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In this latest era, medical students focus more on the concepts rather than cramming the study material. This approach brought a revolution to the way of learning among medical students. Head, neck, and brain anatomy is a very complex thing to understand. To make it digestible, this Vishram Singh anatomy PDF ensures the quality of the concept’s explanation in a very easy way. In addition, this book illustrates all the salient details in a very unique and effective way.

This book, Vishram Singh anatomy PDF is very common among medical and dental students for its easy explanation. Moreover, it explains all the basic concepts of anatomy with diagrammatic representation. This feature makes this book interesting to understand complex concepts of anatomy. In addition, it is a student-friendly book to engage the reader in its text details. For medical students, this book is contemporary to understand all the concepts of anatomy correlating histology and embryology of structures.

About the author Dr. Vishram Singh (MBBS, MS anatomy)

  • Dr. Vishram Singh is currently a professor and head of the department of anatomy. In addition, he is also a member of the academic council at Santosh medical college, Santosh University, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India.
  • Editor in chief and journal of the anatomical society of India
  • He received the best teacher and researcher award from AL-Arab medical university, Libya
  • He is an expert in anatomy who wrote more than 15 books. Moreover, he also published several research articles in national and international journals or publications.

Clinical attributes of Textbook of anatomy upper limb and thorax

This book is very useful for medical students because of its unique and effective way to engage the reader. This book describes all the critical concepts of anatomy in a very easy way. This book is effective for medical students to clear their complex problems regarding the anatomy subject.

Clinical aspects of Textbook of anatomy head, neck, and brain

There are multiple clinical aspects of this great anatomy textbook that are helpful for medical students. Let’s review these features.

From medical and dental aspects

This book provides all the important details about the face and every structure related to it. Dental students focus more on the oral cavity and the associated face structures and muscles. This book offers all important details related to the:

  • oral cavity
  • muscles of mastication
  • parotid region
  • submandibular region
  • temporomandibular joint.

In this way, this book helps not only medical but also dental students as well.

Pictorial representation:

In this book, several images and diagrams will help you understand the important concepts of anatomy. In its latest edition, there is an improvement regarding the graphics of images and diagrams. This feature assists medical students to clear their complex concepts through visual memory.

Changes delivered in the latest edition (3rd edition) of Vishram Singh Anatomy

Changes are part of every latest edition to make the information up to date. The latest edition covers vast details related to the head and neck region. In addition, it also explains the complete anatomy of the brain relating to its physiology. Some of these changes are below:

  • Complete revised edition of all chapters to make it up-to-date.
  • A detailed review of the oral cavity with their appropriate innervation.
  • Multiple chapters on the osteology of head and neck
  • A detailed review of every structure present in the head and neck region( parotid gland, parathyroid or thyroid gland, anterior and posterior triangles of the neck). This detailed overview is more helpful for dental students as their important domain.
  • Clinical aspects integrated into the context details to highlight its importance in clinical practice.
  • Improved graphics and quality of the previous images to memorize all details.
  • Include new chapters related to surface anatomy.
  • Addition of multiple line diagrams, CT, MRI images to demonstrate the latest technology.
  • Clinical case presentations are available at the end of every chapter to make the details clinically interesting.
  • Multiple-choice questions at the end of every chapter to review the important details.
  • Additional information for higher education purposes written in N.B to engage the readers and enhance the interest level of students
  • Important details mentioned in golden facts to remember are essential to clear any international exams like USMLE, PLAB, PGME.
  • An eBook is available to ensure the quality content of the book on various electronic media platforms.

Vishram Singh Anatomy Upper Limb and Thorax [Volume 1]

This book encompasses all the keen details of the upper extremities and the thorax region in detail. There is a detailed description of all bones of the upper limb like radius, ulna, humerus, and wrist bones. In addition, this book also provides great information regarding radio-ulnar joints and various other joints present in the upper limb region. It also covers all the muscular attachments to the bone. There is also a brief description of the arterial and venous supply, lymphatic drainage, and their proper innervation.

This book also incorporates all the details of the thorax region. Moreover, it also offers a detailed review of the clinical aspects of the lungs and heart. In addition, it explains the clinical importance of all these structures to highlight their clinical importance.

Moving forward, this book highlights every basic aspect of anatomy. This book form provides clinical features of the structures, their related features, and any other information regarding them.

Book Name:Textbook of Anatomy Upper Limb and Thorax
Author:Vishram Singh 
File Size:45.09 MB

This Textbook of anatomy upper limb and thorax is sufficient enough to fulfill your thirst level for anatomy concepts. You are just one step away from this book. You may also download this book pdf version to avail all the same information in the textbook.

Vishram Singh Anatomy Abdomen and Lower Limb [Volume 2]

This textbook of anatomy abdomen and lower limb by Vishram Singh covers all the important details related to the abdomen and the lower limb that includes all the important musculature and other important structures in the abdomen. In addition, it also explains the essential anatomy of all the abdominal viscera that includes all stomach, duodenum, liver, kidney, urinary bladder, uterus, and other important details.

Book Name:Textbook of Anatomy Abdomen and Lower Limb
Author:Dr. Vishram Singh

Vishram Singh Anatomy Head, Neck & Brain [Volume 3]

This textbook of anatomy head, neck, and brain covers all the important details related to the head region that includes the scalp and face and the neck region that includes all the important musculature and other important structures in the neck. In addition, it also explains the essential anatomy of the brain that includes all brain ventricles, cranial nerves, and other important details.

Head: This head region includes all the basic details related to the scalp and temple area. In addition, it describes the fundamental anatomy of the skin and superficial fascia of the skin. Moreover, this book provides all details of the important joints of the face. It elucidates complete details of the oral cavity, parotid region, and all details related to muscle attachment.

Neck: In the neck region, this book highlights the importance of platysma, anterior and posterior triangles of the neck. In addition, this book elucidates the important structures in the neck region like the thyroid and parathyroid glands. It also explains the larynx, pharynx, vertebral canal, and its content.

Scalp: In this region, this book explains the important anatomy of the brainstem, cranial nerves, and all necessary details about brain ventricles. In addition, it also explains the physiology of CSF production. This book also correlates the anatomy and physiology of the important structures of the brain.

This book explains the osteology of important structures. In addition, it also provides knowledge about muscle attachments. Moreover, this book explains all the important arterial and venous supplies to the structures, lymph nodes present in different areas of the head and neck region, and nerve supply to all these structures.

Book Name:Textbook of Anatomy Head, Neck, and Brain
Author:Dr. Vishram Singh
File Size:39.17 MB

Ending words

After reviewing all the details mentioned above, this book is worth reading for medical as well as dental students. This textbook surely helps you to clear all important concepts related to head and neck anatomy. This book is also available in pdf to avoid any purchase inconvenience.

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