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Is Flat Iron Good Or Bad For Your Hair?

If you wonder if a flat iron is bad for your hair, it can only be harmful when misused. Improper use of a flat iron can burn and damage your hair. Using excess heat makes your hair drier and vulnerable to split ends and breakage.

However, this does not mean that you should give up on your flat iron. I think you also agree with me on how much we need to have straight hair when you start the day, so it must need a flat iron.

Here are ways to safely straighten your hair and maintain its healthy look without destroying it:

1. Lather Your Hair With A Smoothing Conditioner And Shampoo

The hair straightening process starts in the shower. While washing your hair, lather it with a smoothing shampoo and a conditioner. This will make the straightening process easy. Also, your hair will need less time to be under the heat.

This process can make your hair go to the next step. After completing the process smoothly, then you can go to the next steps. Using conditioner and shampoo is a vital role and can depend on how the process goes perfectly.

2. Wait Until Your Hair Is Dried Fully

Straightening wet hair is the easiest way of damaging it. It is like boiling hair from the outside as the moisture bursts out in steam explosions. Also, damp hair does not heat up quickly. This means that you will go over the same section over and over, increasing its heat damage.

Make sure that your hair is completely dry before straightening it. In the step, you need to use a quality hair dryer that can afford to give you the quality results.

To get better results, it also depends on what you can choose for your hair and how it works in the hair. You must understand the hair types before applying a hairdryer or other hair tools.

3. Use The Right Heat Protectant

Applying a thermal protectant before you start straightening your hair will reduce heat damage. Shielding your hair from the damaging heat will keep your hair healthy. If not use heat protectants within the process, it may cause damage to your hair as quickly.

If you use any hair tools without using a heat protectant, it can be the big reason for hair damage. So without using protection, it will be harmful to you to use any hot hair tools.

4. Use the Lowest Temperature That Works For Your Hair

Using the highest heat possible while straightening your hair is the surest way of damaging your hair. Test each heat setting from the lowest to the highest to see what works best for you. Using the most moderate heat that works for your hair will prevent heat damage.

It also depends on your hair types, is it thick or fine, is it short or long or other hair types? So please try to understand your hair types first then start the whole process.

5. Use The Right Flat Iron

There is a variety of flat irons in the market. Using the right flat iron hair straightener can help you reduce hair damage. Some flat iron heats up unevenly, causing snags to your hair that lead to hair breakage and even hair loss.

Other flat irons overheat, burning and damaging your hair. Look for a straightener like the ceramic that heats evenly. Also, use one that has an adjustable heat setting so that you can use safe temperatures to style your hair without causing any damage.

The final steps can help you get better results when straightening your hair, so importantly, look at the quality hair tools that will be easy to get desired results.


A flat iron is not bad for your hair as long as you will use it properly. These tips will help you reduce any hair damage while using your flat iron. But you always try to understand the market available for flat irons first to buy the hair tools because of the quality ensure.

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