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Yara Virus: A mysterious virus discovered after Coronavirus

In the world of viral research, after COVID-19 or Coronavirus a bizarre of the clueless genome containing mysterious amoeba virus has been discovered which is named as Yara virus(Yaravirus Brasiliensis). This name is given to this newly found virus according to Brazilian mythology Yara means mermaid a water queen. This virus was discovered in artificial lake Pampulha in the city Belo Horizonte of Brazil. After the discovery of the Yaravirus, it has created a great unintended consequence for its uniqueness. Its uniqueness is that it is small-sized ie. 80nm and has got more than 90 %of its unidentified and unrecognized gene. Yaravirus is exclusive to amoeba and said that it is found in water sources like pond, river and other sources of water.

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  • The brand-new baffled virologists who claimed that it could be one of the most cabalistic of all.
  • The team of researchers identified the Yara virus from amoeba, a single-celled organism, found in an artificial lake in the Brazilian city of Belo Horizonte.
  • The newly mysterious virus “Yara virus” has 74 genes in total-of which, only 6 had ever been seen before.

Genes found in the Yara virus is never seen before in any microbes or life form. More than 90% of the genes in the Yara virus had never been identified in any other virus or any research done previously in the viral and microbe world also known as the orphan gene is contained by Yara Virus.

Yara virus

virologist Jonatas Abrahao, from the Department of Microbiology at ICB-UFMG, is one of the leaders for the discovery of Yaravirus. Scientists of Aix Marseille University France and scientists of Brazil’s federation of Minas Gerais sorted this virus as two years ago this group collected a sample of water from Pamphula lake to study about the giant viruses. Gaint virus refers to the virus that is harmful to the human, which spreads too fast has got huge capsid, causes many viral infections.

But they surprisingly found the Yara virus. Which is not similar to giant viruses. Yara virus particle sizes approximately 80nm. A more important and notable feature about the Yara virus Carries an important number of genes which are undescribed previously. Yara virus doesn’t affect and harm the human cell. Among 8,500 publicly available metagenomes in the public scientific database of viral and microbe researches, six genes have got a distant resemblance to known viral genes, and for more than 90% are still clueless that Yaravirus have that might be closely related to. Scientists have only identified about 6%genes because other genes info is not present in the database about the gene.

The unknown amount of protein in Yaravirus shows its variability in the amoebal viral world. It is also speculated by scientists now that it is the first isolated and unknown group of amoebal viruses and the Gaint virus. It is also clear that there is a lot to study and to do research on it for its detail knowledge.

Does the Yara virus pose any threats to human health?

It appears that the virus does not pose any threat to humans, for now, that’s because Yara virus does not infect human cells. Yaravirus is both bantams in size and genome, it’s not a giant virus. Yet, it infects amoebas as giant viruses do.  


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