Outdoor Vs Indoor Cannabis: Which One Is More Fruitful?


There’s a lot of debate in the cannabis community about what to do with your harvest. Outdoor or indoor? The choice is yours. There are multiple benefits to growing your cannabis, such as CBD tinctures. But with indoor and outdoor cannabis, there are significant differences in growth. You can increase what you like in a place of your choosing and at a time that suits your needs.

Sure, you might have a favorite type of cannabis – an outdoor strain or an indoor plant – but which one is more fruitful? That depends on who and why you are smoking. For example, if you’re a farmer looking to grow indoors, it’s hard to beat the control and precision of indoor marijuana plants. However, if you’re looking for greater yields outdoors, then outdoor cannabis has many benefits. If you’re just starting off, however, then you might go for something such as Sensi Seeds offered by Zamnesia, as you can find low-maintenance strains popular amongst home growers as they are easy and fast to grow.

As the debate of which type of cannabis is more fruitful, Indoor vs outdoor cannabis continues. This blog will explore the differences between outdoor and indoor weed and explain why each one is significantly more fruitful than the other.

What Are Outdoor And Indoor Cannabis?

Outdoor cannabis is the type of cannabis grown in a field or outdoors. It is also called wild-growing, outdoor cultivation, and ditches. This type of cannabis is to produce hashish. Outdoor cannabis is illegal in most countries. 

Indoor cannabis or indoor cultivation refers to using light, air, and nutrients for cultivating a marijuana plant in an indoor environment where it has continuous access to sunlight, philosophy, and nutrients. Marijuana plants grown indoors can get legally cultivated by any state that allows medical marijuana and has legalized marijuana for recreational use.

The distinction is vital because outdoor cannabis has different strains and thus can have different cannabinoid levels and effects than indoor cannabis.

As for the difference, it’s simply that indoor cannabis is grown indoors under controlled conditions. On the other hand, the outdoor variety of cannabis is grown outside under very little control. Numerous factors influence the differences between indoor and outdoor cannabis. 

The most important factor is temperature: Indoor cannabis needs to be kept at a relatively cool temperature (around 65-75 degrees F) compared to outdoor varieties that can tolerate more heat (up to 100 F). It means that indoor grows require more extensive facilities than outdoor grows.

Indica And Sativa Cannabis

Indica is a variety of the Cannabis Sativa species, commonly referred to as marijuana. Its strains contain high doses of cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive compound, and low levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a psychoactive compound. The plants held in their stems are perfect for growing indoors and outdoors. It’s compact and sturdy to get placed anywhere it needs to be. However, these strains produce well indoors because of their characteristics.

Sativa weed strains are those that are more medicinal. These have higher levels of THC (the Cannabis plant’s principal psychoactive component) than indica weed strains. So, it tends to induce a euphoric effect. Also, this strain results in more substantial psychological effects like hallucinations and paranoia, loss of memory and cognitive function. However, sometimes people use sativa as a drug during the day to get a mental “energy” kick. Most sativa requires you to harvest them ten weeks after flowering to be suitable for outdoor farming.

Indica and Sativa are famous for their feelings of calmness, well-being, and relaxation and are usually preferred by consumers. 

Outdoor Vs. Indoor Cannabis: Which One is More Fruitful? 

Outdoor cannabis is better for growing because of the light and soil nutrients. Indoors, you can control your yield by using artificial lights, soil, and nutrients. Indoor grows take longer than outdoor, but you can manage your harvest more manageably. But indoor-grown cannabis is high in quality. So, let’s see which one you should choose. 

Outdoor Cannabis Is Cheaper To Produce

The cost of cannabis production is a massive contributor to the price you pay at the dispensary.

Outdoor cannabis is cheaper to produce as compared to indoor cannabis. It is because outdoor marijuana plants have a shorter growing season, allowing the cost of production to be kept lower. Additionally, since outdoor plants are not subject to mold and pests, they can be grown in areas that generally cannot support highly productive indoor grow operations.

Industry Regulations Favor Outdoor Grows

Cannabis industry rules and regulations are evolving, yet one principle seems to get set in stone — laws favor growing cannabis outdoors. The most obvious reason for this claim is canopy size. Sun-grown gardens have a significantly larger canopy than indoor gardens in virtually every legal market.

Since the amount of cannabinoids in outdoor-grown cannabis is more significant than indoor-grown cannabis, outdoor-grown cannabis has more light exposure and a better environment for growing. It means no temperature control, no uniformity in the humidity levels, and other factors. You can see this by looking at some of the studies on each of these two types of marijuana.

Outdoor Cannabis Has Potential For A Much Higher Yield

Outdoor cannabis has a significant potential for a much higher yield than outdoor-grown cannabis. It is due to the effective use of lighting, hydroponics, and other cultivation techniques.

Outdoor growing has two significant advantages over indoor growing: First, it allows you to maximize your yield by using standard gardening techniques like spacing out seedlings in rows, controlling soil moisture and nutrients, etc. Second, outdoor growing allows you to grow cannabis in an area accessible for smoking instead of indoor growing, where plants must be grown in a “room” that limits their choices. 

Lightning System Is Expensive In Indoor Farming

Indoor lighting is a great way to grow flowers and increase the THC percentage. However, no light system is a match for the sun’s power. The sun is a source of quite a lot of energy. It provides us with enough energy to power 2,880 trillion light bulbs and more than 35,000 times the amount needed for those who use electricity on Earth!

The lighting system is expensive for indoor cannabis farms. You get the best yields from your room temperature and CO2-enriched environment if you have a flowering crop. If not, the buds are more likely to be dried out or even outright damaged by the increased energy demands of the lighting system. It’s also pretty hard to increase light intensity quickly enough in a grow room, so many growers burn their plants with intense lights to maximize crop size.

Quality Of The Grown Product

Quality of product and cannabis itself is much more critical than the growing conditions. Indoor-grown marijuana has more consistency and potency than outdoor since it is closer to a controlled environment. But quality depends much more on factors over which growers have control (such as proper curing and drying cycles). 

Indoor cannabis has a more consistent/purer product. Outdoor growth can have much more variability in quality. Part of this is due to the variances in lighting and ventilation and because outdoor grows are much more difficult to control for quality. It makes them more susceptible to mold, pests, and other issues that can lower their rate over time.


Whether outdoor cannabis cultivator or indoor, ensuring quality is key to success. Outdoor cannabis cultivators can take advantage of a longer growing season and natural light, but they must be prepared to care for themselves during brutal winters. 

Indoor cultivators have limitations as by their climate and may not grow outdoors all year long. Both will produce high-quality cannabis with the right conditions, so both are worthwhile endeavors.

Indoor cannabis cultivation can start in many different ways, but outdoor has a higher probability of success. As cannabis becomes increasingly medicinal, more people are opting for indoor growing. However, outdoor growing is a much more fruitful option in yields and the quality of your product.

There isn’t a definitive answer here. However, the outdoor grower can harvest several crops in one growing season. In contrast, the indoor grower is limited by space and time but has high quality.

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