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Medical Value of Dabbing Delta-8 THC

Anyone who enjoys THC knows there are many ways to enjoy it: vaping and eating candies, for example. But newer users may not have tried dabbing. What is dabbing, and is it okay for you to do it with delta-8? If you want to learn more about this technique and how you can use it with delta-8 near you, read on! 

A Brief Primer on Delta-8 

Delta-8-THC is a synthetic variant of THC, the chemical in marijuana that causes people to get high. Delta-8 is usually derived from hemp, not marijuana, making it quasi-legal. In most cases, delta-8-THC is legal because comes from hemp, but local laws may add restrictions to making it. Check your local laws before purchasing or making delta-8. 

Many users prefer delta-8 over other forms of THC because it grants some of the pain-killing, relaxing effects of THC without the inhibitive side effects. For example, a high dose of delta-9 may make someone less anxious but also keep them from doing anything. Delta-8 aims to achieve a happy medium: a form of THC that makes someone calmer but also able to work. 

Is It Safe? 

Delta-8 should always be handled with a degree of caution. There are no standards for how to make it and very little regulation. There are no FDA-approved forms of delta-8-THC. Some mixtures of delta-8 may use harmful chemicals in their processes. 

Treat all delta-8 with caution and respect, and check your local laws regarding delta-8 and other modified forms of THC. 

What is Dabbing? 

Dabbing involves heating concentrated THC on the tip of a special nail, heating the nail, then inhaling the vapors. Since this process uses pure THC concentrate, the effects are very intense. 

How Do I Dab? 

But how do you dab in the first place? Dabbing is an involved process that requires tools, time, and skill. You will need to buy special tools if you want to dab. 

To dab, you need the following: 

  • Delta-8 concentrate. This is usually crystalline, but may be liquid oil as well. 
  • A dab rig/straw—the item used to inhale the vapors. 
  • A special dabbing “nail,” usually made of titanium or quartz. 
  • A dab tool is a metal tool used to portion out the THC concentrate and place it directly on the dab nail. 

Your dabbing kit will probably come with a set of instructions. Follow these carefully! Also, if you are experienced with dabbing already, know that delta-8-THC may require a higher temperature than delta-9 to work. 

Why Dab VS Other Methods? 

But why dab when you could eat or smoke your delta-8 instead? There are a few reasons. 

The effects of dabbing delta-8 are… 

  • Fast-Acting: Dabbing offers almost instantaneous highs. 
  • Long-Lasting: Effects from dabbing last for 1–5 hours. 
  • Super-Potent: Since dabbing uses a concentrated form of delta-8, the effects are stronger than usual. 

In other words, dabbing makes delta-8 hit harder and faster. It also makes the effects of delta-8-THC last longer. 

Dabbing delta-8 is ideal for people who already have experience with delta-8 and may have developed a tolerance. New dabbers should always start with a small amount due to the increased potency. It can be a leap from chewing caramel. 

Should You Dab? 

If you are intrigued by dabbing, you may not want to jump in just yet. There are reasons that you shouldn’t dab with delta-8 based on your level of experience and the reasons you are taking delta-8. 

As stated earlier, dabbing is mostly for experienced users. It requires special equipment and, usually, a butane torch to do properly. It is a chemistry class where you are supposed to inhale smoke. If you don’t like playing with fire, maybe dabbing is not for you. 

Experienced users of delta-8 may also dabble in dabbing because their usual dosage isn’t working. Over time, their body has built a tolerance to delta-8. This takes time and experience to ascertain. 

Perhaps more importantly, people have different reasons for taking delta-8 versus delta-9 or –10. One of the most common reasons that delta-8 is preferred is because it is less intense than its natural counterparts. If you want to try delta-8 because it is not as strong as delta-9, dabbing may not be the best way to take it. 

What Are My Other Options? 

Delta-8-THC also comes in both vape and edible (candies, such as gummies or caramels) forms. Vaping delta-8 is more discreet than dabbing with similar effects. If you are new to THC, they will probably give you a better first experience. 


Dabbing is a way for users to experience THC quickly and intensely. But it’s not for everyone: it involves handling an open flame and precise chemical measurements. This makes it best for individuals who need the benefits of delta-8-THC but have developed a tolerance for the drug. If you are experienced with delta-8-THC and want to try something different, dabbing may be the thing for you. Dab responsibly! 

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