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All about Chicken Leg Calories and Nutritional Facts

Chicken has been the all-time favorite of everyone, from kids to adults. No matter which culture or region of the world you belong to, chicken is surely a part of most of them. From Rotisserie Chicken to the famous Chicken Biryani, every continent of the world has it’s chicken recipes. Since chicken is so prevalent, we will be discussing about chicken leg calories and it’s nutritional facts.

The chicken comes in different cuts, including breast pieces, legs, and wings. Every part has its nutritional content. Chefs all around the world wisely choose a specific cut for every dish they create. If you are wondering which part is tastier, then the answer is Legs. Chicken legs have high-fat content, making them a lot more juicy and tasty. Chicken leg has around 177 calories, along with high protein and fat content.

A major source of calories in chicken is its skin. Skinless chicken legs have much fewer calories than those with the skin. A single skinless, boneless chicken leg has around 130 calories. To lower the calorie content you can simply peel off the skin before eating. Apart from calories, chicken legs are also a good source of Vitamin B-6, B-12, iron, and zinc. All of these nutrients are immunity boosters and much needed by the body for healthy functioning.

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Why are chicken legs also known as Dark Meat?

Dark meat (legs) is healthier than white meat or breast meat. The reason behind the high-fat content of chicken legs are they being used more than other body parts. Chicken is a flightless bird, almost completely depends on its legs for locomotion. Due to which the legs of the chicken become nutritious and consequently tastier.

Another fact you would probably have not known about chicken legs is why this part of the chicken is called dark meat. The answer is the high myoglobin content in chicken legs making them more red and dark as compared to the rest of the body parts.

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How many calories are there in chicken drumsticks?

There can be several healthy ways of cooking chicken legs. Sometimes the way you are cooking the chicken can add a huge number of calories to it. Deep frying the chicken legs will add a lot more calories to the meal. The healthiest way of cooking chicken legs would be roasting or baking. Calorie count also depends on the skin.

A single baked chicken drumstick with skin has around 100 calories. These can be almost reduced to half by just peeling off the skin before cooking. Another reason that adds more calories to your dish is the different condiments used in the preparation of the meal. The addition of any of the different sauces will increase the calorie count of the chicken drumsticks. Along with these cooking methods, proper means of preparation and storage of the chicken legs is also very important in keeping the meat fresh and healthy. The meat must be first thoroughly cleaned and then stored at a set level of temperature.

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Temperature range is very important for the cooking as well as maintenance of the meat. Using a meat thermometer is recommended for being sure about the internal temperature of the meat. Whether roasting, cooking, or baking one must keep an eye on the internal temperature of the meat. The internal temperature for chicken drumsticks either cooked or baked must be around 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Over-cooked meat not only loses its taste but minerals and nutrients are also wasted.

Nutritional facts about chicken leg calories

Dark meat is not only preferred by foodies all around the world but in recent years studies are also proving it to be healthier than white meat. Being rich in fat, chicken legs are assumed to be unfit for weight loss diets. Recently things are changing and nutritionists are recommending chicken legs as well.

The reason being the high nutrient content including iron, zinc, phosphorus, and vitamin B. It is commonly seen that people following a low-fat diet face the problem of iron or vitamin deficiency. While chicken legs being a source of minerals and vitamins prove to restore this deficiency.

Even if you are not that much diet conscious still eating dark meat is very beneficial for your health. It is a source of low-fat protein as compared to that of beef or mutton. Protein is essential for muscle development and provides strength. However, more of anything is bad so we have 9 best foods for fasting.

Can chicken legs make you energetic?

Having a good amount of calories, chicken drumsticks are also a good source of energy to keep us going. Not only meat but chicken legs are also full of calcium. It is a common practice to use bone-in chicken legs for making soups. Because while boiling all of the calcium and phosphorus is added to the soup making it healthier. Chicken soup is very beneficial against cold and flu. The same is the reason why chicken soup is always a part of the recovery meals recommended by the doctors. Chicken legs are high in calories and nutrients, making them an immunity booster.

Iron and zinc play an important role in building up our immune system against viruses and bacteria. Another important nutrient found in chicken legs is niacin. Niacin is very important for the good health of our nerves and digestive system. It is also involved in DNA synthesis. Vitamin B is extremely important in red blood cell production, which then directly influences the growth. Elderly people are usually diagnosed with vitamin B deficiency, for that they have to take vitamin supplements. By simply including chicken legs in our diet you can prevent vitamin B deficiency.

Why is dark meat most used?

One of the reasons is its taste and how well dark meat goes with so many vegetables including potatoes, broccoli, peas, carrots, etc. Even if you don’t want to use any vegetables, chicken legs can still be used to make several delicious recipes. Whole chicken and specifically the dark meat contains magnesium and a combination of vitamin B. Due to which eating chicken can be a stress releaser. Chicken legs are available at a cheaper price than breast meat. Consuming chicken legs and the good calories found in them is a lot more economical than white meat.

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