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Gross anatomy can not be well understood without the fundamental concepts related to anatomy, key terms, and prime structural systems. Vishram singh general anatomy is a book where you will find them all together. Many medical students suffer a lot to deal with the complex structures and ideas of anatomy. There are several elementary points to understand to know better about the anatomy of different body parts. Gross details of anatomy require a well-organized understanding of different structures and their functions. To solve the issues related to anatomy, there is a thorough conception of anatomy details in the form of General anatomy by Vishram Singh.

Gross anatomy by Vishram Singh reviews all the critical details of anatomy in a very easy and straightforward manner. In addition, it describes all the main terms, cells and tissue histology, different bones, and other anatomic details. These salient details make the anatomy subject very digestible. There are summaries available for multiple topics to revise all details in a very short time. In this way, this book helps medical students excel in their medical exams and clinical practice.

About the author:

  • Professor and head at the department of anatomy, Santosh University, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India
  • 40 years of experience in teaching, research, and clinical practice
  • He is an expert in anatomy, wrote more than 15 books to his credit, and published several pieces of research in national and international magazines.

Hallmarks of general anatomy by vishram Singh

There are several features of Vishram singh general anatomy pdf that will help you understand the important concepts. In addition, this book also assists medical students at any level for their clinical guidance. Let’s get into the details:

Systemic overview

This book systemically covers gross anatomy. Therefore, Vishram singh general anatomy describes all the structures of anatomy according to their systemic organization. As a result, this feature is quite helpful to understand the thorough anatomy of the different systems of the body. This book is quite helpful in providing organized details regarding various structures.

Clinical assistance

Vishram singh general anatomy pdf also illustrates the clinical correlation of the text to highlight the clinical importance. Furthermore, it explains the clinical importance of these anatomical facts in clinical practice. It explains the daily life clinical problems and also describes the anatomical solution of these problems. This book helps the students as well as practitioners to appreciate the anatomy concepts in real life.

Basic to gross details

This anatomy book explains all the facts about the basic general knowledge and also the gross details. It explains the general anatomy terminology and other vast details of various body systems. Moreover, this book offers a very sound publication of anatomy concepts in a very easy way.

Changes delivered in the latest edition of Vishram singh general anatomy

There are several changes to follow in the latest edition of general anatomy by Vishram Singh. These all modifications make this book very interesting and easy to understand the important concepts of anatomy. These necessary modifications are as follows:

  • There is a detailed overview of systems of gross anatomy with their proper terms and concepts
  • There are multiple chapters on cells and tissues to relate the anatomy and histology of various structures.
  • There is also a consideration of medical genetics to understand anatomy in terms of genetics.
  • There are multiple colorful images drawn, that are helpful to understand the images concerning the text. Each structure is represented with a different color. Like, red color represents arterial blood supply and blue color represents venous blood supply.
  • This book also presents various tables and flowcharts to summarize all the details in short boxes. Thus, it is helpful for students to review all the details of the text easily.
  • A clinical correlation exists in the text to explain the anatomy facts in terms of practice.
  • There is also additional information for higher academic purposes or various entrance examinations, listed under golden facts to remember, to help out the medical students.
  • There are also multiple-choice questions at the end of every chapter for the assessment of students.
  • In addition, all chapters of Vishram singh general anatomy are thoroughly revised and updated for any additional information.

Above mentioned changes are the latest modifications in Vishram singh general anatomy to make the content easy to understand and these features make this book preferable among the race of other books.

If you want an easy or key book for anatomy concepts or clinical practice, just download the latest edition of this book and enjoy an easy journey to medical studies.

Other important features of general anatomy by vishram Singh

There are many other features of Vishram singh general anatomy book that will surely meet your expected book for complex concepts of anatomy. Every book explains the concepts of anatomy differently. Besides all these books, this book effortlessly explains everything to avoid any complexity of concepts. Some of the other features are below to have a thorough review of this book.

Easy to understand

This book provides all the details in a very easy way. This feature makes the tough concepts of anatomy an easy thing to understand without any extra effort. In addition, its interesting explanation engages the reader and makes the thing easy.

Gross details

Vishram singh general anatomy book presents highly oriented details in a very organized manner. This book explains all about the general anatomy of bones, their type of suture, vertebral columns, circulatory system, and lymphatic system. Moreover, it explains the anatomy of joints present in different parts of the body and all details about the musculoskeletal system.

Content details of general anatomy by vishram Singh

Vishram singh general anatomy pdf covers all the complete details of the human body in terms of anatomy. In addition, all the basic general and gross details are part of every chapter. At the start of every chapter, there is an outline for the important terms available in the chapters.

This book provides details about the basic anatomy terms, bones, joints, skin, skeleton, cardiovascular system, lymphatic system, nervous system, endocrine system, digestive and respiratory system, urogenital, and genetics. This book also provides radiological imaging to explain the anatomy facts in terms of radiology.

Book name:General anatomy by Vishram Singh
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