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Revolutionizing Health Awareness Messaging With Customized Condoms

Sexual health is important, but sexual health awareness campaigns don’t have to be serious. In fact, the most successful campaigns are the ones that take a lighthearted, positive approach. By keeping things light, you help people relax and feel comfortable, which is essential when talking about a topic that’s still considered taboo by many. 

When you focus on communicating sex-positive, shame-free messaging, you’re already on the road to having a successful health awareness campaign. But there’s something that can make your campaign even more effective: communicating your message via custom condoms

Customized condoms can raise awareness, encourage positive change, and start conversations–while also helping your organization stand out from the crowd. Let’s go over 5 ways customized condoms can revolutionize your next health awareness campaign. 

Memorable Messaging 

What are you more likely to remember: being handed a flier or being handed a condom? Both can contain useful information about sexual health, but people are much more likely to remember getting a condom. 

People are also more likely to keep a condom than a flier. Condoms have a practical use, so people typically hang onto them until they’re ready to use them. This means they’ll have more chances to read and review the information that’s printed on the customized condom. 

Communication in the Bedroom 

Customized condoms are used during sexual interactions, so they’re a uniquely effective way to bring sexual health messaging into the actual user experience. Your customized condom could remind someone to make sure they receive enthusiastic consent, disclose their STI status, or use the right kind of lube for their condom. A customized condom can actively foster positive behavior in the moment, making the intimate experience better for everyone. 

Starting Conversations 

Whether you want to share new evidence from a scientific study, important statistics, or info about free health services, customized condoms are an excellent choice. They can help facilitate conversations at sexual health industry events and conversations between sexual partners. 

Changing Attitudes & Sexual Behaviors

Condoms with positive messaging can not only start conversations but also change cultural attitudes. Take, for example, the recent TRUST campaign in South Africa. To address reduced condom use, TRUST Condoms launched the Good Man campaign. The campaign framed using condoms and having good sexual etiquette as something “good men” do. This strategy not only led to a 44% sales increase for TRUST but also a 14% increase in overall demand for condoms in South Africa. 

Facilitating Condom Use

A wide range of studies have shown that giving out condoms makes people much more likely to use them. When you give people condoms, it removes what scientists call “barriers to adherence.” Essentially, this means that you remove factors that can stop people from using condoms, such as not having a way to get to the store to buy them. 

Giving out condoms removes these barriers in a way that web-based interventions, like social media campaigns, simply cannot. And because condoms are the best way to reduce the risk of STIs and unwanted pregnancies, giving out this prevention option can be incredibly impactful. 
So, choosing to get and give out customized condoms can raise awareness of crucial health information and directly create more healthy behaviors. They help you raise awareness while educating and protecting those who receive them. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.


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