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How To Use Essential Oils

Essential oils can be used for various purposes, including in aromatherapy and homemade soaps or candles. They come in many different scents and may offer some health benefits. If you frequently work on homemade projects containing essential oils, consider purchasing essential oils wholesale for added convenience.

What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are products taken from parts of plants and mixed with carrier oil to make the final product. These oils may be described as carrying the plant’s scent, flavor, or essence. The compounds are often extracted through mechanical methods, such as cold press or distillation from steam or water. Compounds extracted through chemical means are not considered true essential oils.

What Can They Be Used For?

Essential oils can be a versatile addition to many different products. Here are several ways to use essential oils:


Essential oils are commonly used in aromatherapy at home, in the bath, or during a massage. Aromatherapy involves breathing in the scent of oil to promote well-being. Some scents have been found to affect the limbic system, which is the part of the brain that can affect emotions and long-term memory. The limbic system can also affect other bodily functions, like heart rate or breathing. Some people claim that breathing in the scent of essential oils can affect different parts of the body.

When using essential oils, you can breathe in the smell of the oil straight from the bottle or use a diffuser, scented candle, soap, or other hygiene products. You can even directly add a few drops of your preferred essential oil into bath water. Certain scents or oil combinations may help with mood, such as lavender for calm or peppermint for energy.

On the Skin

Some find that applying essential oils on the skin can provide different benefits, as the skin may absorb some plant chemicals. Essential oils are highly concentrated, and some people can experience skin irritation if undiluted oils are put directly on the skin. Use a carrier oil like olive oil to dilute essential oils before applying them to the skin. Reference a credible essential oils guide when you do this.

Scented Candles and Hygiene Products

Essential oils can be used in products to create a potent scent, which can be desirable in scented candles and other products. Companies may combine various essential oils to create new or unique scents. If you enjoy making soaps or candles at home, you can use your favorite essential oils to scent your products. You can also use essential oils to add scent and other properties to lotions, shampoos, and bath salts. Consider purchasing essential oils wholesale in bulk to avoid running out during projects.

Potential Health Benefits

Along with adding a delightful scent to your homemade candles and hygiene products, essential oils may provide certain health benefits. Lavender is known to help with stress and sleep, while tea tree oil is often used for its antimicrobial or antifungal properties. Peppermint oil may ease headaches, boost mood, and support digestion. Lemon, lemongrass, and orange oils have strong citrus scents and have been used to kill bacteria. Consider the potential benefits when designing your soap and candle creations.

Safety Considerations

Most essential oils are safe for aromatherapy and application to the skin. Essential oils are not made to be ingested. Check on the products you are using to make sure you are using them safely. Verify the ingredients’ purity and processing quality before purchasing.

Sometimes essential oils can cause side effects, such as headaches, rashes, sinus, asthma attacks, or allergic reactions. Citrus oils, when applied to the skin, may make you more susceptible to sunburn. If you start experiencing any of these effects, stop using the oils and contact a health professional. Some essential oils are also not safe for pets. Check what oils you should avoid to keep the pets in your home safe.

Buying Essential Oils Wholesale

For frequent use, consider buying essential oils wholesale and in bulk to save time instead of making multiple orders and waiting for shipping. You can purchase a variety of oils to experiment with during your soap and candle-making processes. The oils can also be used to freshen up the scent in your home or business location.


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