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Pregnant Belly Progression

Pregnant belly progression is now a common issue among pregnant ladies. But we can’t compromise pregnancy over it. Because

“Motherhood is the greatest thing and the hardest thing.”

I think Ricki Lake rightly said this beautiful line. You are pregnant and so excited about this new chapter of Life. Your Life is going to change entirely. You are going to have a baby, and nothing can be more beautiful than this.

You may have started showing early signs of pregnancy like a missed period, breast enlargement and tenderness, more urination, and morning sickness, including nausea vomiting. The symptoms of pregnancy are so obvious, but the pregnant belly progression is a thing that starts after at least 12 weeks.

You have seen bumps of many mothers and now really want to know about yours. Happiness is carrying a whole world inside you. Here is the complete information about your baby bump.

What is a baby bump?

The baby bump is the projection or outgrowth of a women’s abdomen during pregnancy. The size of the baby bump is different due to numerous reasons. You can feel the movement of your unborn by placing a hand on your baby bump.

When will others notice your baby bump during 1st pregnancy?

You already have announced this fantastic news to your near and dear but now want your belly to tell everybody, “yes, I am going to be a great mother.” this is the most anticipated question related to a baby bump especially when you are expecting for the first time that when will the world notice your happiness in form of the bump.

Usually, the bump becomes noticeable during the second trimester. The trimester is the time of three months; pregnancy is divided into four trimesters.

If you are showing, it’s great. But it is not true for every woman, as everyone has a different body type and shape. In many cases, if you have strong muscle strength then you won’t show it even in the second or third trimester.

Bump appearance during second pregnancy

If you are showing your baby bump a little earlier in your second pregnancy, it’s not that big deal. Don’t worry, it is entirely normal to show soon during the second time. Actually, during the first pregnancy, your abdominal muscles become weak and loose.

This is more relaxed state of the abdominal muscle is called diastasis recti. This is a very usual and ordinary condition. So, your earlier baby bump in the second pregnancy is just due to diastasis recti.

Your unusual enlarged bump may also be due to abdominal bloating. In early pregnancy, among other hormones, the level of progesterone increases. Progesterone helps in preparing the uterus and maintaining the pregnancy state( also called pregnancy hormones).

This may slow down the process of digestion. As a result, gases, and fluid retained in the abdomen and belly become a little swollen. This bloated stomach may also reinforce the baby bump.

The shape of the uterus in baby bump

The shape of the uterus also affects your baby’s bump progression. A woman with a retroverted uterus will form a baby bump lately in the second pregnancy after the coming back of the uterus in its original point. The opposite happens in a woman with a highly anteverted uterus. She can show the bump a little soon than average.

Pregnant Belly progression

Remember each day of your Life when you were pregnant. It is the belly that is progressing and happiness, excitement, and love for the coming baby. Various changes occur during pregnant belly progression. Here are some listed below:

Period of the first trimester(1st to 12th week)

In this early period of pregnancy, many changes occur internally, mostly hormonal changes. You can feel the pregnancy but cannot show it. Your clothes will become a little tighter. You don’t need to buy new clothes during the first trimester as there is no appreciable change in belly size.

There may be some gestational problems like gas, bloating, abdominal discomfort, and morning sickness. Due to these, your belly may swell, but in most cases, this condition lasts for about thirteen to fourteen weeks. The size of your baby will be of lemon in the first trimester. But initial days of pregnancy are of excellent care; take every possible caution.

Period of the second trimester(12th to 27 weeks)

As you enter the second trimester, your belly will start to scream, “Hey everyone, I am pregnant.” Finally, the time has come when you can flaunt your baby bump. At this time, you can feel your baby moving. There is also pain in the lower abdomen. Usually, we refer to this as round ligament pain.

You may hear this name but don’t know about it. Round ligament pain is pain intense pain or heavy feeling in the lower abdomen region. When your uterus grows during pregnancy, the uterus is supported and surrounded by many ligaments.

The ligament that joins the interior of the uterus to the groin is the round ligament. As the uterus grows, the round ligament starts stretching. Due to this stretching, you will feel a sharp pain in this region.

Pay visits to the doctor to ensure the health of your baby. You can also get an idea of the baby’s gender during the second trimester.

Period of the third trimester(27th to 40th week)

Finally, you have reached almost mid to last months of pregnancy. No one can feel or measure the level of your happiness. In this period, you can fully enjoy your maternity look in baggy clothing. Your belly size will be large enough. There will be little space in your belly. The baby’s size will be almost like pineapple.

Clothing in the pregnant belly progression

One of the main problems of pregnancy is clothing. You cannot find your size easily. All your previous clothes are no longer used because of the baby bump. Then, try some loose dresses, long jackets, and coats that cover your belly completely.

You may hit an uncomfortable moment as your baby bump increases. Use a ribbon holder or rubber band at the button and loop clasp to allow yourself a bit more space in your jeans if you don’t accommodate maternity pants yet, but your regular pants don’t fit either.

There are some tips I used during my pregnancy. During some early weeks of the baby bump, I spent hours selecting clothing before going out. In the end, I  found nothing and was still confused about whether it was appropriate or not. So, you can take advantage of my experience.

Keep your pants’ (or jeans’) top button undone. One end of the ponytail holder should be twisted around the button, and the other end should be inserted through the opening on the other end of the jeans.

Wrap the second end around the button after pulling the other end through the hole. By doing this procedure,  you’ll be able to keep wearing your regular pants for at minimum a little bit longer. Wear a long shirt to hide the reality that your pant is open.

What your baby bump can tell or reveal??

There are many myths related to the shape of a baby bump. Old grandmothers used to tell the gender and health of the baby by just looking at the baby bump. According to them, if the size of the bump is more significant and it is neat, then it must be a boy. But these all saying have little or no reality. Let us see what your baby bump can tell and what not.

Your bump can tell about your health, how to fit you are. The mother is more fit if the bump is higher and less projected outward. This is all due to stronger muscles. Strong muscles can hold the baby firmly. Your bump cannot tell about gender. If you want to know the gender of the baby, it is good to go for an ultrasound rather than making assumptions.

If you are having a second pregnancy, your bump can show because it is more extensive. The muscles become loose and stretched during a first pregnancy.

Problems with a large baby bump

When you start showing your bump to others, your joy has no limits, but when it grows much more significant, it causes some problems. Some women are too shy to show their bump to others. Some find difficulty in buckling in their shoes with the bump because they can’t lean.

Sleeping and leaning down might be painful as your bump-start gets bigger. To support oneself when stooping over, grab a chair or table and stoop with your knees. This will help in picking up stuff and prevent you from tumbling downward.

Try sleeping on your side with a pregnancy pillow if sleeping becomes difficult. These cushions have a soft, curved form that might help with pain control and help for a developing bump.

A few nights may be difficult for you because you will not decide how to sleep, which side is more comfortable.

It might be exhilarating, but sometimes a little odd, to go from no baby bump to an enormous tummy. It’s crucial to keep in mind that everyone begins to show at different periods. Bump development can occur later in the first trimester and quicker in the second pregnancy or if you’re having twins. You will forget all the difficulties of pregnancy and birth after holding your baby.

Consult your doctor if you have any concerns about bump development. And take pleasure in your developing physique – this is a unique period that, in retrospect, passes far too quickly.

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Pregnant belly progression is an evident and vital matter of a pregnant woman. It actually shows that the particular woman having a bump is pregnant.

There are different types of progression, and many myths are related to this baby bump. All these myths are not valid. You may face some problems during this bump that are natural. So, pregnant belly progression is a regular thing.

I hope now you know much more about pregnant belly progression. If the article about pregnant belly progression has helped you then do share it with others.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

If this is your first pregnancy, then your mind will have a lot of questions. I can feel your concerns as I have also passed from these states. Don’t worry, it is normal. I have tried to answer all possible questions related to baby bump progression.

When does the baby bump grow most?

There is not much change in body appearance in the first trimester, but your hormonal changes will be more obvious. The bump will start appearing in the second trimester and keep increasing onward. But there will be no noticeable change in the third trimester as most growth occurs in the second trimester. So, the larger size of the bump does not mean your baby is getting bigger

Can I hurt my baby by pressing the stomach??

Almost always, the answer is no. Some abdominal contact is unavoidable and usually innocuous during pregnancy, from regular duties to handling rowdy youngsters and dogs. Abdominal trauma, such one of the rare exceptions. As being in a vehicle accident, is one of the extreme and rare examples. If you are concerned about knowing how your baby is protected inside the uterus, then here is an explanation. Uterus keeps the baby from the jostling and bouncing that occurs throughout a typical day in the mother’s life. Your baby is cushioned from the consequences of most daily abdominal touches because of the shock absorbers in the amniotic fluid and the weight you gain throughout pregnancy.

How much a normal baby bump grows every week?

At prenatal visits beginning at the end of the second trimester, your doctor will most likely measure your belly. This is to confirm that your baby is in the right position. It’s a way to keep track of your child’s upbringing. It’s also an excellent technique to double-check your due date if you’re unsure when you got pregnant.
Because everyone bears individually, you shouldn’t be concerned if your estimations are a bit wrong. Every woman has her shape and type of body.
Between your pelvic bone and the apex of your uterus, Normally, you’ll develop roughly a centimeter each week. If your measures are wrong, your doctor may recommend an ultrasound to ensure that your baby usually grows.

Why my bump in a second pregnancy is more prominent?

You may find changes in the bump of a second pregnancy; it must be more extensive. The other important question is when will I show my second pregnancy. Many moms believe it will be a lot sooner than when you were pregnant with your first child. This might be linked to differences in the abdominal muscles in the first child, causing baby bumps to seem more significant early in the second pregnancy. Fortunately, you now have more experience of handling a pump than of first time

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