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Quality Check Your CBD Oil Tincture: Here’s How!

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to CBD or you’ve been consuming them for a while; the product labels are always going to be confusing as hell! 

If you’re taking cannabidiol to ease symptoms of chronic pain, anxiety, or some other condition, reading and analyzing the specifics of the drug is something you absolutely cannot miss. 

This already nuanced process is made even more complicated when we consider that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Trusted Source has not approved any non-prescription CBD products till now, which means that to determine the quality and contents of a particular CBD product, you need to carry out your research or rely on tests conducted by third parties. Even when you are purchasing top quality cbd oil tincture, it is always safe to check the quality of the product before using it.

Need help to understand what is in your CBD oil? Read on to discover more! Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! Read on to discover more! 

How to purchase the correct CBD oil for usage?

If this is indeed the first time you are using CBD, then there are a few terms that you must comprehend. These will help you make essential distinctions while purchasing the correct oil for yourself and make informed choices. 

Cannabis is the parent plant of both CBD and THC. The more infamous tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is psychoactive and causes a sensation one commonly refers to as getting “high,” while CBD produces no such sensation. While CBD can be derived both from hemp or marijuana (different types of cannabis), they can have differing levels of THC. Distinguishing between these two is important because CBD products derived from marijuana will have psychoactive effects. The quantity of THC is enough to reflect on a drug test, which is not the case with hemp-derived CBD oils. 

Also, what you choose between CBD isolate, full-spectrum, or broad-spectrum CBD helps determine what you get from the product alongside the actual CBD. 

While full-spectrum CBD consists of all naturally occurring compounds of the cannabis plants, including THC, broad-spectrum CBD does not include it (or very tiny amounts of the same). CBD isolate ideally contains no THC and is considered the purest form of CBD. 

In addition to CBD and THC, other compounds like terpenes and flavonoids are also found in cannabis and used in CBD products. Like CBD, terpenes reportedly showcase therapeutic and health-booting benefits while flavonoids protect the human body from disease. 

Things to note while buying your CBD Oil Tincture

  1. Ensure that the product you are using has CBD for sure. Some products may refer to CBD as hemp extract, but that is only due to constant drug laws and regulations. 
  2. However, if a product lists hemp seed oil, hemp seeds, or the cannabis Sativa seed oil, these ingredients are not the same as CBD or hemp extract. 
  3. Before you purchase, scan the list of ingredients closely to ensure that you are not allergic to any of the components. 
  4. All CBD oils contain a carrier oil, which helps stabilize and preserve the CBD and assist your body in absorbing it. Carrier oils include grapeseed oil and olive oil. 
  5. The oil may also contain natural or artificial flavor or color. 
  6. Check the THC percentage to ensure that it matches what you need, and also skim over the list of cannabinoids and terpenes that particular oil includes. 

Determining the concentration of CBD in your Oil Tincture

Indeed, determining the amount of CBD in a product and the amount you shall consume per serving can be an arduous task. The number printed generally denotes the concentration of CBD in the entire product, not the dose each individual takes. 

Before you begin using CBD, it is advisable to consult your doctor. Ask them how CBD would interact with your diet, your prescription medications, or any other allergies you may have. However, the best part remains that CBD does not have any severe side effects on the human body. 

Shelf life of your CBD Oil Tincture

Like all other good things in life, your CBD oil will eventually expire. While its typical shelf life is about a year or two, other factors also influence the longevity of CBD oils. These include:

  1. Products with better quality will inevitably last longer.
  2. Each ingredient has a shelf life of its own, which ultimately affects the lasting capability of the product overall. 
  3. The method of extraction employed in the preliminary stage also makes a difference. The carbon dioxide method of extraction maximizes the level of CBD and keeps the compounds stable. 
  4. CBD products have shown longer lifetimes in dark-colored, airtight glass containers. Hence, the amber bottles. 
  5. Reportedly, heat and light accelerate the process of degradation in CBD, which is why dark and damp storage conditions can help the oil maintain its potency for a more extended period. 

Ways to determine that you can no longer use your CBD Oil Tincture

While the expiration date on the label is a dead giveaway of whether or not you should be using the product any longer, there are other ways to check if the oil has gone wrong. A few of these indicators are:

  1. A skunky-funky smell likely means that you should chuck the bottle in the bin. CBD oil should not smell unpleasant in any way. 
  2. Thickness and murkiness are signs that you should no longer be using that particular oil. 
  3. Unless artificially flavored, consumers have described CBD to have an earthy taste. If that is not the case, it is time for you to purchase a new bottle! 

Expired CBD oil is not likely to make you sick, but it will not solve its purpose as well. Over time, cannabidiol loses its potency, and that CBD oil tincture can no longer provide you with the therapeutic effects you deserve. 

A good CBD product will always have a certificate of analysis by a third-party laboratory, which does not have any stake in the product. Remember to check this, or look for it by scanning the QR code on your smartphone. 

Now that you have adamantly reached the end of this guide, we are confident in sending you off like proud parents to buy a CBD oil tincture that is right for you!

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