Parasitology by KD Chatterjee

The book “Parasitology by KD Chatterjee” has been separated into four sections. The first is an initial section illustrating the language and general standards of parasitological studies. Then, at that point, there are two elements: Protozoology and Helminthology. In each part, the parasites of man have been characterized and displayed under the simultaneous headings, Geographical appropriation, territory, morphology and life cycle, pathogenicity and clinical highlights, determination, treatment, and prophylaxis. The closing segment is via a supplement, detailing different procedures embraced for parasitological diagnosis.

Clinically relevant of Parasitology by KD Chatterjee

  • This book is enough sketched with line charts and shaded plates and there are additionally extraordinarily accumulated tables to help the per user promptly get a handle on the fundamental Focuses examined in the text.
  • To make the book as attractive and interesting as possible to the students, no miseries have been spared, and the writer believes he has been able to provide an all-encompassing manual for the students studying Medical Parasitology, which will not only be useful in their group work but will likewise, give them an in-depth understanding of the subject.
  • The Textbook of Medical Parasitology is helpful for students in the field and provides them with the specific abilities, analytical data, and examination appliances that would authorize them to learn about parasitism as an organic abnormality and its significance to human sickness.
  • The book is further lined up with the clinical methodology supported by the new postgraduate clinical educational program.

How many sections are present in the Parasitology by KD Chatterjee?

  • Introduction of Parasitology
  • Studied different body parts of parasites
  • Infection caused by parasites
  • Immunology of parasites infection
  • Morphology, lifecycles of parasites
  • How parasites infect human life
  • Treatments and care

About author

K. D. Chatterjee is a regarded Indian teacher who has written a few educational books. He is related to CBS Publishers and Distributors.

This book contains Topographical appropriation, environment, morphology and life cycle, pathogenicity and clinical highlights, determination, treatment, and prophylaxis. It concludes with a reference section that specifies the various procedures followed for parasitological conclusions. There are also uniquely accumulated tables to help the reader get a handle on the fundamental focuses discussed in the text because the book is attractively illustrated with line graphs and colored plates. A large number of efforts have been made to make the book appealing and entertaining for understudies and the writer believes that he has been able to provide a comprehensive manual for them to learn medical terminology.

General information about this book

  • Author: KD Chatterjee
  • Edition: 6th
  • Subject: Parasitology by KD Chatterjee
  • Dimensions:  (25) (18)
  • Pages: 238
  • Language: English

Unique features of the “Parasitology by KD Chatterjee”

  • The book has a clinical direction that is not bound by the traditional standards of clinical Parasitology. The course book has been coordinated into five expansive components, which are as follows, Section I manages the overall ideas and immunology of parasitic infections.
  • Sections II and III arrangement with the definite investigation of protozoa and helminths, separately. Parts of individual parasites are organized by the organ frameworks they influence (digestive tract, blood, tissue, and so forth) to empower the investigation of parasites concerning these organ frameworks.
  • Every section contains up-to-date data about the morphology, life cycle, and pathogenesis of individual parasites and the clinical elements, findings, the board, and counteraction of the illnesses brought about by them.
  • Straightforward line graphs of parasite morphology, graphic representations of life cycles, and standard microphotographs for the research center conclusion have been accommodated by simple osmosis of the ideas.
  •  Significant data has been underscored in tables, and separate boxes for research facility determination and treatment have been given as devices for a fast recap.

What’s new in the 6th edition of “Parasitology by KD Chatterjee”

  • This book ends with three appendices that discuss research center findings, lab methodology, and materials expected for testing and the medication treatment systems for different parasitic infections. In terms of association, the Textbook of Medical Parasitology is well arranged and compact.
  • The academic material is supported by clinical contextual analyses, and photos, and clears multiple decision inquiries for central issue updates and a better basis for the assessments.
  • In addition to supporting the fast digestion of information and making this book a pleasant read for college students of medicine, the improved method of explaining ideas also makes it an advantageous resource for postgraduate students of Medical Microbiology as well as clinicians.

This is all about the sixth version of “Parasitology by KD Chatterjee” which makes it ultra-modern and higher than the alternative version. If you’re on your adventure of turning into a scientific practitioner then click on the download option and make your study easier by studying this medical book. The 6th edition, to be had each in print and online, is edited through a group of affiliated leaders within the field.

Other Major benefits of “Parasitology by KD Chatterjee”

  • Easy to know and properly-illustrated
  • Although it presents modern-day statistics and all of the superficial standards which might be required, it is likewise very smooth to learn. If you’re a medical student, you could also be properly aware of the importance of medicine and its cures. This book presents a range of power of knowledge in a very scientific and consolidated way.
  • Cover all the portions of the medicine

Parasitology, Protozoology, and Helminthology, written by K. D. Chatterjee and distributed by CBS Publishers and Distributors, is a thorough book for B.Sc. and also for M.B.B.S. understudies who have decided on the study. It is refreshed with the most recent data in the areas of Protozoology and Helminthology. The book is assembled in straightforward and clear language for better comprehension. Around 200 and fourteen outlines and figures are remembered in the book to make sense of different subjects.

The book covers the evaluation and guidance of the patient. This book has been up to date with new questions and solutions in all chapters, and the content material has been revised to mirror what’s maximum crucial in today`s assessments.

“Parasitology by KD Chatterjee” is one of the excellent ones for medicinal residents and medical college students.  Due to this, it is a unique book with maximum new up updates.

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