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Orange curd: A refreshing and nutritious food

The season of the oranges is almost here. Make the orange curd and preserve the taste of your favorite fruit in your refrigerator.

The orange is a seasonal fruit that everyone loves to have. Making curd of it is super easy. The orange curd is a tangy and little sweer in its taste. It is a paste that gives a pure taste of orange.

People nowadays are loving the curds. These kinds of fruits curds can be in use in different ways.

The article will focus on the easy way of making orange curd, its uses in different recipes, its nutritional profile, and a little more about the orange curd

How to make the Orange Curd?

If you want to make it and have it whenever you want it in your home then you can make it by following the given ingredients and procedures.


To make the orange curd, you just need the following five ingredients.

  • Oranges
  • Salt
  • Sugar
  • Butter
  • eggs


Follow the following steps to have a tangy orange curd on your plate.

  1. First of all squeeze the juice from the oranges and also the zest from them.
  2. Now add eggs, salt, sugar, and orange juice to the saucepan. Mix them well.
  3. Add butter to the above mixture also.
  4. Stir the mixture by keeping it on a low flame until it gets thick.
  5. When the mixture gets thick properly leave it for some time so that it gets cool.
  6. Now pour it into a jar and preserve it at a refrigerated temperature.
  7. You can use this homemade orange curd for up to one to two weeks only.

In most of the curds only egg yolks are used but in the orange curd whole egg is preferred. The sugar that we use in the orange curd is white granulated sugar, the sugar and the salt is used for the flavor and the taste, the last but not least the butter is used for the creamy texture that is most demanded in the orange curd.

How to use the Orange Curd?

This is the most asked question about the orange curd. The fruit curds are most popular in Europe. People love having fruit curds with their daily consumables.

  1. A spoon full of curd:

You can have the curd directly with a spoon. Have a delicious tangy bite of your homemade ones.

2. Spread:

The thickened one can be used as a spread. You can spread this over your toast, biscuits, cookies, and many more.

3. Fillings:

You can fill your pastries, puffs, and cakes with it. In addition, you can fill a cone also with orange curd. With this, you can have an authentic feel of the real oranges.

4. Dessert:

You can have it as a side dish. With a spicy main course, you can fill the desire for some sweet tangy dessert with orange curd.

5. Custard toppings:

You can have a tangy topping of orange curd on your custards also.

Nutritional Profile

The orange itself is fruit and is rich in nutrients. It contains some essential vitamins, minerals, fibers, and carbs. When we made the curd out of the orange the nutritional profile changes a little.

It contains proteins that come from the eggs that we have used in the recipe, there is a little number of carbs that come from the oranges, fats are also there that are extracted from the butter, there a huge amount of carbs in the orange curd because in it as we have uses the sugar also to make it tasty and sweet.

In addition, the vitamin and the minerals that are there in the oranges cannot be found in the orange cured because they get lost during the cooking process. Some minerals that are heat stable will remain there in the curd.


The orange is a fruit that is loved by almost everyone. Why not preserve its flavor? And then use it with different recipes.

The orange curd is a tangy, sweet paste that can be used as a dessert. European people are more into fruits curds. In other countries that fruit curds are not very popular for now. People are enjoy having fruit curds from the market but making them at home is not in practice.

is very easy to make as we have described under the above headings. The nutritional profile of the orange curd is a little ambiguous. Experts say that doesn’t add it to your daily routines. You can have them occasionally for sure.

Hopefully, this article will be informative for you if you are planning to have it.

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Why my orange curd is not thickening?

The curds are not made to set in a way like that of custards. The curds have a spread appearance. If you still want to make it thick then try adding another yolk to your curd.
Stir the mixture until you get your desire thickness. The thickness comes from the yolk. The yolk in the curd act as an emulsifier. It keeps all the ingredients together and makes a bond between them.
Hence, an egg is the most important ingredient when you are making a curd. The most important role of the egg is to keep the fats and water together in the curd.

Is orange curd healthy to eat?

Orange curd is not that healthy to eat. It contains a huge amount of carbs and fats that make it unhealthy. Besides these, it also doesn’t contain essential minerals and vitamins.
A single serving can provide you a huge number of calories. Avoid having the orange curd on daily basis.

Can freezing increase the shelf life of the orange curd?

Freezing is a preservation method. You can increase the shelf life of the orange curd for up to one year with the freezing technique.
At the freezing temperature, all the spoilage bacteria don’t work and get in their dormant stage. They will grow again when they find an optimum temperature for their growth.
In this way, the freezing technique ceases the growth of spoilage and pathogenic bacteria and increases the shelf life of the product.

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