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How Can Brokenness be Harmful to Health?

Our human life is a mystery, it is composed of so many elements that are yet left to be understood. Being a social animal, humans have the characteristics of emotional, social, cultural, religious, physical elements comprised in their journey of life. In the course of travelling their life paths, often we come to a part of encountering Brokenness in different aspects.

Brokenness may mean a lot of things – In simple words, it can be implied as messy or imperfectness. It can mean being flawed and may impose on being weak. It depends on how you chose to see your brokeness.

Understanding your Brokenness

There may be a different type of brokenness in different aspects. It is vital to understand the type of brokeness you feel. If you can understand the type and reason of your brokenness, it helps you to overcome it sooner.

Mental Brokenness

This is often the most common type of brokenness you feel in your mind. You feel yourself to be weak and flawed. It is your mind that is telling you that you are broken, and you cannot rise from it. This makes you mentally feel weak and make you feel experience strong emotional reactions. Usually, this happens when you have experienced a traumatic event. The nature and extent of the traumatic effect affect the level of brokenness you feel.

Spiritual Brokenness

Spiritual and religious beliefs have often also been a reason for a broken soul. Usually, the people who follow Christianity and believe in the Lord feel the spiritual brokenness. There is a meaning in the bible itself, ‘Brokenness in His eyes, is to be broken, crushed, and torn in spirit over sin.’ From a Christian perceptive the brokenness can imply breaking someone’s spirit, committing sin, and destroy the belief in themselves.

Physical Brokenness

This is the implication of the type of brokenness in physically in the body. It may inflict the broken parts of the body such as bones, hands, and joints, etc. It is usually severe and may require professional medical treatment.

Symptoms of Brokenness

Experience the brokenness may be the reason to face several problems in life. It may be directly or indirectly impacting the way we feel, act, and apprehend. There are certain symptoms that an individual can identify as the characteristics of being broken. Such as.

  • Substance abuse [Drugs, Alcohol, Smoking
  • Sexual problems
  • Hostility nature
  • Having constantly arguments with their loved ones
  • Withdrawal from social touch
  • Constant feelings of being threatened
  • Behaviours that are self-destructive
  • Behaviours are impulsive
  • Thoughts becomes uncontrollable
  • Unable to have healthy occupational or lifestyle choices
  • Dissociative symptoms
  • Depression  shame, hopelessness, or despair feelings are overwhelmed
  • Having a sense of being ineffective and flawed
  • Having a feeling of life being useless
  • Former belief systems seems to be lost
  • Patterns of Compulsive behavioural

How Brokenness can Affect your health?

We may be unknown to the fact that we are feeling broken, yet it may be directly or indirectly affecting our health. The feeling of broken in if more associated with our psychological and mental wellbeing. High level of a broken heart can lead to severe consequences in our mental [psychological, emotional, behavioural] as well as physical states.

The Mental Health Effects of Brokenness can have health Impacts such as

The Behavioural Health Effects of Brokenness can have health impacts such as

  • Self-Isolation may lead to inactive behaviours  and enhanced feeling of loneliness
  • Substance Abusive Behaviours such as smoking, and alcoholism may give rise to lung and heart problems.
  • Increased irritated behaviour may deteriorate the mental health state of the person.
  • Obsessive and compulsive behaviours
  • Changes in eating and sleep patterns

The Physical Health Effects due to brokenness may consists of the following effects.

  • Tachycardia
  • Sexual Dysfunction
  • Heartburns
  • Inability to concentrate and high accidents and injuries
  • Fatigue in the bones and joints
  • Chronic muscle pains and spasms.
  • Edginess

Rising from Being Broken

It is not always that the broken person or the person experiencing the feeling of brokenness cannot rise over and start again. As there is a famous saying, ‘ Brokeness is often the road to breakthrough.’ This saying exemplifies the fact that we can be encouraged and make our feeling of brokenness die and start fresh.

There are some things to keep in mind while you try to find the beauty in brokenness

Be Self Motivated

Being Broken is not the end of your world. There still is a journey left to cherish and continue in life. Motivate yourself to thrive ahead in for a better future

Positive relationship

Often feeling broken may imply low self-esteem. Keep in touch and foster positive relations with the people so that you can overcome your feeling of broken in.

Talk to Loved ones

Talking to loved ones often boosts up your self-confidence and frees you from thinking that you are broken. Small conversations, opening your heart out maybe just what you need.

Meditate and Exercise

These are physical activities that will uplift your negative feelings of brokenness and upgrade positivity. These activities will also maintain your spiritual wellbeing.

Spiritual Awakening

Often people have found peace and healed when they read holy books and connect to God spiritually as well. It matters a lot when you feel you are complete and not broken because of some sin you have committed. Reading the holy books like the bible, Bhagwat Gita, Quran, etc will give you the insight to look into your inner self and reflect the power of The God.


Brokenness is not a term to use literally but when this feeling grasps you, it will affect your health as well. It is important that you overcome brokeness so that you can constantly keep your health maintained. We must always remember and cherish a saying by J.M grant, “We mustn’t search for perfection for we will never find it. Instead, we must search for someone whose broken pieces and jagged edges fit in together with us perfectly.”

Mehedi Hasan

Mehedi Hasan is an enthusiastic health blogger and the founder member of WOMS. He likes to share his thoughts to make people inspired about their fitness. He is an experienced writer and author on highly authoritative health blogs.

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