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Lemon curd: A refreshing and nutritional packed food

Want to have some tangy fillings in your daily consumables? Lemon curd can provide you the best tangy taste.

Making it at home is not very traditional and common. People nowadays are buying it from the market to fulfill their desires, but homemade lemon curd is not even close to the processed one. If you want the best then try making it in your home.

In this article, we have brought a detail for you about the lemon curd, how you can make it at home, in what recipes you can use it afterward, what will be the shelf life of the homemade ones and in addition to all these, what will be the nutritional benefits of eating it.

How to make lemon curd?

It is simple to prepare at home. You can make one by just following the given procedures and ingredients.


For the making of the lemon curd, you need to fill your cooking space with the following ingredients.

  • Egg yolks
  • Butter
  • Lemons
  • Salt
  • Sugar


It can be made by following these easy steps.

  1. Crack eggs in a saucepan. Add sugar to that. Although egg yolks are preferred you can have whole eggs also. The eggs in the curd act as thickening agents and sugar is used for having a sweet taste.
  2. Whisk the eggs and the sugar mixture until it gets smooth.
  3. Now place the saucepan on medium to low heat and add butter to the mixture. The butter is added to give the curd its buttery texture. This butter adds fats to the curd too.
  4. When the butter melts properly add the lemon zest to it. The tangy flavor comes from here.
  5. Stir the mixture until attained the proper thickness.
  6. Now let it cool to room temperature and then pour it in an airtight jar.
  7. You can have it for up to 2 weeks. As there are no preservatives added to it hence its shelf life is not as long as the shelf life of a processed curd. Try using it as soon as possible.
how to make lemon curd

How to use it?

Lemon curd can be used in the following ways.

  1. Toppings:
    Lemon curd is mostly used as a topping. People who are in love with the tangy toppings are going to love this on their cakes and cupcakes. 

2. Spread:
This curd can be used as a spread. Have a tangy breakfast with lemon curd.

3. Fillings:
You can fill your cones and puffs pastries with it.

4. Frozen:
There is another option for you. You can freeze them in cubes and then, can have the frozen lemon curd also. This is an attractive practice for the children if you are preparing the curd for the children’s get-together.


Nutritional Information of Lemon curd:

It is packed with nutrition. Let’s look for the nutrients associated with it.

  1. Proteins:
    Proteins in the lemon curd have come from the eggs that we have added to the recipe.

2. Fibers:
There is a small number of fibers that are also associated with lemon curd. These fibers come from the lemon.

3. Carbohydrates:
Sugar is added to the curd that provides carbohydrates to the body.

4. Minerals and vitamins:
The curd is lacking in vitamins and minerals. As vitamins and minerals are heat-sensitive nutrients so they get lost in the cooking process.

Otherwise, lemons are a rich source of vitamin c that has many health benefits, but it is a heat-sensitive vitamin also. It is impossible to have Vitamin C in your lemon curd.

It is not that nutritionally beneficial but it is still better than the processed ones. The homemade ones do not contain any preservative or any other artificial ingredient hence, it is way better than the curd that is available in the market.

Besides all these benefits, there is a drawback of homemade curd, it has a shelf life of up to 2 weeks only. Try to preserve it in the fridge in an airtight container.

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People nowadays are loving flavored curds. It is one of them. Curd-loving people bought this lemon curd from the stores and then use them in their different recipes to customize the flavor of the recipes according to their desires.

Homemade one is new to have, you can say. The homemade lemon curd is easy to make and in addition, it is made of pure ingredients no artificial ingredients are added to it.

The only drawback of the homemade ones is that it has its short life span. It is not healthy, so it is advisable to not include it in your daily diet. You can use it occasionally for exciting your palate.



What is the main difference between Lemon curd and Lemon pie?

The lemon pie and the lemon curd are almost the same. Some differences between the two are.
The lemon curd is more intense in its flavor and taste. and it gets thickened by the eggs while the lemon pie flour is used as a thickening agent.
The other ingredients of both the lemon pie and the lemon curd are the same. The texture is the same, even.

Is lemon curd healthy to eat?

The nutritional profile of the lemon curd is not that good. The sugar and the butter add the carbohydrates and the cholesterol in the curd in huge amounts. Taking that many calories in a single serving are not healthy. You can have lemon curd but try to avoid having it daily. So much calories intake is not healthy.

What is the shelf life of processed lemon curd?

The processed one in refrigerated form can be last for at least six months. As lemon curd is a thick paste containing butter and eggs it should be refrigerated otherwise it gets spoiled.
The homemade one can last only up to one to two weeks. The reason behind this short shelf life is, no addition of the preservatives in the curd.

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