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United Imaging Healthcare – Medical Equipment of the Highest Quality

A facility that has the highest quality medical equipment can perform its healthcare tasks in the most efficient, safe and effective manner. This is particularly important in medical imaging, where advanced systems can significantly improve the efficiency of examinations and offer a range of innovative technologies that streamline analysis processes and facilitate accurate diagnosis. United Imaging Healthcare is an industry leader in the manufacture of state-of-the-art medical imaging equipment. What exactly does the company offer and why should you choose it?

United Imaging Healthcare – a new dimension in medical diagnostics

In recent years, diagnostic imaging has become increasingly accurate, convenient and efficient. Modern technology now makes it possible to analyse a patient’s condition at the cellular level! United Imaging Healthcare, based in Shanghai, is a company that is making a serious contribution to the development of this unique diagnostic field. It is a leader in the design, manufacture and implementation of state-of-the-art hardware and software for medical imaging in the broadest sense. 

UIH offers state-of-the-art magnetic resonance (MR) scanners as well as computed tomography (CT) scanners, digital radiography (DR) systems and positron emission tomography (PET) systems.

UIH – innovation is in our DNA

Since its inception, United Imaging Healthcare has focused on innovation, resulting in systems that deliver exceptional image quality, performance and patient comfort. By using the latest technology, the system runs more smoothly and the examination results are more detailed. UIH was the first to offer dual-source millimeter-wave radar, which enables non-contact detection of the patient’s respiratory movements, greatly improving patient comfort during the examination. In addition, the use of artificial intelligence allows UIH’s MR scanners to perform the examination in a much shorter time, comparable to a CT scan.

Computed tomography and radiography – minimal radiation doses

The Shanghai-based manufacturer is also revolutionising CT technology, launching systems that minimise radiation dose, automate examination processes and enable 4D data acquisition. United Imaging Healthcare’s CT scanners offer a high level of precision, making them an excellent choice for oncological and cardiological diagnostics.

Positron emission tomography or molecular imaging

One of the most advanced imaging techniques is positron emission tomography (PET), which enables diagnosis at the molecular level. United Imaging Healthcare offers state-of-the-art PET/CT and PET/MR systems that are ergonomically designed and provide advanced analysis tools that are useful in treatment monitoring as well as neurological, cardiological or oncological diagnostics.

United Imaging Healthcare is a provider of innovative equipment for a broad range of diagnostic imaging applications. The company’s comprehensive offering includes consulting, sales, installation, training and end-to-end after-sales support.


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