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Weighing the Pros and Cons: Are Breast Implants Worth It

The decision to have a breast augmentation is one that many women do not make easily. While many wish for larger or shapelier breasts, undergoing surgery is a decision that should not be taken lightly. A patient feels most empowered when they are fully informed of the pros, cons, possible complications, and the results achievable based on their body type. Thus, thoroughly exploring the pros and cons can help patients make an informed decision that they feel confident in. Let’s explore some of the benefits and drawbacks further.

1. Benefits of Breast Augmentation: Confidence Boost

Perhaps one of the most notable and motivating factors is an increase in confidence. Natural breasts come in all shapes and sizes. There is nothing inherently wrong or ugly about breasts of any shape or size. However, if a patient does feel confident in her breasts, this can show in other aspects of her life such as overall self-esteem, romantic relationships, and lack of confidence in making everyday decisions.

Abnormal breast shapes and the underdevelopment of the breasts are two common issues that can cause breasts to be misshapen, small in comparison to body type, and other such aesthetic concerns. Patients can feel unhappy with the look of their breasts. Breast augmentation which can help improve the shape and proportion of the breasts can help patients gain confidence. This can have other positive effects on the patient and their quality of life. For example, women often feel more motivated to live a healthy lifestyle when they feel more confident with their bodies.

Boost Your Confidence:

Scientifically, there is a link between patients who undergo breast augmentation a reported boost in general confidence. Several studies have shown that undergoing breast augmentation Seattle can help improve a patient’s quality of life including in areas such as an increase in sexual satisfaction, psychosocial well-being, marital life, and many other areas.

Increase in Sexual Satisfaction:

Reference studies indicating an 80% improvement in sexual satisfaction post breast augmentation.

The increase in sexual satisfaction often stems from boosted confidence and self-esteem. Women feel they can wear more provocative clothing or lingerie which they may not have felt confident to do before the surgery. When a patient feels more confident in their body and like their body more, this can help them better achieve orgasm and general sexual satisfaction. This occurs due to a reduction in stress and insecurities when it comes to sex.

According to one study that specifically studied sexual satisfaction after breast augmentation, 80% of patients note an increase in overall sexual satisfaction. The reasonings do vary among patients. Some feel more satisfaction simply because they can wear lingerie or perhaps their partner experiences more pleasure which can also enhance sexual satisfaction.

Achieve a Natural Full Breast Shape

Underdeveloped breasts can look almost unnatural on certain body types. This is a common reason that women seek breast augmentation. Breast implants can help create a more natural looking shape and size that is in line with the patient’s body contours. For example, women who are on the taller side, have wider chest walls, and may carry more weight, they are generally going to need larger breasts to maintain a natural and balanced look.

Likewise, sometimes small breasts can persist even with weight gain (this is similar to the opposite effect known as overly large breasts). Breast implants can help balance out the contours and appearance of the body.

Recovery is Relatively Quick:

Breast augmentation Seattle involves a recovery that is usually quick and minimally painful. Advancements in surgical techniques have allowed for both of these innovations. Now, breast augmentation patients can often return to work in a week or less. And, while breast implants are more commonly placed under the muscle these days, transaxillary breast augmentation (armpit incision) allows plastic surgeons to place the implant under the muscle without having to cut through it.

Any plastic surgery is going to come with a recovery and some expected pain. However, when compared to other cosmetic surgeries such as a tummy tuck, breast reduction, or rhinoplasty, the procedure’s recovery is fairly quick and easy.

2. Drawbacks of Breast Enhancement Surgery: Risks to Consider

Saline and silicone breast implants are both FDA-approved in the United States and considered safe medical devices. However, this is not to say that there is not the possibility of breast implant related complications. 

Firstly, breast implant illness is a rare condition that is the name broadly given to a group of symptoms that 1). Onset within a few months to a year of the original breast augmentation surgery; and 2). Have no explanation despite other medical tests or treatments. Many women who experience symptoms of breast implant illness feel better once their implants are removed.

Secondly, a leaking silicone breast implant can pose a major risk to the body. In general, today’s implants use a much thicker and more cohesive silicone gel that is less likely to leak than the full or nearly full liquid silicone used in breast augmentation historically.

Finally, make sure that you choose only FDA-approved implants and manufacturers. While less regulated than substances like dermal fillers, counterfeit breast implants do exist. Additionally, ensure the surgeon is legitimately credentialed.

It Can Affect Your Ability to Breastfeed:

In the majority of cases, breast augmentation surgery does not hinder a patient’s ability to breastfeed in the future. There are some exceptions to this, especially if a patient is undergoing a breast lift at the same time as breast augmentation Seattle. Placing the implants through an incision in or near the areola poses the greatest risk of affecting future breastfeeding ability. Thankfully, surgeons will only recommend this method in specific circumstances.

You Can Lose Feeling in Your Nipples:

One side effect that can be alarming to patients post-surgery is the temporary loss of nipple sensation. Regardless of surgical technique, this can occur. This happens because of nerve damage or trauma that is necessary during surgery. Most patients see full sensation return within a few weeks to months. Permanent loss of nipple sensation is extremely rare.

 Health Insurance Doesn’t Cover Breast Implants:

Health insurance normally does not cover breast augmentation Seattle. Sometimes companies may reimburse you for certain expenses. However, there are only a few situations where health insurance may fully cover the cost of breast implant surgery:

  • Transgender transition
  • Breast reconstruction following mastectomy
  • Breast reconstruction following major damage or trauma

Revision and Replacement Surgeries May Be Necessary:

Breast implants come with the risk and probability that a patient will need to undergo more future series. Whether this involves removing the implants, replacing the implants, lifting the breasts, or any other myriad of procedures, patients will need to understand that implants are not considered lifetime devices and they will likely need future series concerning their breast implants,

3. Are Breast Implants Worth It? Making Decisions

When determining if breast augmentation is right for you, consider whether the benefits of increased confidence and self-esteem outweigh the potential risks of surgery. Also, consider the aesthetic outcomes surgeons propose. Not all patients can have the same results, implant size, etc.

While you can begin consulting without knowing the answer to these questions, this decision is important so that patients can feel confident in their decision to get breast augmentation Seattle.

Financial Considerations:

As stated, health insurance rarely covers the full cost of breast augmentation surgery. This leaves patients needing to finance their procedure or pay it completely out of pocket. Even if a patient believes a breast augmentation suits them in every other way, But, they never pursue it purely for financial reasons which is perfectly understandable. Though, many financing companies exist which can provide flexible financing that fits a patient’s budget.

Personal Satisfaction and Well-being:

Ultimately, patients need to feel satisfied both with their breasts and the decision to go through with breast augmentation surgery. The best way to promote this is through transparency, research, and openness of information surrounding plastic surgery topics.

4. Breast Implants in Seattle: Local Insights

Whether you are from the Seattle area or traveling for surgery, Seattle is a beautiful place to spend the time needed for your surgery and initial recovery. Patients also have many options with several surgical centers in the Seattle area, patients can find the one closest to them. Additionally, in-person offerings and/or digital appointment options matter for some patients. Therefore, most offices offer both types of appointments.


The decision to undergo breast augmentation Seattle surgery can take weeks, months, or even years to make. Take your time, do your research, and find those in your life that support you. This support system consisting of you, your doctors/surgeons, and your loved ones is integral for finding adequate emotional support pre and post-boob job.


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