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Grape Tomatoes Nutrition

You must have tried the cherry tomatoes and the regular tomatoes that we use in our daily routine. But most people are not aware of grape tomatoes. Here we are to make you knowledgeable about grape tomatoes and also about grape tomatoes nutrition.

Tomato is an ingredient that is used in most of our main dishes and salads. The main courses are incomplete without tomatoes. There is a variety of tomatoes available. They all are different in nutrition and taste.

The most common type of tomato other than regular tomatoes is cherry tomatoes. These are smaller in size. And a little sweeter. And Another kind of tomato is grape tomatoes. They are a bit bigger than the cherry tomatoes and sweeter than them.

When we think of grape tomatoes, the first question that pops up in our mind is grape tomatoes’ nutrition. In this article, we will give you a briefing about where the grape tomato stands in nutrition.

Grape tomatoes nutrition:

Considering the nutrition profile of the item that we eat is very important. Nutrients make a direct impact on your body and mind health. Tomatoes being fruit in nature should be rich in carbs, fibers and low in fats.

Let’s discuss the grape tomatoes nutrition in detail.

  • Calories: If you eat three ounces of grape tomatoes. Three ounces means 3 to 4 tiny tomatoes. These three ounces count for 15 calories. The grape tomatoes are caloric efficient. If you are planning to lose weight then grape tomatoes can play a key role in it and can make you lean.
  • Carbohydrates: The veggie is sweet thus contains little carbohydrates. The carbohydrates are not very high in number. There are only 3 grams of carbohydrates in three ounces of grape tomatoes.
  • Proteins: Grape tomatoes lack proteins. There is the only 1gram of protein available in the 3 ounces of the grape tomatoes. These proteins are not sufficient to have.
  • Fibers: As that with proteins, the fibers are also the same in number. 1 gram of fibers is available in 3 ounces of grape tomatoes. These fibers are healthy to have. These maintain the bowel functioning and improves digestion. These are also helpful in maintaining body weight.
  • Vitamins: Tomatoes are rich in vitamin c and vitamin A. when you have three ounces of grape tomatoes this means that you are having vitamin c 20% more of its RDA. This is a good amount to have.Vitamin A in grape tomatoes comes from the red pigment lycopene. This vitamin is beneficial to have.

These vitamins together improve the eyesight ad skin of its consumer and have many other health benefits.

Shelf life of the grape tomatoes:

This is an important thing to consider when you take something to eat. Grape tomatoes have a longer shelf life than Roma tomatoes and cherry tomatoes.

The grape tomatoes have thicker skin which makes them strong. These thick barriers are also a strong hurdle for the pathogenic and spoilage bacteria. The grape tomatoes can remain safe and healthy to eat for after 4 to5 days of their maturation.

It is best to have them fresh and don’t preserve them for later.

Serving suggestions:

Like every other vegetable, you can have grape tomatoes in many ways. You can have them either raw or cooked from. Here are some best ways enlisted to have the grape tomatoes.

  • Raw: Having raw grape tomatoes is beneficial to have because the tomatoes eaten raw will have all the nutrients in them. Some heat-sensitive vitamins get lost when you cook the grape tomatoes.
  • Cooked: Cooked grape tomatoes are also there on the list. You can cook the grape tomatoes to make some savory dishes. The grape tomatoes add a sweet pinch to the savory dish. When you eat cooked grape tomatoes you may be compromising on some of their nutrition.
  • Salad: The best way to have the grape tomatoes is having them in a fresh salad. Combine them with some other ingredients and enjoy a healthy and nutrition-rich meal.
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Grape tomato is a variety of tomato. There are some varieties of tomatoes that are known by people. The rare one is grape tomatoes. Grape tomatoes are like cherry tomatoes. These are sweeter in taste and a little bigger also. The grape tomatoes are nutrient-dense. And have a longer shelf life.

There is a variety of ways to have these delicious grape tomatoes. You can have them raw, cooked, or with some savory dishes as a salad. The best way to have them is raw because raw grape tomatoes contain all the essential nutrients. Grape tomatoes have thick skin. This property makes the grape tomatoes a premium of all. Due to thick skin, grape tomatoes have a longer shelf life. 

Hopefully from this article, you must be able to know a lot of things amount grape tomatoes. Most prominently grape tomatoes nutrition. If we remain able to make you knowledgeable about the grape tomatoes let us know in the comment section.


1. Are the nutrition profile of the grape tomatoes and the cherry tomatoes the same?

Yes, whatever type of tomato you are going to have its nutrition profile will be the same. Both the grape tomatoes and the cherry tomatoes are rich in vitamin A and vitamin C. both contain 0% fat, both have fibers to maintain your digestive system.
There may be a small difference in their physical appearance and taste but the nutritional profile is almost the same.

2. It is ok to eat a lot of grape tomatoes at a time?

We know grape tomatoes are tasty to have but HOLD ON. Eating too many grape tomatoes at a time can lead you to gastro-esophageal reflux disease. This will be due to the more gastric juice production in the stomach. Better to have a decent amount of grape tomatoes only. Don’t eat in a rush.

3. What is the healthiest food on the planet that I can have?

SPINACH is considered a superfood. It is rich in nutrients. Spinach contains almost every vitamin and mineral. It is available in raw, canned, and frozen forms.

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