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What is 2 2 2 Method Metabolism? Weight Loss in 6 Weeks

The 2 2 2 method metabolism boosts the optimization of basal metabolic rate. Basal metabolic rate plays a main role in managing body weight. A high metabolic rate indicates increased burning of calories leading to faster weight loss.

What is the 2 2 2 method?

The 2 2 2 method metabolism helps to lose weight in about six weeks. There are two phases of the 2 2 2 method metabolism. Here is a detailed explanation of six weeks to lose weight.

First phase ( 1-2 weeks)

In the first phase, you need to follow the two solid meals per day, properly balanced with carbohydrates and proteins. It’s all to provide fuel to your body for the whole day. In addition, it keeps your body muscles in proper tone. This stage helps to boost the metabolic rate and burn the extra calories to maintain body weight.

Second phase (3-6 weeks)

This phase summarizes the keto diet. In this phase, you are going for a fat-rich but low-carb diet. For some days, your body needs to follow a fat diet as a main energy source. It is the main secret recipe to effectively reduce body weight. Dr. Ian Smith guides us to stay simple but consistent. There are two more divisions of this phase to stay consistent with a specific diet.

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  • Ketogenic phase (3rd and 4th week) – during the keto weeks, you need to significantly reduce the carbohydrate-containing food products. Besides lowering the carb diet, you need to increase the fat-rich healthy food items (olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, etc). This phase smoothly induces a transitory phase of ketosis in your body that is efficient enough to burn a greater bulk of fats to provide energy.
  • Carb-loading phase ( 5th and 6th week) – In this phase, you need to shift from a fat-rich diet to a carbohydrate-rich diet. Following the protocol, this phase will replenish the glycogen stores to provide sufficient energy for workouts or daily activities.

However, doctors also recommend performing these two movements along with this six-week chart. These two simple moves include sumo squats and a high knee run for four minutes to accelerate the journey of weight loss. These simple exercises help to burn fats and carbs efficiently by increasing basal metabolic rate.

Sumo squats target lower body muscles to improve strength while burning overall calories. Whereas, a high knee run improves the heart pumping power to involve the body’s core and burn calories.

Sumo squat

  • For this exercise, you need to step right with your right foot. Wide the stance to your comfortable level or about 3 to 4 feet. Your toes must be at a 45° angle.
  • Move your hips back slightly by bending your knees to lower the body into a squat.
  • Keep your spine position at an optimal level with proper engagement of the body core. Look straight throughout the movement.
  • Lower your thighs up to the parallel level of the floor.
  • Hold this position for a few seconds and make sure to engage your glutes.
  • Push through your heels to stand back up in a normal position.
  • Do at least 3 sets of about 8 to 12 reps daily to get the desired benefits.

High knees

  • For this exercise, stand up in a straight position with your feet shoulder-width apart and with arms facing downwards.
  • Look straight with a straight chest. Tone up your core muscles.
  • Start the exercise by lifting your right knee toward your chest with the left hand up in a pumping motion.
  • Lower your right leg and left arm quickly.
  • Switch to the left leg and right hand.
  • Repeat the exercise multiple times a day.

How does this method specifically deal with basal metabolic rate?

The 2 2 2 method metabolism offered a strategic dietary plan following the basic nutrients like carbohydrates and protein dense diet and ketogenic fatty diet. This transit in diet nutrients plays a key role in increasing the basal metabolic rate with increased flexibility. In addition, this method helps to burn fat more efficiently than any other method.

What are the major benefits of 2 2 2 method metabolism?

The 2 2 2 method metabolism is mainly useful to boost the experience of a weight loss journey. Besides weight loss, this method also provides multiple potential benefits to maintain a healthy lifestyle and tone your body’s core. Here are some of the common benefits yielded by the 2 2 2 method metabolism.

Metabolism flexibility

The transition between keto and carb diet improves metabolic flexibility to greater limits. It allows you to balance the body’s metabolic rate efficiently by using both kinds of carbohydrates or a fat-rich diet. Using this method, your body will adapt to the mechanism of ketosis without harming you. It will efficiently burn the fat calories and ease you to lose weight.

Managing weight loss

A weight loss plateau is a tough experience for every person who is trying to lose weight. Plateau is a phase where even your consistent efforts fail to reduce the overall bulk of your body weight. This is a very tiring experience. But, the 2 2 2 method metabolism helps the individual to maintain the weight by controlling calories and proper nutrition. You do not need to starve by properly following the 2 2 2 method metabolism.

Energy levels

During the weight loss journey, several people lose their energy levels by starving completely. The 2 2 2 method metabolism is a kind of intermittent fasting where you take proper meals but after a specific fasting interval. It will not reduce your energy level or maintain the proper glycemic index throughout the fasting state. Following this method, you will feel active and energetic enough to continue this method.

Muscle tone

Protein-rich diet in phase one supports your muscle tone and overall maintenance. Muscles are the bulk of proteins. So, a diet containing proteins is the treat for the maintenance of your muscles.

How to implement the 2 2 2 method metabolism in your daily routine?

The 2 2 2 method metabolism is quite simple and convenient to follow rather than going for complete intermittent fasting for long. There are some basic tips to follow for the easy implementation of 2 2 2 method metabolism.

Plan the meal:

Properly plan the meal time and the type of meal you are having to follow this method. Meal prepping can be your best friend to help you follow this method. Decide a balanced meal before the time of the meal to make sure you are consistent with the method.


Hydration is the main key to keeping your stomach full and boosting metabolic processes. Drink sufficient water to activate your satiety center for a long time. Water acts as a catalyst to accelerate the metabolic process and burn calories. Therefore, maintaining the hydration level plays a prime role in reducing hunger pangs.

Quality over quantity:

Prefer quality of the food over quantity. A balanced diet contains a proper mix of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Go for a nutrient-rich diet containing grains, lean proteins, healthy fats, fruits, and veggies. 


Dr. Ian Smith introduced the concept of 2 2 2 method metabolism to provide ease in weight loss journey. It is a unique and well-balanced program consisting of six weeks to improve body metabolism with proper weight management. This alteration in diet provides a consistent way to improve individual health. In addition, intermittent fasting with this method reduces the plateau phase with maximum weight loss.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the 2 2 2 method metabolism applicable all over the world?

The 2 2 2 method metabolism is a structured dietary plan to reduce body weight with a proper plan. However, it is considered important to consult with your healthcare provider before following this dietary regime. Every person has a different metabolism and must be acknowledged before following any new routine.

Is it a long-term method to reduce body weight?

The 2 2 2 method metabolism consists of six weeks to reduce body weight with metabolic maintenance. For consistent weight maintenance, it is important to continue a balanced diet with a proper exercise routine. Following the routine can help you achieve your health goals with an active lifestyle.


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