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10 Facts No One Tells You About Laser Tattoo Removal

Do you regret getting a tattoo in your early teens and want to get rid of it now? Don’t worry; you are not alone. Many people are not proud owners of their body tattoos and want to remove them permanently. For this purpose, a cosmetic procedure called laser tattoo removal has been introduced in the aesthetic industry. It is a non-surgical procedure that employs a laser to break the tattoo ink pigments. 

However, several myths and false information are circulating about laser tattoo removal. Therefore, it is essential to research the treatment and know every procedure detail. To help you out, I have picked a handful of tips and information that no one will tell you about laser tattoo removal. From potential after-effects to cost, I have explained everything I wish I had known before getting my tattoo removal procedure.

Always Consider a Laser Specialist & Avoid Spas

If you want to prevent severe side effects, always consider a dermatologist or a laser specialist for tattoo removal. Do not visit spas where inexperienced aestheticians can mess up the whole procedure for you. They might use outdated lasers that can cause burns or scars on your skin. 

So, visit a reputable cosmetic surgery clinic or a certified dermatologist and get your tattoo removal done under medical supervision. You can ask your friends who had the procedure before for referrals. 

Tattoos Take Months to Disappear

Yes, a permanent body tattoo does not disappear in just a single session of the laser. It can take months, if not years. On average, a complete laser tattoo removal takes around 2.5 years. Multiple sessions are conducted to remove the tattoo, and each session is scheduled three months apart to assist you in getting the most out of every session. Also, it allows your body to heal properly before the next session and breaks down the tattoo as much as it can. Your initial estimate for the total number of sessions might be 6 to 8, but it can take longer than that. So, be mentally prepared for the commitment. 

It is an Expensive Treatment

Laser tattoo removal is a comparatively expensive procedure, especially if you are getting it from an experienced doctor. “According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, each laser session can cost around 460$”. The total cost is estimated based on various factors like the size of the tattoo, its color, and age. Also, the geographic location of the clinic and the number of required sessions affect the total price. But considering the results and safety, you should always get quality treatment. Cheap treatment can risk your safety and lead to side effects.

You will Feel Some Pain During the Sessions 

If someone claims that laser tattoo removal is an entirely pain-free treatment, they are wrong. Though the intensity of pain varies from patient to patient based on their pain threshold, the experience is not totally pain-free. Therefore, the doctors apply a topical numbing cream to help the patient avoid pain and discomfort. 

Moreover, the laser machines also have a chiller that utilizes cold air to reduce the discomfort caused by heat. You should discuss it with your practitioner in the initial consultation if you are concerned about the pain.

Be Prepared for the Discomfort Post Tattoo Removal 

After getting laser tattoo removal sessions, you should expect discomfort for almost a week. The treatment site will blister, and you will have to cover it in a bandage. After some days, the blisters will begin depuffing, scabbing, peeling, and regenerating. However, there is good news as well. The more treatment sessions you will have, the less aftercare required.

All Types of Inks Can Be Removed 

Previously it was believed that only dark-colored (black) tattoos could be removed with laser, and it is hard to remove light-colored ink. However, it is not the case now. With the latest laser devices, all types of inks can be removed. For example, the Pico Sure laser technology is highly effective in removing yellow and green inks that are most stubborn to extract. 

Start Using a Sunscreen Before Getting Laser Tattoo Removal 

It is one of the most valuable tips that will help you immensely during the treatment. Several tattoos do not qualify for laser tattoo removal because they are overexposed to the sun. Therefore, you need to protect your tattoo from the sun by applying sunscreen. 

Once you decide that you are not happy with the tattoo, start applying zinc oxide sunscreen. In this way, you can laser away your tattoo anytime, irrespective of the season. 

You Should Expect Some Level of Side Effects 

Side effects are a part of laser tattoo removal; therefore, they should be expected. In fact, some side effects occur as a part of the immune response that aids in removing ink from the skin. The most prominent side effects include redness, swelling, blisters, scabs, bruising, and hyperpigmentation. However, all these side effects are temporary if the treatment is performed by following all the standard protocols. Redness, tenderness, and swelling usually disappear within a day or two.

Prepare Yourself for Aftercare Before the Treatment 

It would be appropriate to equip yourself with all the supplies you need for aftercare in advance. Keep stuff like bandages, Aquaphor, and loose clothes with you. People with tattoos on their neck or back should buy shirts with keyhole backs. Aquaphor is a healing ointment that offers soothing relief instantly. So, make sure you have all the stuff you need for a smooth recovery period. 

You Can Also Have a Cover Up Tattoo Instead of Full Tattoo Removal 

There is another option that is not much popular compared to laser tattoo removal, i.e., cover-up tattoo or semi-removal. If you don’t wish to remove your tattoo, you can lighten it enough to get a good cover-up tattoo. 


Laser tattoo removal is an advanced non-surgical tattoo removal technique that helps you get rid of permanent tattoos. Like every other treatment, it has its pros and cons. Therefore, it is recommended to collect as much information as possible. Also, consult with an experienced dermatologist to verify the information you got over the internet. Discuss the after-effects, the number of sessions, price, and pain factor in the initial consultation to avoid surprises during or after the treatment. I hope the information I have shared above is helpful for you and you opt for the treatment after critical thinking.


Laser treatment is a perfect option for people looking for a non-invasive treatment. However, there are some facts and tips that you must know before opting for the procedure. For example, you should expect certain side effects and pain during the process. Also, it is not a magic trick, and your tattoo will take time to disappear. For more useful insights, please read the article carefully.



Yasmin Marsh is a passionate blogger and a content marketer who loves to write on topics related to health and wellness. She has a great interest in cosmetic procedures and aims to raise public awareness about the aesthetic industry. She explains the complex medical procedures in a simple language for her readers and has excellent knowledge. 

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