Clinical Dermatology

With every passing year, there is always advancement in the field of dermatology. This book, Clinical dermatology, highlights more about the clinical aspects of dermatology. In addition, it provides multiple clinical images to entertain the reader for better understanding. Many residents and general practitioners find this book interesting with multiple enriched common diseases.

This book, Clinical dermatology, offers multiple clinical features concerning several dermatological diseases. Moreover, this book helps to diagnose different diseases with the distinction in their symptoms and presentations. In addition, it offers more focus on clinical diagnosis and management of skin diseases. In this way, this book is best to understand different dermatological diseases with further explanation through multiple clinical images.

From the learning aspects

This book highlights the importance of dermatology in clinical practice. It explains all the common diseases with their treatment to make this book best for clinical practitioners. This book is helpful for hospital residents, general practitioners, family doctors, and specialist nurses.

As this book provides a colorful and highlighted explanation of the text, this book is best for any reader to improve his clinical skills related to dermatology. In addition, this book, Clinical dermatology, provides multiple clinical examples and pictures to explain the real-life importance of dermatology in the clinical field.

About the author

Richard weller

Senior lecturer at the department of dermatology, University of Edinburgh, UK

Hamish hunter

Clinical research fellow at University of Manchester, UK

Margaret Mann

Assistant professor and director of aesthetic dermatology at case western school of medicine, OH, USA

Characteristic features of clinical dermatology

There are several quality features of this book to help general practitioners and residents to enhance their clinical skills. This book provides details about common diseases and explains clinical images and details that improve diagnostic expertise.

Let’s check out these clinical features to know more about this book.

Non-invasive clinical techniques

This book includes several chapters on non-invasive physical interventions and dermoscopy to explain the latest technologies. These are the latest innovations in the field of dermatology. In addition, this book explains all the details about minimal or non-invasive clinical techniques for improved outcomes of any procedure.

Clinical images

This book elaborates all details with the help of different clinical pictures. In addition, it offers more than 450 high-quality clinical pictures to illustrate the content details. In this way, this is a very interesting feature to engage the attention of the reader.

Diagnosis and treatment

This book provides all details related to different clinically experienced diseases. It explains different diseases to build a strong clinical diagnosis and also covers the treatment of these diseases. Moreover, this book also illustrates all-important clinical information related to these diseases.

Skin malignancies:

This book also provides information related to different skin neoplasms and malignancies. In addition, it explains the clinical symptoms of these diseases to differentiate neoplasms from other diseases. Moreover, these neoplasms require aggressive management for treatment. This book explains all required treatment approaches for these malignant lesions.

Changes delivered in the latest (5th) edition of Clinical dermatology

The latest edition includes revised and updated chapters on dermatology. It provides improved and high-quality clinical pictures to improve illustration. Moreover, the latest edition also includes chapters on non-invasive clinical interventions for dermatological conditions.

  • Explained in simple and easy wording to improve learning skills
  • More focus on the clinical side of dermatology
  • This book includes multiple clinical pictures and highlighted text to enhance interest in the details
  • Provides differentiating information to diagnose several diseases
  • It explains the dermatological conditions according to regions
  • This book also includes a chapter on infections resulting in different skin diseases
  • The latest edition also covers skin changes at different levels of age
  • It also includes information on cosmetic dermatology to enhance the aesthetics after the treatment of diseases
  • It also explains skin reactions with different other systemic diseases.
  • Explains about dealing the psychological effects with different skin problems
  • This book also covers the management approaches for different skin tumors
  • Also includes details about non-invasive clinical techniques for better outcomes
  • Describes the changes of skin with sunlight and UV rays
  • This book is also available in pdf format for accessible details on any electronic media platform.

Content details of Clinical dermatology

This book includes extensive details about several aspects of clinical dermatology. In addition, this book also covers different clinical images to elaborate on the details of a text. Let’s go through the content details of this book.

  • Chapter 1 – skin disease in perspective
  • Chapter 2 – the function and structure of the skin
  • Chapter 3 – diagnosis of skin disorders
  • Chapter 4 – disorders of keratinization
  • Chapter 5 – psoriasis
  • Chapter 6 – other papulosquamous disorders
  • Chapter 7 – eczema and dermatitis
  • Chapter 8 – reactive erythema and vasculitis
  • Chapter 9 – bullous diseases
  • Chapter 10 – connective tissue disorders
  • Chapter 11 – disorders of blood vessels and lymphatics
  • Chapter 12 – sebaceous and sweat gland disorders
  • Chapter 13 – regional dermatology
  • Chapter 14 – racial skin differences
  • Chapter 15 – the skin at different Ages
  • Chapter 16 – infections
  • Chapter 17 – infestations
  • Chapter 18 – skin reactions to light
  • Chapter 19 – disorders of pigmentation
  • Chapter 20 – skin tumors
  • Chapter 21 – the skin in systemic diseases
  • Chapter 22 – cosmetic dermatology
  • Chapter 23 – the skin and the psyche
  • Chapter 24 – other genetic disorders
  • Chapter 25 – drug eruptions
  • Chapter 26 – medical treatment
  • Chapter 27 – physical forms of treatment
  • Chapter 28 – dermoscopy
  • Formulary 1 – topical treatments
  • Formulary 2 – systemic medication
Book name:Clinical dermatology
Author:Richard Weller Hamish Hunter Margaret Mann
Publisher:Wiley Blackwell
Book volume:464 pages


If you want to improve your diagnostic and clinical skills, this book is best for you to improve your clinical practice. This book covers various clinical images related to different diseases to improve learning skills. In addition, this book is also helpful to clear any international exams. Moreover, this book is best for residents and general practitioners.

This book is also available in pdf format so you can easily get access to the important details of this textbook. You can easily avail of this book without spending any extra bucks on it.

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