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Common types of programs available at addiction recovery centers

If you are trying to find the best rehabilitation facility for your needs, consider choosing an in-person location that offers medical detoxification and group therapy to tackle any physical and psychological concerns!

The most common types of programs to find at an addiction recovery center

Since every person is unique, so is every addict – you may find that just because you and another person you know are abusing alcohol, you abuse it in different ways. Some people may find it hard to drink every day, whereas others may only drink when they are out with friends, but they constantly drink to excess and put themselves in harmful situations. Whatever the case may be, addiction is an individualized process that requires various treatment programs and personalized therapy to figure out why a person is abusing alcohol or drugs.

To comprehensively treat those with drug or alcohol addiction, an addiction recovery center like The Forge Recovery Center needs to offer different types of programs that can appeal to various people. Instead of just offering a one size fits all method to curing addiction, a comprehensive treatment plan should involve various modalities of treatment to help individuals tackle the triggers of their abuse, why they feel the need to abuse substances, and how it makes them feel.


One of the main treatment programs that you can find at an addiction recovery center is medically detoxified. This program is especially beneficial for those who have been addicted to their substance for many years and who require a complete detox before they can begin the other programs. In this case, the medical detox length depends on the type of substance you are using and how long you have been using it – if you have been abusing alcohol for over 20 years, it can take longer than just 24-48 hours to recover from the withdrawal symptoms.

If you have been an avid heroin user for the past 2 years, it can still take around a week or two to get the substance out of your body, since hard drugs take longer to be synthesized and rid of your body’s processes. Even though it can be a hard and painful process, going through medical detox at an inpatient facility is key to getting clean and sober before you begin the rest of your treatment.

Group therapy

The second type of treatment program that is essential to a full recovery at an addiction recovery center is group therapy. Unlike individual counseling, in which you sit in a one-on-one situation with one therapist, group therapy has you talking with others to get to know them and hear their stories. By understanding that you are not alone in this journey of sobriety, you can form bonds with others in your addiction recovery center and talk to them for moral support during tough times.


Find a rehab center that should offer various programs that work for individuals with specific needs. By offering medical detoxification to help you get clean, and group therapy to help you talk about your issues with your peers, you can start your road to recovery.

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