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Lose weight fast! Four best exercises for weight loss

Losing weight fast is something most of us want when starting our weight loss journey. But putting in the work, going to the gym, or getting into a workout routine is not something most are willing to do. Instead, some even rely totally on dietary supplements in hope of burning fat and gaining muscle mass quickly. However, as suggested on Healthcanal.com, to get the most out of the supplements, it is also necessary to develop a routine including regular exercise and following nutritious diet at the same time.

The first step is working out. Besides this, you need to consider embarking on a proper diet, as it is a critical part of exercising. Most forms of exercise increase the heart rate and burn calories, but certain types of activities have been known to be more efficient in weight loss than others. This article takes a look at four of the fastest ways to lose weight.

Before looking at these exercises, you need to set your achievable body goals and work towards them. Among the critical aspects that will help you attain your fitness goals are consistency and discipline.

Exercises to help you lose weight fast


Burpees or squat thrusts are full-body fat-burning exercises that tone up your muscles and improve body metabolism. The exercise focuses on your arms, legs, cardio, and core muscles while using your body weight for resistance. As a result, your muscle strength increases, and you will notice endurance in your lower and upper bodies. Burpees should be your go-to exercise because of their convenience and versatility. You can easily do burpees from your home without the need for any equipment. If you are looking for something more intense, find creative ways to modify your workout sessions. 

How to do burpees

First, you start with an upright position with your feet apart. The second step is to bend your knees and move to a squatting position. Ensure your feet are shoulder-width apart. Next, place your hands on the ground between your bent knees. Then jump while straightening out your legs to a push-up position, followed by a frog kick jump so that you return to the squatting position. Do this exercise for approximately 10 minutes with a minimum of 20 reps.

How to modify the burpees?

As you get used to the routine, you might find the conventional burpees insufficient for your workout. So, take it a step further and intensify the training with a few modifications. You can do this by using dumbbells, rotation, adding push-ups and jumping. You might also opt to alter your body positioning to increase agility, muscle strength and coordination. These modifications include burpees box jump, burpees with a Bosu ball, side burpees and star jump burpees.

Safety precautions when doing burpees

Just like any exercise, you need to be careful to avoid any injuries. You need to start slowly for an amateur and do at most 8 to 10 reps per set. At a faster rate, you might end up hurting your wrists and shoulders. It is best to use good-quality and firm shoes to avoid slipping when doing the training. 

Skipping rope

This exercise can be done at home since you need little space and a jumping rope. For a beginner, try to find a heavy jumping rope as it will help reduce rotation and give you more time to make accurate jumps. Before starting, your feet need to be together. Once together, you can swing the rope and jump over it, ensure your feet are still together. It is best if you make accurate timing for subsequent hops to avoid tripping. As you get in the rhythm, you can increase the speed of swinging the rope faster. Once you are confident, take your training session to the next level. Raise your knees to a high level. This will also be important in strengthening your core muscles. 

Mountain climbers

This workout is close to a simulation of climbing a mountain but on the floor. Similar to burpees, the mountain climber is a full-body workout. As you perform the training, moving your arms, shoulders, and chest help strengthen your upper and lower body. Mountain climbers are also good for your cardio resistance, agility and core strength.

How to do mountain climbers

First, get your body in a plank position while evenly distributing your body weight to your hands and toes. Then position your shoulder apart and back flat. Start by pulling your right knee towards your chest to the furthest point it can go. Now switch it up with your left foot. Switch the legs by pulling one out and bringing the other in. 

Common mistakes to avoid

When doing mountain climbers, there are a few mistakes you might find yourself making. One of these involves not allowing your toes to touch the ground. As you increase the speed, you might find yourself not touching the ground. This predisposes you to an injury and does not give you the full benefit of the exercise. The other mistake is not balancing your weight and shoulders over your wrists. 

You may also bounce on your toes. This is dangerous as it puts you at risk of getting injured. Also, you will not effectively exercise your core muscles as there is less engagement.

Kettlebell swings

Position yourself by having your feet slightly apart and then pick up the kettlebell in front of you with both hands. Afterward, swing the kettlebell in an upward motion while moving your hips forward. This exercise is a full-body workout that improves your cardio and athleticism. 


To sum it up, exercises are vital in weight loss and keeping fit. However, not all are effective and fast. Thus, you need to look for efficient practices in weight loss and find some that you can do in the convenience of your home. This article gives an in-depth insight into four home exercises for weight loss. These are mountain climbers, burpees, skipping rope and kettlebell swings. When exercising, you also need to watch your diet to lose weight quickly.

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