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COVID-19 Pandemic And Increasing Drug Addiction: 7 Probable Reasons

Along with the death rate due to Covid, there has been another cause of death. Drug overdose!

With the world in a state of complete lockdown and people still trying to break the painful monotony, it is getting difficult even for most normal people to cope. So, we cannot possibly imagine the suffering of the people who are going through a painful addiction.

Whether they have the supply of the addictive material cooped up between four walls, even the withdrawal gets ten times worse. At times like this, they need the family’s constant support and medical help. 

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The Probably Reasons Of Drug Addiction During Covid19

One more disaster that this pandemic’s turmoil is bringing upon the people. Drug addiction is getting worse, and here are the seven most prominent reasons. Knowing these reasons will help you keep the dangers of substance or drug abuse at bay. 

So, now without wasting any more time, let’s dig into the main topic for which we are here. 

1. Lack Of Motivation

The Covid19 situation is notoriously known for sucking every positive feeling out of our headspace. With the world in a state of turmoil and death rates increasing, it is particularly difficult to keep our spirits high.

It can be particularly painful for someone going through drug addiction because their inner conscience is constantly forcing them to pick up the substance since it induces temporary lightheadedness and helps them escape from reality.

The lack of motivation is failing them to understand that this temporary endorphin release is deadly. There is nothing external to motivate them to make the right and conscious decision to stay away from the drugs.

2. Lack Of Distraction

Healthy distractions like work and meeting friends who are far away from the association of drugs can help many patients recover. However, this is a far-fetched dream during the pandemic.

With everything closing, there is nothing to distract them. They are getting more drawn to drugs, especially if they have tried withdrawal. Without proper professional help, withdrawal symptoms can be dangerous.

As a result, whenever they are getting hold of a supply, they cannot help but consume in bulk to minimize the withdrawal pain.

3. Family Chaos & Feuds

Although in some cases, there could be nothing better than family support to fight drug addiction, it is not always the case. Some patients have families with issues and feuds.

For them staying alone is the best formula, but lockdown and working from home is making them travel back home. The dysfunctional family conditions can even push some former patients to jump back to their old consumption habits.

These issues can only be fought with the proper family therapy offered in the recovery centers. After all, families are the most beautiful things we have on this earth.

4. Depression

Covid19 is the culprit for increasing the depression rate among many. The world is seeing a surge of mental health problems because of the lack of recreational activities. This is ten times elevated for someone suffering from drug addiction.

The pandemic is making things even worse than it was before. They fall into a state of depression, and in order to cope with it, they consume more substances. However, this is becoming a deadly loop.

They take drugs to fight depression, and the substance in return is making them more depressed. Combating something like this requires medical detoxification.

5. Loss Of Jobs

Loss of employment is the biggest cause of increasing depression and anxiety among the masses. The pandemic is responsible for taking away jobs from many since most of the big and small businesses went through heavy losses.

Work is always a good distraction for a person suffering from addiction. It keeps them busy and motivated. The urgency and enthusiasm to do better in their job have stopped many drug addiction patients from consuming.

However, now with this source of schedule and constant motivation gone, they are consuming more and more drugs to escape their depressing reality of unemployment.

6. Lack Of Socialization

Proper socialization and recreation are no longer part of our lives, and zoom meet-ups are not enough. But, for an addiction patient, at times, the support of good friends can do wonders.

However, with that being cut off completely from their lives. Their mind surrounds only one thing; the harmful substance. With no one around telling them not to, it is not easy for them to resist the urge.

There is nothing better they can think about doing with the monotony and boredom. They need to enroll in a drug rehabilitation center, where they can talk to a therapist and socialize with other patients in the journey of recovery.

7. Isolation

Isolation with themselves is the worst that can happen to a drug addiction patient. Their headspace is already messed up, and you shouldn’t leave them alone with their thoughts for too long.

Leaving them without supervision is dangerous, and overdosing is not very uncommon. That’s why they need the support of a recovery center to help them through the initial stage and withdrawal.

How To Prevent This

Since we talked about the reasons, we cannot leave this article without talking about the possible solutions.

So, if you have a closed down suffering from drug addiction or it is yourself, these following steps can help.

  • Get therapy; it could be single or family therapy to understand the problem and the state of mind.
  • Enroll in a drug detoxification center if the body has consumed these harmful substances in bulk.
  • Admission to a recovery center that gives 360-degree care and support until the recovery and even after.

Final Note

Drug addiction is not the end of the world, even if the world seems to be in that stage during the pandemic. Humankind will be able to fight COVID19, and someone suffering from this painful addiction can also recover.

All you need is the right kind of support and professional help to guide you through everything.

Mehedi Hasan

Mehedi Hasan is an enthusiastic health blogger and the founder member of WOMS. He likes to share his thoughts to make people inspired about their fitness. He is an experienced writer and author on highly authoritative health blogs.

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