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What should I eat for dinner?

Foods play an important role in maintaining one’s health. Nowadays people are more conscious of their health. people prefer food on the basis of the time when they are taking it or upon their mood. some people might prefer heavy food while some might prefer light food. so they always ponder about the question “what should I eat for dinner.”

Dinner the last meal we have for the day depends upon one’s choice but different factors should be looked upon on deciding it. what I should eat for dinner, I think this question is asked by a lot of individuals and I think you might be interested to find out too. so let’s see the factors we must see upon to answer the question of what should I eat for dinner tonight.”

Interesting facts about dinner

  • Dinner usually refers to the most significant meal of the day, which can be in the evening.
  • The word “dinner” is derived from one of the French words named “disnar” that implies “breakfast”.
  • Dinner and supper are generally synonymous when referring to a meal in the evening.

4 dinner ideas and new recopies to eat tonight

It is obviously true that the dinner ideas depend on your question, “What do I want for dinner”. However, we have got some dinner ideas that fit with all moods. In the case that you are thinking “what do I want to eat”, you can get your answer below:

1. Rice + chicken + salad

This is the combo dinner ideas for your question “what should I make for dinner.” This combo dinner pack is mainly followed by Asian society as well as some parts of European society too.

The ways Asian society eats rice with chicken ensures that the meal stays low on the glycaemic index and there is a steady blood sugar response. It is therefore perfectly fine for anyone with heart diseases or any other diseases, for pregnant women, for young and old, active and sedentary, thin and obese.

Chicken is one of the healthiest proteins. Eating chicken with salad is good for the gut too.

2. Veg Pulao + Masala butter masala

Masala butter paneer, also known as butter paneer, is a deliciously creamy and delicious restaurant-style dish made with butter. It is one of the most popular dishes in Indian restaurants similar to Kadai paneer as well as malai kofta.

This dinner recipe for pulao is one of the staples that is often made in many Indian homes. It is also the most common on the menu for parties, buffets, and celebrations. There are several methods to create a recipe for vegetable pulao.

Each region has a different way of doing it. It has a super delicious flavor and is very fragrant. This is not only good for a normal or special meal but also great for use in the office and school. Since this is the simplest Indian rice dish made with very little preparation, it is super fast and incredibly easy to prepare even for a party when there is a crowd.

3. Poori + Bhindi Masala

A simple North Indian Bhindi masala that tastes excellent, and is healthy. Bhindi masala is a healthy dish made from okra, spices, onions, and tomatoes.

This semi-dry curry made with a lady’s finger combines very well with rice or roti. Bhindi masala is slightly spicy and full of flavors that come from the Bhindi pan and garam masala. This Bhindi masala can be served for lunch or dinner and goes well with lunch. It is easy to cook and does not require much preparation.

Bhindi is one of the most consumed vegetables in Indian cuisine and there are many ways to prepare it. This Bhindi masala is healthy, tastes delicious, and is easy to prepare for your normal meal. Bhindi has enormous health benefits and regular consumption of this vegetable can help us in many ways.

Poori is one of the famous dishes enjoyed in all regions of India. To do this, the wheat flour dough is rolled into small discs and then fried. These discs swell when fried in hot oil. While most people do poorly using wheat flour, some do it with maida or a mixture of atta, grits, and maida.

Each confers a different texture and flavor to the poor. Most of the tiffin centers in southern India produce them with a mixture of atta, maida, and rava.

4. Fried rice + Aloo Matar

There are many ways to prepare fried rice. This vegetable fried rice is easy to follow, it can be prepared with any sauce you want. It can be done in the blink of an eye with basic ingredients and rice. Chinese restaurants serve fried rice with vegetables that often taste different from each other.

The few ingredients used in almost all recipes are monosodium glutamate called olive or sesame oil. MSG gives a different flavor and flavor to rice which dominates all the other ingredients used. Due to the controversies associated with it, I don’t use it for any of my diets. You can still make an excellent vegetable fried rice without it.

The Aloo Matar is a simple curry made from potatoes and fresh peas in a spicy tomato sauce with onions. In Indian cuisine, many curries are made with potatoes.

There are some dishes that are generally made when fresh peas are in season, during winters. However, frozen peas are currently available year-round, so they can be prepared at any time. The aloo Matar recipe doesn’t need a lot of ingredients, so you’re fine if you have the basic ingredients in your pantry.

This recipe will give you a delicious, moderately spicy but tasty dish that is also suitable for children. You can also add some cauliflower florets to the same recipe to make aloo gobi mate. This murmur of aloo goes well with poori, white rice,  roti, naan, etc. You can also do it with a dry sabzi aloo Matar, simply omitting the use of water in the recipe. Add the boiled potatoes, stir and simmer for a while.


This food recipe takes only a few minutes to work up something that will not satisfy your palate but will also boost your energy for the next day.  Now we think you have got at least little idea about what should I eat for dinner.


1. What fruit can you eat for dinner?

There are many fruits that can be eaten during dinner. While apple is the best fruit that you can eat for the dinner. You can also have fruits like Watermelons, Blueberries, Pears, Grapefruits and Bananas for dinner.

2. What vegetables you should consume every day?

Vegetables are good for your healthy. If possible you can eat vegetables everyday. You can have vegetables like Spinach, Broccoli, Carrots, Onion, Garlic and Tomatoes.

3. What are the foods that are easy to digest at night?

The foods like White rice, Banana, toast and applesauce are easy to digest at night.

4. What are the foods that you should avoid eating at night?

Banana, Chocolate, Ice- cream, cherries and honey are some of the food that you should avoid eating at night.

5. Is it good to eat bananas at night?

It is suggested not to eat bananas at night as it is hard for stomach to digest it as well it increases mucous production which can be harmful.


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