Dermatology an illustrated color text

Dermatology: An illustrated color text is an important source of information for medical students at any level. This book uses an unsurpassed collection of clinical photographs related to all major dermatological conditions. In addition, this book also provides concise and comprehensive text and key point boxes for quick access to information.

There are multiple incorporated summaries related to skin biology and associated basic science points that underpin clinical practice. In addition, this book also provides information regarding emerging dermatological treatment plans. Moreover, this book also provides guidance related to dermatological emergencies. The associated eBook format complements this amazing learning package.

From the learning aspects

This book includes all possible information related to clinical practice. It explains all factors and disciplines that will help to improve the clinical skills of practitioners. This textbook is ideal for medical students, residents, registrars in dermatology, specialist nurses, and family doctors. Moreover, this book explains all the information with multiple clinical photographs for easy understanding of these concepts.

About the author

David J. Gawkrodger (DSc, MD, FRCP, FRCPE)

  • Professor emeritus in dermatology at University of Sheffield, Royal Hallamshire Hospital, UK
  • Michael R. Ardern-Jones (BSc, MBBS, DPhil, FRCP)
  • Associate professor and consultant dermatologist at University of Southampton, Southampton general hospital, UK

Clinical features of Dermatology: An illustrated color text

This book offers several clinical features to achieve excellence in clinical practice. Let’s review these features.

Enhanced coverages of emerging areas

This book focuses on various new therapies like biologic therapy, dermoscopy, skin surgery, cosmetic surgery, and many other aspects. In this way, this book summarizes all important details in this concise version.

New line drawings

This book also incorporates several new line drawings and various colorful clinical images. This feature makes this book interesting to understand and also enhances visual learning.

Changes delivered in the latest (7th) edition of Dermatology: An illustrated color text

The latest edition of Dermatology: An illustrated color text explores the fundamental concepts of dermatology. In addition, this book provides multiple clinical photographs to illustrate the concepts. Moreover, this book also focuses on the management of various dermatological conditions and emergencies. Let us dig into the newly added features of this book in the latest edition.

  • Details presented in easily accessible text layouts
  • Highly illustrated explanation and more than 400 colorful pictures and drawings to explain the details
  • Key points highlighted with bullets for examination preparation and easy revision
  • Important information present in tabular form for easy access
  • Summary boxes included for quick and easy revision of the details.
  • This book explains eruptions on the skin, infections causing skin diseases, allergic reactions, and autoimmune disorders triggering skin diseases.
  • It also illustrates the important details related to skin malignancies and tumors.
  • This book provides special treatment procedures for skin disorders like phototherapy, cosmetic procedures, etc.
  • This book covers the recent emerging treatment approaches for dermatological conditions.
  • It covers the subject from basic molecular mechanisms and biochemistry through the surgical and medical management of different diseases.
  • This book also explains the genetic deficiencies causing any dermatological disorder.
  • This book also includes a specific section for difficult dermatological terminologies with their proper explanation. This feature makes it easy to understand the tough details of the subject.
  • This latest edition also includes an interactive eBook session with bonus material. It incorporates self-test flashcards, multiple-choice questions, and extra clinical images to help prepare for exams and hone your clinical skills.

Content details of Dermatology: An illustrated color text

This book covers all important topics of dermatology and associated skin conditions. In addition, this book also contains clinical figures and illustrations besides the text explanation. Moreover, it also extracts the fundamental concepts in the form of summary boxes and key points.

This book is divided into three basic sections for the ease of readers. These three sections explain every aspect of dermatological conditions.

1. Basic principles

In the first section, this book explains the basics of dermatology and its association with other subjects. It explains the microanatomy, physiology, biochemistry, and molecular genetics of the skin. In addition, this section explains the anti-inflammatory and immune response of the skin against several diseases. Moreover, this section also highlights the examination and clinical procedures for these skin diseases.

2. Diseases

In the second section, this book illustrates the different diseases of the skin. This section explains the pathophysiology and management protocol for these disease groups. In addition, it also illustrates the presentation and epidemiology of the disease.

This section highlights various eruptions on the skin, infectious diseases, specific skin structures disorders, allergic and autoimmune disorders, inherited diseases, and skin malignant lesions. In addition, this not only explains diseases but also provides dermatological management of these diseases.

3. Special topics in dermatology

This section provides information about the emerging treatment plans and innovations in dermatology. In addition, it highlights several new techniques for aesthetic outcomes of these innovations. Moreover, this section also provides information about skin changes occurring during pregnancy. In this way, this section explains important aspects of dermatology like occupation-related skin changes, genital dermatoses, etc.

Book name:Dermatology: An illustrated color text
Author:David J. Gawkrodger Michael R. Ardern-Jones
Publisher:Elsevier 2021
Book volume:184 pages
eBook:Available with bonus study material


This book provides information about every common condition related to dermatology. It illustrates all important details with different colorful clinical images and summary boxes. Moreover, this book helps the readers to revise all the details quickly. This book also explains the new emerging treatment procedures to make the management cosmetically better.

You will be able to get a diverse look at this book after the review. This book offers all the details with multiple clinical images and examples to make this book good for clinical practice. Moreover, this book is best for medical students, hospital residents, family doctors, specialist nurses, and junior doctors.

This book is available in pdf format and eBook version with many more interesting details and multiple-choice questions. You can easily get access to all the material of this book.

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