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Man alive without heart

Story of a Heartless Man

This is absolutely amazing. A heartless human being alive even without a pacemaker.

As on Facebook, in 2011, a 55-year-old man named Craig Lewis was dying of a potentially lethal heart problem called “amyloidosis”. A rare autoimmune disease that caused abnormal protein accumulation resulting in rapid heart, kidney and liver failure.

Without immediate medical intervention, Craig would probably have died in a few days because not even a pacemaker could help him save his life. But two brilliant doctors at the Texas Heart Institute have come up with a revolutionary new solution: replacing your heart with a “continuous flow” device that would allow blood to flow through your body without a wrist. Dr Billy Cohn and Dr Bud Frazier from the institute removed the heart of Mr Lewis and then installed the device.

In one day, the patient was awake, feeling well and talking to the doctors.
Dr Cohn is actually a veteran surgeon but he has also been well known as an inventor and researcher. He has spent most of his life developing technologies to replace or repair the human heart. Together with Dr Frazier, they developed the device for a while and tested it on almost 50 calves.

They removed the hearts of the animals, replaced them with the device and the next day the calves are fine with their usual routine: eat, sleep and move. Only this time, without a heart that pumps blood through their bodies. Mr Lewis’s wife was surprised when he tried to hear his pulse just to hear a buzz.

With the permission of Mr Lewis’s wife, Linda, Dr Cohn and Dr Frazier successfully saved Mr Lewis’s life. Linda was surprised when she tried to hear her doll.
“I listened and it was a buzz, which was great, I had no pulse.”

What it feels like to live without a heart?

“Emotional information is really codified and modulated in these fields. By learning to change our emotions, we are changing the encoded information in the magnetic fields that radiate from the heart and that can affect those around us. We are fundamentally and deeply connected between us and with the planet itself. ”- Rolin McCratey, PhD, director of research at the Institute
Imagine that just one day, we have the advanced technology to replace all our organs with devices that mimic each of its biological functions, including our brain We would always be the same person.

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