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How to Use a Pubic Hair Trimmer? Tips and Styles

Almost every person tends to grow pubic hair after puberty. People have different choices about whether to trim them or shave them. Grooming or trimming the pubic hair has no concern with any risk of bacterial or fungal infection. In addition, sexually transmitted diseases can be prevented by safer sex practices, not growing your pubes. There are different methods of trimming pubic hair to avoid irritation, burn, and any other kind of injury.

This article explains the safe trimming of pubic hair with some pubic hair trimmers to provide you with the best experience. It will provide a complete guide about how to trim your pubes quotes safely without causing any injury. Continue reading the article to find all the fundamental details regarding pubic hair trimmers.

How to prepare your pubic area for hair removal?

Preparing before trimming is the ultimate step to prevent any kind of infection. It is better to do a bit of preparation just before using any sharp object on your pubes be it a pubic hair trimmer. The pubic region is quite a sensitive part of the body. So, proper care is necessary to avoid irritation, burns, or cuts. Here are some essential protocol tips before using a pubic hair trimmer.

Scrub your tools

Maintain a separate grooming kit for your pubes. Using the tools on the other parts of the body increases the chances of infection and also makes them blunt. Make sure your scissors, razor, or trimmer must have sharp blades for easy removal of hair. Before using, disinfect your tools in a solution like Barbicide for at least 10 minutes to kill the surface bacteria. Moreover, you can also scrub your tools with alcohol or alcohol-based disinfectants. 

Trim extra hair before shaping

If your pubic hair is thick and longer than half inches, it is preferable to trim a quarter inch with scissors before using a pubic hair trimmer. It will help you to prevent clogging of razor or trimmer. In this way, you will get to know better about the direction of the hair and prevent any injury.

Take a bath

Before shaping or trimming the pubic hair, your skin must be bacteria-free to avoid any infection. Cleanse your pubic region with some mild soap and water. Soaking or steaming your pubic region will make your skin softer and your hair expand. It will help you to trim your pubes easily without any problem.

Exfoliate the skin

Exfoliation removes the dead skin cells and sebum that clog the hair follicles. For this purpose, use a mild scrub or loofah to properly exfoliate the dead skin. In addition, this step will help your trimmer or razor to smoothly glide over the skin with the maximum removal of pubic hair.

Lather up the area

Before shaving or trimming using a pubic hair trimmer, it is important to maintain proper lubrication to prevent frictional damage. Using cream or gel on the region also helps you to see where you have shaved. So, it will prevent you from using a trimmer or razor on the area twice to avoid any irritation.

Trim or shave in the direction of hair growth

Know about the direction of hair growth. Using a razor or trimmer against hair growth increases the chances of burns and injuries. Go with the flow like following the hair direction. Using against the hair growth means your tools will lift the hair and then trim the hair follicle. It may lead to minor cuts or burns.

Don’t hasten

Take your proper time to trim your hair with proper caution. Don’t hasten as it may lead to nasty cuts or may cause some serious injuries. So, follow the tips and steadily remove your pubic hair with caution.

There are chances that you’re removing your pubic hair because it may be itchy and irritating. You should check this detailed article on Causes and Treatment of Itchy pubic hair.

How to use a trimmer to remove pubic hair?

A pubic hair trimmer is a great choice to shape or groom your pubic hair. Trimmers are different types of tools than clippers. Trimmers usually provide a fine job with the fine removal of pubic hair. Trimmers with safety guards are the best option for precise work and easy removal. Prefer a waterproof hair trimmer to avoid any news during hair trimming. 

Here is a way how to use a pubic hair trimmer for removing your pubes.

  • Maintain a setting for longer hair first. You can also go for a shorter setting to achieve your desired shape.
  • Apply a thin layer of any gel or cream before using a trimmer while in the shower. Do not use a pubic hair trimmer on dry skin. It may irritate the skin.
  • Trim in the direction of hair growth. Then, trim against the hair growth in the second turn. Do not put pressure while trimming. Just use slight pressure to remove pubic hair.
  • To maintain the look, you may need to use a trimmer after a few days or weeks according to your choice and preference.

Pubic hair trimmer

There are different pubic hair trimmers available in the market. You can choose any one of them according to your choice and preference. Here we will give an example of a pubic hair trimmer to better know about the qualities and features of trimmers.

Panasonic Electric body Hair trimmer and Groomer for Men

This pubic hair trimmer is water resistant with vertical orientation to easily grip while trimming the hair. Moreover, it is V-shaped to easily follow the anatomical curves of the body. In addition, there are 13 attachments for different parts of the skin to remove hair carefully. You can adjust these attachments according to your choice and preference. You can easily manage this pubic hair trimmer with efficient hair cutting power.

With this trimmer, there are blades and guards available to easily detach and rinse under water. Besides these features, it is rechargeable with a 60 minutes of run time. 

You can choose any pubic hair trimmer with all the basic features of your ease. It is just an example to show the basic qualities of any pubic hair trimmer. Go for any pubic hair trimmer according to your needs. 

Is there any way to avoid bumps and irritation in the pubic area?

It is quite common to have bumps or irritation on the pubic area after shaving or trimming. Treat your skin with care to prevent ingrown hairs, irritation, and bumps. Did you know that saffron is highly beneficial for skin? Check out this article on Saffron benefits for skin.

After trimming, there are maximum chances of open pores and follicles that can be clogged with bacteria. Here are some ways to avoid such conditions to prevent any kind of infection.

  • Apply a salicylic acid-based treatment on the outer surface to prevent inflammation and ingrown hair. Dry the skin and apply soothing oil or moisturizer to prevent itching or irritation after trimming.
  • Prefer wearing cotton underwear as it is a soft and breathable fabric. Do not go for tight clothing for some days.
  • Exfoliate the skin regularly with loofah or salicylic acid products to avoid any kind of bumps.
  • If you notice any kind of bumps after using a trimmer, apply hydrocortisone cream to reduce inflammation and infection.

Pubic hair panache:

You can shape your pubic hair according to your choice. There are different styles to groom your pubic region based on the style of your pubic hair.

Styles for pubic hair on the vagina

Bush:Leave all the hair as it is. Don’t trim
Brazilian:Remove hair around your vulva and anus only.
Bikini:Remove all hair that is visible around your bikini bottom
French – landing strip Keep a little triangular patch or strip of hair on your pubic region and around the anus only, remove everything else

Styles for pubic hair on penis

Bush:Don’t remove any hair. Stay as it is 
Brief:Remove the hair that is visible from the bottom of your underwear
Lion’s mane:Keep all the hair above the penis and remove the bush below. This style will give a delusion to a lengthier penis.
Trimmers:Don’t trim them from the root. But, trim them just to a shorter length with scissors.
Landing strip:Remove all hair except on the penis straight up to the middle of the pubic mound

What are the other methods to remove pubic hair other than trimming?

Trimming is quite a common practice to remove pubic hair. It is not to forget that there are cases where there is ingrown pubic hair. But Is ingrown pubic hair bad? But, there are several other methods besides using a pubic hair trimmer to get rid of pubic hair. These methods are as follows:

  • Using an epilator is also a good option to remove pubic hair out from the root. The results usually last for about 4 weeks. But, it may aggravate reactions in sensitive skin people.
  • Waxing is also a common practice to remove hair out from the root. Results usually last for about four to six weeks. For a better experience, waxing should be performed in a saloon under professional care to avoid any irritation.
  • Threading is also used for the removal of pubic hair. It has quite the same results as waxing. It is a time-consuming procedure and is best suitable for smaller regions.
  • Sugaring is just like waxing. For this, a paste of water, sugar, and lemon is applied to the skin to remove hair right from the root.
  • Depilatories are creams that produce chemical reactions to break down hair. Results usually last for a few days to a week. It is not suitable for people with sensitive skin.
  • Laser hair removal or electrolysis is also a method to remove hair from the skin. It uses highly concentrated light to destroy hair follicles. It usually provides long-lasting results.

We should also not forget to mention that you must also try for various Natural Hair Removal Methods.


Pubic hair trimmer is best used for the easy removal of your wonder wool. It is all up to you whether to keep it bare or not bare. There are several choices and styles to groom your pubic hair according to your choice. Try different shapes to boost your trimming expertise. Grow it, groom it, or keep it bare. Do what you want or what suits you best.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Is it a good option to trim pubic hair?

Trimming your pubes is quite a safe option to shorten your pubic hair without cutting your skin. You can use a trimmer or scissors to trim your hair according to your choice.

How to stop growing my pubic hair permanently?

Electrolysis or laser hair removal is a method to permanently remove your pubic hair. It is a bit expensive treatment to get permanent results.


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