blood levels of uric acid are as follows:
Adult male: 4-8.5 mg/dL
Adult female: 2.7-7.3 mg/dL
For older people, these values may increase slightly.

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