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Kratom Tea Powder Recipe Guide

As you have come here to know how to make kratom extract, you must be knowing enough about kratom tea. Kratom tea is also alike other tea but the difference is the kratom tea powder is made from leaves of kratom tree. If you want to know how to make kratom tea and how to use kratom then stick with us in this article.

The kratom tea is special among all the varieties of teas. Kratom tea is used by a larger number of people for various purposes. The speciality of kratom tea can be understood by the fact that sometimes it is used as a stimulating agent while at other times it may be used as a calming agent.

There are a large number of people who use kratom tea recipes to prepare the tea just because they like its taste. But some of the people report that the hard or strong taste of kratom tea makes it difficult for them to drink. But of course, we are here to remove all your difficulties regarding kratom tea powder recipe.
Kratom tea is a type of tea that can be drunk along with various other kinds of stuff like juices to make it suitable for you to drink.

How to make kratom tea?

There are lots of people searching for the best kratom tea recipe online. Some of the people who don’t like its strong taste leave drinking it. But several people who know it’s advantages search for a perfect recipe to drink it with comfort. There is no doubt that once you have come to know a good recipe, you are going to love your kratom tea.

We are here with one of the best kratom tea powder recipes. But to make out the best from our recipe, you must have a high-quality kratom tea powder. It is obvious that if you want to get the best result, you must also have good materials. Somewhat the taste of your kratom tea also depends on your knowledge of how to use kratom.

Before we begin with our recipe, we just want you to trust us that making a good kratom tea recipe is not difficult. Once you try this method, you won’t be searching for any other method. This kratom tea recipe will surely help you get your desired taste.

Our golden kratom tea recipe

  • Step 1: Keep kratom tea powder knowing your dosage

Depending upon the amount of tea you are going to make, you must keep the appropriate dosage of kratom tea powder. Suppose that if you have a dosage of 5 grams of kratom tea powder then firstly it is important to keep the exact amount while making your tea. Instead of calculating the amount with your hand, we will suggest you to use a milligram scale to get the appropriate amount.

  • Step 2: Go with lemon juice

The next step in our golden recipe is adding an appropriate amount of lemon juice. For better results, you must add lemon juice in natural concentration.
You must be wondering now what the natural concentration of lemon juice is. Don’t worry, we are here to explain this to you.

For adding a natural concentration of lemon juice, you can follow the rule of a 1:5 ratio. This means if you have kept 5 grams of kratom tea powder, you can keep 25 grams of lemon juice. You can maintain the rate accordingly. This is probably a sensitive stage in how to make kratom extract.

After you have kept the lemon juice, it is now important to dissolve the kratom tea powder in the juice completely. This can be easily done by stirring the solution until the kratom tea powder dissolves. This may take a few minutes for you to complete the process.

  • Step 3: Add hot boiled water

Now that you have got your kratom tea powder dissolved in the lemon juice, you can add hot boiled water. The amount of water should be determined by you depending upon your need. The recommended amount of water by us for a one-time drink for a person is 200ml.
After you have added hot boiled water, it’s time now to stir the solution to get a good mix of water. This usually takes you about two to four minutes. This is obvious that you should get the whole solution properly mixed to get a perfect taste of the tea.

  • Step 4: A strainer can be used

This process can be followed depending upon if you have used kratom tea leaves or kratom tea powder. A strainer will help you filter the tea to remove all the solid particles left that should be removed for a better taste.

In the first process of our golden recipe, if you have used kratom tea leaves instead of kratom tea powder then this process is suggested for you. This will help you filter the tea nicely and remove all the unwanted particles out.

But if you have proceeded with kratom tea powder, you may escape this process and continue with the next process of our recipe.

  • Step 5: Enjoy your tea

Now your tea is almost ready to drink. The “ almost ready “ denotes that many users don’t only end up at this step. Most people like to add sugar or honey in their tea. Some of the users also continue using tea bags to enhance the taste of the tea. Again the taste usually varies with your understanding on how to use kratom.

You can also add any of the above-mentioned things to enhance the taste of your tea. Now that you have completed adding these optional things, your kratom tea is ready to drink.

All you have to do now is enjoy your kratom tea. If you try this method once, we assure you that you will like the tea and the recipe in comparison to all the other recipes present on the internet.
There are two major benefits of this recipe. One is the taste of the kratom tea. You will like the taste of the kratom tea after you use this recipe.

The next advantage is quickness. This recipe takes a maximum of five to ten minutes to complete.

This means that you can get the best kratom tea taste that can be prepared in very little time. While the other recipes take a long time to follow and also don’t offer the best taste, this recipe will suit almost all kratom tea lovers.

Is kratom bad for your liver?

Whether kratom tea is good or bad for the liver is a question that most of the people may have. As you are now completely known to how to make kratom extract and how to use kratom, you must know is kratom bad for your liver or not.

This is absolutely true that the number of cases of liver damage due to kratom use or abuse is increasing day by day. But will be making kratom tea and using it will cause you liver problems?

The National Institute of Health also states that the effect of kratom on the body due to which the liver is affected is not yet clear. They claim that the low of kratom has instead resulted in less effect.
According to the experts, it may be the substance that is taken with the kratom that causes liver damage. These experts claim that kratom tea is healthy and safe. The kratom may instead cause liver damage when taken with harmful substances. In our golden kratom tea recipe, there is no use of any harmful substance that may result in liver damage. You can buy kratom capsules which is really beneficial for the liver.

How to deal with kratom constipation?

There are some people who feel that the kratom sometimes give them constipation. You don’t need to be very worried as kratom constipation is common among the users of kratom powder.

If you want to get rid of kratom constipation, you can follow these ways:

– If you are habitual of going toilet after your first kratom dose, then you should never hold this. Holding this may result in constipation. You may feel very uncomfortable if you go out just after your first kratom dose.

– When you are having kratom, you should always opt for a complete balanced diet. There should be the proper intake of all the nutrients including proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Not having a proper diet may also result in constipation. While if you follow a disciplined manner in terms of eating, you may avoid kratom constipation.

– You should try to avoid fibre supplement while having kratom dose. This may result in constipation as well.

– Kratom powder dehydrates the body after it’s dose. This may cause headache, constipation etc. To avoid this, you should have a proper intake of fluids. Keeping your body hydrated while having kratom can prevent kratom constipation.

– If you get constipation even after using all these methods, you should try to reduce your dosages. You should also consult a registered medical professional in need.


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