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Why PUBG banned not the CANDY CRUSH?

Gaming addiction is considered as one of the real addiction by the world health organization (WHO) but what does gaming disorder do to our physical and mental health?  And Why do only some games like PUBG Faces mass debate while other addictive games like candy crush are not discussed? Why PUBG banned not the CANDY CRUSH?


Gaming addiction is recognized by the world health organization (WHO) with long-lasting health problem caused by it.

Both PUBG and candy crush are addictive-why to ban only one.

Why gamers get usually hooked on PUBG?

With almost each of possing smartphone, playing videos games on ours is no more restricted to only those to with gaming consoles or gaming computers.  When candy crush was launched in 2014, it becomes the most popular games among the children and the adults.

Source: WIKI

Where ever we looked,  whether it on public transport, or in colleges campuses, or outside of school premises, multiple of people had head stuck in mobile games sliding similar color candies to match them up and get them adrenalin rush that comes up from completing the level.

However, no one spoke about candy crush as it was not perceived as a dangerous game.

Now, the mobile lover has turned to another addictive shooter game i.e. PUBG. Almost 400 people around the world play PUBG.  In each game, up to hundred player parachute onto an island and then look for the weapons to killed others without being themselves. The last player or the last teams stand with the game.

Here is the various kind of health problems arising from gaming addiction –

1.    Health issues: the Long hour of gaming can increase the chances of obesity, weaken the muscles and joints, causes incorrect postures, weaken eyes sight and causes severe headache problems.

2.    Behavioral problems:  Violent games like PUBG can trigger aggressive thoughts, emotion, behaviors affecting the mental well being of the people. These can create a long term impression on the children.

3.    Failing social life: people gaming for long hour become socially inactive. Being isolated, even if there direct voice connection between friends in the game which dangerous for our physical and mental health.

4.    Disrupted sleep pattern: spending long our playing can disrupt your sleep patterns and people tend to sleep less than their regular less due to games.

5.    Exposure to wrong values:  Since children often try to emulate the same behavior as portrayed in the games, exposures to excessive violence, profanity, racism, and many other aspects in the games like PUBG can be harmful.

6.    Academic performance hampered: Children may skip homework, assignment and exams to play a game because it is one of the most addicting game.


There is 120 million PUBG user in India, and the game is on top 3 downloads all the time. Things took a turn at the beginning of April when a class 10 students from Telennga committed suicide when his parents asked him to study instead of playing games.

Source: Gulfnews

There is no evidence of any criminal activities related to candy crush and other addicted game.

However, the real issues should not be the game itself, but the addictive behavior and child mental health. So I would like to ask you the same question,Why PUBG banned not the CANDY CRUSH?


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