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Best Delta 9 Gummies in 2023

Congress continues to debate the legality of Delta 9 THC, or cannabis. A majority of states, but not all, offer medical cannabis for qualifying patients. Even fewer states have legalized recreational cannabis use for adults 21 and over. It seems like it would be incredibly difficult to get legal, safe Delta 9 products without having to resort to the black market or illegally growing the plant yourself. 

If you grow the plant yourself and you want edibles, there’s a whole process for converting the plant and dosing it out that produces a variety of different results, both good and bad. Inconsistencies abound with homemade gummies, which make for not the greatest of experiences.

But what if there was a way to enjoy legal, ready to eat Delta 9 gummies without any of the hassle? It’s not a distant dream, these products exist. Under the 2018 Farm Bill, as long as a product is derived from hemp and contains less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC by dry weight, then it’s legal to sell and consume. 

This is how several other cannabinoids have helped the hemp industry boom in recent years, including Delta 8 THC, HHC, and THCV, to name a few. Now it’s Delta 9 THC’s time to dominate the hemp industry, and there are five companies who are going above and beyond with their Delta 9 products. So, without further ado, here is our list of the Best Delta 9 Gummies by brand. 

  1. 3CHI – Offering Dispensary-Grade, Pure Quality Delta 9 Gummies
  2. Reefer’s Bay – Offering High Quality Delta 9 Booty
  3. Skyhio – Fast Shipping and Super Quality Delta 9 Gummies

3CHI—Offering Dispensary-Grade, Pure Quality Delta 9 Gummies

3Chi continues to be the hemp industry’s leader. Founded by a biochemist, they were the first to bring Delta 8 THC to the general market after the passage of the Farm Bill in 2018. Since then, this Midwest company has continued to push the boundaries of research and development in the hemp industry. 

Using their knowledge of Delta 8, 3Chi now turns to Delta 9 THC gummies to add to its large collection of award winning products. Using U.S. sourced hemp, 3Chi looks to give consumers an enjoyable experience while keeping things American made and natural. 


3Chi continues to prove that they are the best of the best in the hemp industry. With their new Delta 9 gummies, five unique dispensary-grade flavors create unique and potent experiences for consumers. Each gummy is coated in sugar and packs a punch, even at the recommended dose of half a gummy. Inside each gummy is 10mg of Delta 9, which comes in resealable bags of 20. 

But unlike some of the gummies found in states with legal recreational cannabis, 3Chi gummies are hemp-derived; creating a unique and potent experience people can’t get enough of. Additionally, each gummy is vegan, making it a product everyone can enjoy even with special dietary restrictions. 

3CHI uses independent, third party laboratories to test their Delta 9 THC full-spectrum batches to make sure they are the purest on the market. Their Delta 9 are also federally compliant, meaning it contains no more than 0.3% Delta 9 THC in accordance with federal law. 


  • Pure, full spectrum Delta 9 THC
  • Excellent customer service
  • Third-party testing
  • Five unique flavors
  • Vegan


  • One of the few hemp companies with phone support, but it can be difficult to get a hold of.

Customer Review:

“I can’t compliment 3Chi enough! Product, price, education, customer service, shipping, and testing. Well Done 3Chi!! “– DAVMBGRL

Reefer’s Bay – Offering High Quality Delta 9 Booty

“Live the Island Way.” That’s the Reefer’s Bay motto, and they stick by that in all of their products. As Delta 9, derived from hemp, becomes more popular, Reefer’s Bay is getting a head start by offering high quality Delta 9 gummies to the masses.

Reefer’s Bay is the cannabis guys through and through. Keeping everything local and supporting small businesses is a must for the brand. Even third-party testing facilities are top of notch, American run businesses to ensure that everyone is getting the best Delta 9 THC on the market derived from hemp.


Each Delta 9 gummy contains 10mg of full spectrum Delta 9 THC. This is confirmed through third-party testing to create the best experience possible for consumers. By using hemp-derived Delta 9 THC, it creates an overall improved experience for consumers. They have expressed as much in their five star reviews of Reefer’s Bay’s products. There is currently only one flavor, Strawberry, available on the brand’s site for Delta 9 THC gummies. 


  • USA grown hemp
  • Third-party lab testing
  • Vegan
  • Great Value
  • Quality over quantity mentality


  • Only one flavor (more are expected to come as time goes on)
  • Online customer service form only – no phone number

Customer Review:

“Damn, these things slap” – Nicholas S.

Skyhio–Fast Shipping and Super Quality Delta 9 Gummies

Super affordable and fast shipping is at the core of what Skyhio does. And with their new Delta 9 gummies, they are working extra hard to make sure customers are as satisfied as possible with getting their high quality products. 

These are the real Delta 9 people, and they want everyone to experience Delta 9 without breaking the bank or waiting weeks to get their order. With their innovation skills, they continue to dominate the competition with everything they have. 

Using only U.S. grown hemp, Skyhio can ensure they create higher quality products. Plus, each batch of Delta 9 gummies is tested by a third-party lab to make sure they are the best of the best while remaining federally legal. As long as Skyhio’s gummies remain under 0.3% Delta 9 THC by dry weight, then they can sell their gummies federally under the 2018 Farm Bill. 

What’s even better about Skyhio is their frequent sales and free shipping bonuses. Their already affordable Delta 9 THC gummies are often on sale – but the sales come and go, so you have to follow closely (Tip: follow Twitter @skyhio_ for announcements). A top quality brand at an even more affordable price? Needless to say, consumers always come back to Skyhio for the best products and the best deals. 


Similar to others on this list, Skyhio is only offering one flavor, Strawberry, at the start. But they plan on releasing a few more flavors to entice consumers to come back again and again. With frequent sales and free shipping for orders over $99.

Skyhio sets a higher standard for their products than most, especially with their new Delta 9 THC gummies. And with 20 gummies coming in each $30 bag, you can definitely stock up on the best of the best available to make sure you practically never run out. 


  • High quality Delta 9 THC 
  • Third-party lab testing
  • Fast Shipping
  • Great Taste


  • No returns
  • Limited Exchanges
  • Online customer service forums are only

Customer Review:

“These Delta 9 Gummies are the best. Edibles normally never work for me, even dispensary grade ones. I have only found one other brand besides this one. This is definitely a winner! I started working in about an hour and the full effect was around 3 hours for me eating one full gummy. ” – TJMCK

The Best Delta 9 Gummies for the Perfect Vibe Experience

This fresh and new brand is causing a commotion in the hemp industry. Even though it just launched, they have absolutely hit the ball out of the park. With new, high quality Delta 9 THC gummies, each one is pure bliss. 

Like other companies, Skyhio looks to create the best of the best in quality, taste, ingredients, and experience. So far, they have exceeded expectations and continue to go above and beyond their high standards. These incredible results directly impact consumers, who can sit back, eat, and vibe with these incredible Delta 9 gummies. 

These high standards are confirmed by third-party testing facilities, which show Skyhio’s pure quality is no hoax. No harsh vibes are allowed here, and with test results published on their website for all to see, consumers agree. Skyhio truly provides one of the best vapor experiences in the hemp industry.


Skyhio offers all-natural, high quality, U.S. grown hemp, creating one of the best experiences when it comes to hemp-derived Delta 9 THC. They currently offer their pure Delta 9 gummies in (add in flavor) with more flavors expected soon.


  • All Natural
  • Pure Delta 9 THC
  • Third-party Testing
  • U.S. Sourced Hemp


  • Online only
  • One gummy flavor

Customer Review:

“I have to say, these watermelon delta9 gummies are the best… It’s nice and fast acting. I give it 5 stars… start with a half… ” Craig R.

Making a Splash with Top of the Line Delta 9 Gummies

The last spot on our list comes in as 3CHI. This brand new company offers high quality and pure Delta 9 gummies that customers can’t get enough of. This company is sure to bring a tidal wave to the hemp market and hemp-derived Delta 9 THC. 

Sourced hemp from the U.S. is standard for 3CHI. They want to keep business in the US with products produced by Americans, for Americans. They also continuously test their products through third-party labs. 

This proves that their gummies are as pure as it gets. Each Delta 9 gummy is filled with 10mg of full spectrum Delta 9. This allows 3CHI to make a splash. This is no lazy river company. They are riding the top of the 3CHI in the mega wave pool and bringing pure Delta 9 to everyone. What more could you ask for?


With such a new brand, it should have been hard for it to make even a ripple in the hemp market pond. But 3CHI is creating tsunami waves of commotion with their pure product. They offer full spectrum Delta 9 THC gummies in (list flavors here)


  • Brand New Company
  • Pure Delta 9 gummies
  • Fast Shipping
  • U.S. sourced hemp


  • Limited products
  • Online Only

Customer Review:

“The watermelon gummies work wonders and are extremely fast acting.” – a public persona

How Did We Choose These Products?

With this complete list, these top five brands offer the best Delta 9 THC gummies on the market. But how did we choose this list? What were the points of interest? There were several, actually. 

During our lengthy investigation, we removed several brands during the manufacturing process because they didn’t meet the high standards we set before making this list. There were several other factors we considered before coming up with our top five list. 

Hemp Source

Knowing where and how a company obtains its hemp is a high priority for us. We wanted to ensure the quality of hemp used was American-sourced hemp from suppliers who don’t use pesticides or harsh chemical sprays. Soil was also a factor we looked into. It needs to be nutritious and meet the demands of even a hearty crop such as hemp. 

Production Method

How hemp is manufactured to produce hemp derived products like Delta 9 THC and other cannabinoids is also important to look at. Our research showed us that CO2 is the preferred method in the hemp industry. This process uses CO2 liquid as a solvent. 

This liquid then turns into a vapor when under high pressure, leaving the cannabinoids behind. It’s a gentle process that leaves cannabinoids in their purest form. Using CO2 also ensures no toxic residues remain behind in the cannabinoids themselves. This guarantees the purity of each batch made, and translates directly into pure and honest products, such as Delta 9 gummies. 


Currently, the market is saturated with artificial ingredients. We wanted to make sure that each brand we chose for our top five list didn’t have artificial properties. Additionally, we wanted to make sure there were no cutting agents added to make the highs higher but not as safe. Each brand in our top five doesn’t add MCT, VG, PG, or PEG into their gummies. 

Third-Party Lab Testing

Knowing a brand uses third-party labs to test its batches is a must. If any brand didn’t use third-party testing facilities or used an in-house lab, they were automatically thrown out of consideration for this list. It’s crucial an outside lab verifies the potency of each product. Delta 9 products, along with other cannabinoids, must contain no more than 0.3% Delta 9 THC to be considered federally legal. 

Anything above 0.3% Delta 9 THC is illegal and must be thrown out before it reaches the consumer’s hands, or a lot of legal action with severe consequences will happen. Brands Those that don’t test their products, or fail to use an outside facility for testing, are failing to ensure the quality, consistency, and safety of their products. 

Brand Reputation

Knowing a brand has a positive reputation is also important for this list, even for new brands. How a company presents itself online is important for the market and for consumers. If a brand has a favorable reputation, it will receive public support. However, if not, the brand could not only tarnish themselves but also the young hemp industry as a whole. 

Customer service is also an important factor to take into consideration for a brand’s reputation. If customer service doesn’t exist or treats their customers unfairly, they didn’t qualify for this list. 

What to Look for When Purchasing Delta 9 THC Gummies

Even though we have narrowed down the best Delta 9 THC gummies to our list above, it can still be intimidating to know what to even look for or what you should try. Instead of leaving you in the dark, we’ve also created a list of what to look for when you are shopping for Delta 9 gummies and what is best for you. 


Always read the back of any product you purchase. This way, you can see what you are directly putting into your body. It’s also important to see how the nutritional facts break down to better balance your diet and your body. It’s best to not consume GMO hemp and choose organic.

All brands mentioned in our list above follow this guide. Additionally, those with diet restrictions and diet preferences should note what each Delta 9 gummy is made up of. The above list offers Delta 9 THC vegan gummies to expand the range of individuals who can easily enjoy their products. 

Third-Party Lab Testing

We’ve mentioned this already, but we want to say it again. Make sure a company uses an unbiased, third-party testing facility to ensure its product meets federal standards. All hemp-based products must contain no more than 0.3% of Delta 9 THC dry weight in their final form. 

Anything above that is considered illegal by the federal government and could result in jail time and convictions for not only the company selling the product but also the individual carrying and consuming the product. 

Another thing to be aware of when it comes to third-party testing is the results. Most brands will proudly display the lab results for consumers to easily find and keep them up to date to ensure customers that they are getting legal products. If you ever have trouble finding lab results, that’s an immediate red flag. 

Also, if test results appear to be out of date, don’t feel bad asking the customer service team for the brand if they have an updated lab test. If they don’t have an update or they don’t respond, it’s best to choose another brand that does offer these results. 


When researching Delta 9 THC gummies for the first time, understanding and guessing potency can be a bit tricky. Or it simply might not make sense. That’s absolutely okay. Whether a product feels potent or not depends on your body type, your tolerance level, and any previous consumption regularly or irregularly. It’s best to start with smaller doses and work your way up to higher ones as you get used to how your body reacts to smaller amounts of Delta 9 THC. For example, start with half or even a quarter of a Delta 9 gummy before moving up to a half or a whole to easily adjust your reaction and subsequent comedown from the euphoric high. 


The biggest factor when you are deciding which Delta 9 THC gummy to purchase is the overall cost. Set a budget before you start looking at some brands – there are several brands with higher prices than others. But higher cost doesn’t always mean better quality. Check customer reviews to see if the cost is justified. 

Additionally, brands offer discounts multiple times a year for various products and various reasons. Finding deals is the cherry on top of the Delta 9 THC gummy sundae that makes a purchase that much sweeter. 

Follow a brand’s social media for frequent updates and make sure to read all the deals on each website. Frequently, if you purchase above a certain amount, a brand will offer free or discounted shipping or product cost. Be aware of this when you are looking to purchase your Delta 9 gummies. 

Customer Service

The last thing to look at, but one of the most important, is to check out a brand’s customer service. Making sure they have a customer service option, whether a phone line or an online forum, is the first step. 

Then, if you need help with an order or have general questions, seeing how fast customer service responds is another factor to look at. Customer service members should be well informed about the product, and if they seem to be confused or unsure of what they are selling, then a red flag should go up and you should look at other options. 

Finally, looking at a brand’s return and exchange policy is important and attached to customer service. Knowing what a brand offers regarding a product is important for potential exchanges or even returns. Being aware of the policy and staying within those days will create a favorable experience for both you and the customer service team member you work with regarding any concerns you may have. 

Common Delta 9 THC Questions

What is Delta 9 THC?

Delta 9 THC, commonly referred to as THC, is the main cannabinoid in the cannabis plant. It’s the one known to get you high after consumption and is federally illegal. While some research shows negative side effects of THC, several more studies have shown the positive effects THC currently has on the human body, including sleep aid, anti-depression, and pain relief. Over half of the U.S. states have moved to legalize the medical use of THC, with many more working on recreational legalization to end the war on drugs and cannabis prohibition. 

Is Delta Nine Legal?

Yes and no. If a hemp-derived product contains no more than 0.3% Delta 9 THC dry weight in the final form of the product, then Delta 9 is considered legal. This is thanks to the industrial hemp definition of the 2018 Farm Bill, passed by Congress and signed by former President Trump. 

So in this regard, yes, Delta 9 THC is legal. However, if the final form of a product contains more than 0.3% Delta 9 THC dry weight, then the product is considered a Schedule I drug and highly illegal. Around 18 states have decided to legalize recreational cannabis, so products with more than 0.3% Delta 9 THC are considered legal at the state level, but are still federally illegal. It’s best to check the rules in your state to make sure you are consuming legal products before purchasing.

How Many Delta 9 THC Gummies Can I Eat?

The first thing to understand about Delta 9 is that everyone reacts differently to any size or potency. You could have an incredible experience, or you could have a horrible trip to off-put you off ever consuming Delta 9 THC ever again.

There is that much variation. Additionally, when you purchase Delta 9 THC gummies, read the dosing guide on the back. Those will give you a great starting point, and if that dose is even too much, you can go even lower until you find what you are comfortable with.

It’s also important to note that there are different sizes of bags for Delta 9 THC gummies. There could be two gummies in a package, like a test trial. Other times, there can be 20 gummies in a bag, with each dose being half a gummy, for a total of 40 doses in a bag. That doesn’t mean you need to eat every gummy in the bag. Each bag is resealable, so your gummies last longer and you can experience the euphoria of THC for many days to come. 

Can I overdose on Delta 9 THC?

Despite what many anti-marijuana activists say, no, you can’t overdose on Delta 9 THC. It does have addictive properties because it produces a euphoric feeling that helps to relax individuals, but you can’t actually overdose on THC. 

If you consume a lot of edibles, such as Delta 9 gummies, or vape for an extended period of time, you may feel an increase in anxiety and your heart rate. These side effects are only temporary, and many consumers report them going away once they get some sleep. 

Keep in mind, that the more frequently you consume THC, in any form, the more likely your body will build up a tolerance to it. This means you will most likely have to take more Delta 9 to feel the buzz you had before. When you feel your tolerance is high, it’s best to take a break. This means no THC consumption of any kind for a few weeks to let the tolerance fade from your body before you go back to consuming THC. Then you will feel the same euphoric feeling you want with less product consumption.

Will I Pass a Drug Test After Taking Delta 9 THC?

No. If you consume Delta 9 a few weeks before taking a drug test, and you consistently consume Delta 9, your drug test will come up positive. These tests look specifically at THC, not just Delta 9 THC. 

So if you consume Delta 8 or Delta 10, your drug test will also show up positive. If you are planning on taking a drug test, make sure not to vape or consume any THC at least three weeks before the test to make sure you have the lowest chance of testing positive as possible. 

How Do I Store My Delta 9 THC Gummies?

The best way to store your Delta 9 gummies is to keep them in a sealed bag, away from heat or sunlight, and at room temperature. Keeping your gummies in a sealed bag will keep them fresh for longer. Then, keeping them away from heat or sunlight will also guarantee they will keep their potency. Heat will affect the potency of your gummies, making them less effective as time goes on. Plus, the heat will melt the sugar, which can create a sticky mess of one giant Delta 9 gummy instead of individual gummies that are easy to dose and consume.

Final Delta 9 THC Gummies Verdict

This concludes our legal list of the best Delta 9 THC gummies you can find on the market, along with what to look for when purchasing Delta 9 and answers to common questions surrounding the cannabinoid. If you don’t agree with our recommendations, that’s totally okay. This is just our opinion. However, we do recommend reading through the guides on what to look for when purchasing Delta 9 THC gummies to make sure you have the best experience is possible. They should come from companies using quality hemp and third-party lab testing to guarantee you are getting the best product possible.

For us, we highly recommend getting your Delta 9 gummies from 3Chi. This brand offers some of the best, dispensary-grade Delta 9 available on the hemp market at incredibly affordable prices. With five amazing flavors – Black Raspberry, Blue Raspberry, Orange Dreamsicle, Strawberry, and Watermelon – the possibilities are endless for what is to come.

The best part? 3Chi continues to innovate in the hemp industry, not just with their new Delta 9 THC but by setting the gold standard for Delta 8 THC, their top seller. Other products, including HHC disposable vapes, have won several awards since their launch, setting 3Chi apart from the rest of the competition. 3Chi is the way to go when it comes to any hemp product, but especially their Delta 9 THC gummies. 

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