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The williams obstetrics 24th edition pdf is designed for undergraduate medical students. Obstetrics is the study based on the pregnancy from the maternal physiology to the birth of a child and complications revolving around it.

Furthermore, obstetrics combined with gynecology under the specific disciplines gives rise to the surgical field known as Obstetrics and gynecology (OB/GYN). The main areas focused on in the Williams obstetrics book are prenatal care, trimesters, and diseases that arise during pregnancy. Williams obstetrics book- 25th edition pdf has reorganized in a precise manner to make content clarified. For instance, the terms are well-defined based on recent scientific research

Contents of Williams Obstetrics PDF

The Williams obstetrics book contents deploy according to the infrastructure needed for the best exam preparation referenced books. Hence, the book is divided into 12 sections followed by 65 chapters with an appendix.

Section 1- Overview

This section of the book Williams obstetrics pdf book contains only one chapter about the introduction to obstetrics and its history.

It contains details about the National Vital Statistics System- the process of collecting accumulated data related to the birth of a child, fetal death, migration, marriages, and divorces.

Section 2- Maternal anatomy and physiology

Section 2 of Williams obstetrics pdf contains 3 chapters about maternal anatomy, physiology, and congenital genitourinary. The maternal anatomy and physiology are explained with all the facts and figures and un- pinned words while congenital genitourinary disorders are explained with the help of illustrated pictures. Besides, it contains defined genitourinary tract development and disease associated with it.

Section 3- Placentation, embryogenesis, and fetal development

The section contains 3 chapters including implantation, and placental development, abnormalities, following with embryogenesis and fetal development. It contains more details as compared to the last section about placenta development to embryo development and its abnormalities that occur during embryogenesis. The chapters are providing deeper insight into the fetal development

Section 4- Preconception and prenatal care

The William obstetrics book- 24th edition pdf this section contains two chapters preconception care and prenatal care,

Preconception care

A set of interventions for identifying and modifying biomedical, behavioral, and social risks to a woman’s health or pregnancy outcome through prevention and management.

Prenatal care

The health care you get during the period of pregnancy provides you with prevention from diseases. It provides care in the form of proper medical checkups followed by a proper diet and physical exercises assigned by the doctor to deal with complications in pregnancy.

Section 5- The fetal patient

This section contains 8 chapters that are, fetal imaging, amniotic fluid, tetralogy, teratogens, and fetotoxic agents, genetics, prenatal diagnosis, fetal disorder, therapy, and assessment.

Moreover, the chapters contain details about technologies used to accurately assess gestational age, fetal number, viability, and placental location without providing harm to the mother and premature child. Fluid discovery is found within the first 12 days to protect the embryo and plays an important role in fetal development.

The study of etiology and defects of the birth termed teratology on other hand teratogen are defined as any agent that produces a permanent alteration of form or function during embryonic or fetal development and the agents that cause degenerating effects on developing embryo are called fetotoxic agents.

Section 6- Early pregnancy complications

This section contains the three chapters in the William williams obstetrics 24th edition pdf dealing with the complication of early pregnancy. The chapters revolve around the surgical and medical choices to understand the different techniques to deal with the complications of early pregnancy. For example, abortion ( the induced termination of the pregnancy before fetal viability).

Section 7- Labor

The section revolves around 6 chapters namely, physiology of labor, normal and abnormal labor, intrapartum assessment, obstetrical analgesia, anesthesia, induction, and augmentation of labor.

Labor is the process by which the fetus and placenta left the uterus or it is the delivery process of a child. The chapters are based on the physiology of labor to better understand the term. Moreover, Uses of the fetal electronic monitoring device including details related to the obstetric analgesia produced by anesthesia.

Section 8- Delivery

The section evolving delivery within the various delivery options needed according to the patient’s condition. For instance, vaginal delivery, breech delivery, operative vaginal delivery, cesarean delivery within peripartum hysterectomy, and prior cesarean delivery.

Section 9- The newborn

The section expands into 5 chapters including, the newborn, diseases, injuries related to it, the preterm newborn, and stillbirth.

In short, the chapters contain the steps to be followed right after the delivery with proper treatments to the diseases of the preterm delivery of the newborn like respiratory distress syndrome.

Section 10- The puerperium

The section includes the puerperium, puerperal complications, contraception, and sterilization.

The puerperium defines the time following in which pregnancy-induced changes return to the nonpregnant state. Moreover, the complications related to the process with the sterilization and contraceptive methods.

Section 11- Obstetrical complications

The section contains 6 chapters including hypertensive disorders, obstetrical hemorrhage, preterm birth, post-term pregnancy, fetal growth disorders, multifetal pregnancy.

The chapter is the backbone of the William obstetrics book- 25th edition pdf considering the complications and its resolving techniques.

Section 12- Medical and surgical complications

Medical and surgical complications may give rise to diseases in the future. Fortunately, this section contains 

Appendix of Williams Obstetrics PDF

It covers supplementary information other than the main content. In the appendix, three parts are included, 

  • Appendix I: Serum and Blood Constituents
  • Appendix II: Maternal Echocardiographic Measurements
  • Appendix III: Fetal Sonographic Measurements
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After an overview of the williams obstetrics 24th edition pdf is clear its content is rigid, scientifically proven, and detailed than any other Mbbs books. In addition to this, it contains 3000 literature citations and guidelines taken from the best sources of information.

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