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Questions to Ask about Laser Hair Removal in Pune

The city of Pune is the next populous city in Maharashtra after Mumbai. It narrates rich historical stories for every child to learn about the brave heroes. 

The city typically has a pleasant climate. It generously takes care of your beauty and health. It encourages self-care by offering a range of cosmetic procedures. Self-care indulgence creates a healthy body and mind.  

A common concern of many is the growth of unwanted hair. This can be rightly addressed with the help of laser hair removal in Pune. The process involves the use of a concentrated beam of light, which is absorbed by the melanin.  The light energy gets converted into heat energy for destroying the hair follicles.

You may be a little skeptical owing to the use of laser technology. However, a detailed discussion with your dermatologist can get the clutter out of your mind. Below are a few questions that you could ask about this procedure. 

Why is Laser Hair Removal a Better Option?

The conventional hair removal methods include waxing and shaving. Though you can avail these at the convenience of your home, it has its share of problems. Waxing gets a little painful and sticky, while there is always a fear of cuts with razors.

They are required to be done periodically and are only a temporary solution. Laser hair removal in Pune is performed with the utmost precision. It is only the hair that gets targeted, and the skin around is saved from any damage.

A single pulse can treat multiple hair follicles, thereby making the procedure fast. It gives better results as it significantly delays or reduces hair growth.  

What Are the Pre-Treatment Instructions? 

You must be aware of the pre-treatment guidelines. Discuss and understand all those things that can and cannot be done before the procedure. One must avoid hair removal at least 6 weeks before the treatment, as it removes the hair roots temporarily.

This may hinder the cosmetic procedure. However, it may be noted that shaving can be done a day before. You must refrain from stepping out in the sun and also avoid blood-thinning medicines. 

How Would the Procedure Take Place?

Asking questions about how the treatment is normally done gives more clarity. The hair is trimmed, and the area to be treated is numbed. The numbing is done by using a topical agent. The equipment is then adjusted based on the color, thickness, and location of the hair. 

The professional and you are required to wear goggles as an eye-protecting gear. While the professional is at work, your goggles may just remind you of the past fort trips in Pune. After all, a goggle and a cap have always been our companions at such outings. 

Are there any side-effects? 

The result is what matters the most. Get your doubts clarified on the side-effects of the treatment. It is normal for the skin to react with some redness and irritation. This reaction subsides in a couple of hours.

One must not be afraid to see some change in the skin color, as it gets back to normal with time. Any uncommon sensation should be immediately reported to the dermatologist for professional care.   

What Are the Post-Treatment Instructions? 

Speak with the consultant and comprehend the care to be taken after the treatment. Sun exposure should be avoided for a minimum of six weeks post-procedure. Using moisturizers proves beneficial.

One must grab your sunscreen every time you venture out. You can enjoy wearing make-up from the very next day, except in cases of blisters.

How Many Sittings Are Needed? 

You may talk about the number of sessions that would be required. Follow up sessions are essential for getting the best out of the laser hair removal treatment. They vary from case to case and may range from four to six sessions.

Also, there should be a gap of six weeks between two consecutive appointments. Hence the treatment can take around nine months to complete.

However, with the evident results, you may no longer skip any dress due to unwanted hair. You can henceforth tag along with your friends for every last-minute weekend plan in Pune.    

How Much Would the Treatment Cost? 

It is crucial to know what is the monetary investment needed. While speaking with the consultant on the laser hair removal procedure, request a detailed breakup of the charges and the payment mechanism. One must get clarity on how much each session costs. The long-lasting and effective results justify making this one-time financial investment.  Thus, getting a laser hair removal in Pune with utmost professional care shall give you the freedom from the irritation and annoyance caused by unwanted hair.

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