Daily Water Intake Calculator

Do you wait to drink water until you are thirsty? Are you not drinking enough water to make yourself sufficiently hydrated? It is a big mistake that most people make. Do you know what the daily water intake calculator does?

Being thirsty is indicative that you have lost almost 1 percent of body water. You must know that low water intake may lead to dehydration and several other problems. In the same way, excessive water intake may indicate any disorders. For this, a water intake calculator will aid in providing the daily water intake according to the body’s needs and activity.

What is a water intake calculator?

A water intake calculator helps to determine how much water we should drink per day. In addition, the water intake calculator provides the daily water in cups or glasses and ounces. Moreover, the water intake calculator depends on height, weight, and gender. It offers an accurate estimation of daily water intake according to gender, weight, and height.

Why is water intake so important for human beings?

Human bodies consist of almost 60% of water. Human organs like the brain require water to perform their functions. Water intake is so important to maintain a hydrated state in the body. Our body organs contain entirely water content. When you don’t drink water, they suffer a lot. These are some of the symptoms your body may experience when you are not taking enough water. Some of them are as follows.

  • Dehydration
  • Dryness
  • Joint problems
  • Premature aging signs
  • Constipation
  • Hunger pangs
  • Some types of headaches
  • Chemical imbalance
  • Decreased urinary output
  • Cancers
  • Damage to multiple organs

These all symptoms indicate a decreased water intake. In case you don’t know about your daily water intake, you need to put values in the water intake calculator and get to know about your daily water intake.

What are the benefits of sufficient water intake?

Proper hydration of the body is important to get a lot of health benefits. Moreover, enough water intake is a solution to several problems. Let us have a look at these benefits to understand the importance of water.

Nutrient balance

Water intake assists in maintaining an accurate nutrient balance in the body. It is very important for the efficient working of several body functions. Moreover, water helps to transport nutrients. These nutrients assist in the digestion and absorption of several micronutrients. In addition, water regulates blood pressure and temperature by maintaining homeostasis.

Keep yourself hydrated with the help of these water intake calculators. These calculators will assist you by providing the quantity of your daily water intake.

Improves kidney functions

Taking enough water will help you to excrete toxins from the body in urine. Kidneys work to excrete sodium, urea, and several toxins from the body with an increase in water intake. Moreover, increased water intake will also help to improve kidney health and function. The more you drink water daily, the more efficiently your kidneys work.

Weight loss

The best diet plan includes a sufficient daily intake of water. You need to take sufficient water to burn the extra fat layers. Water helps to digest the food you consume every day. Moreover, sufficient water intake induces an energetic feeling. Add sufficient water to your diet and see the magic.

Healthy skin

Increased water intake is associated with rejuvenating and youthful skin appearance. Water moisturizes your skin and resolves skin problems.

What are you waiting for? Calculate your daily water count by the water intake calculator. You will surely get amazing results by maintaining your water intake.

Bowel movements

Our body requires a fibrous diet and water for bowel movements. If you are not taking sufficient water, there is a great chance of constipation. An optimized level of water is necessary to get relief from constipation.

Boost immune system

A dehydrated body can affect several body functions. Moreover, decreased water intake may compromise your body’s immune system. These are some of the effects of water on the immune system.

  • Water helps to oxygenate the blood properly.
  • Increased lymph production to combat various antigens
  • It helps to digest food.
  • Increased production of serotonin to relieve depression


We explained the major aspects of water intake. You can get an easy review about the importance of water. There are several other aspects that can help the body function to work smoothly. All these points focus on the sufficient intake of water. You can get details of the water intake calculator easily. In this way, you can easily assess your daily water intake.

What are the water intake calculator formulas to determine daily water intake?

The water intake calculator depends on gender, weight, and daily activity. There are different levels of water intake quantity for males and females. You surely need to understand the fact about the water intake difference between males and females. Moreover, the water intake calculator also depends on weight. In this way, this calculator determines the daily water intake following the weight.

There may be variations in water intake according to your daily physical activity. Surely, you need to take more water during exercise and work out. As more water is lost during exercise in the form of sweating, you need to add more water to your routine from the normal.

There is also a very simple method to determine your daily water requirements.

  • Firstly, you need to weigh yourself to determine weight. Obese people require more water intake than slim people.
  • Multiply your weight by ⅔ to determine how much water you should drink daily. For example:

Your weight = 120 pounds
Daily water intake = 120 ×2/3
Daily water intake = 80 ounces = 2.3 liters almost

  • Moreover, if you do a workout of almost 35 minutes daily, your water intake count will be:

80 ounces + 15 additional ounces

Daily water intake = 95 ounces per day = 2.8 liters per day

  • You can change the water intake level according to your thirst level. But maximize your water intake to get maximum results.

What are the factors that can affect a water intake calculator or daily water intake?

There are several factors that can affect daily water count. You need to evaluate your daily water count by considering these conditions. Let us have a look at these factors.

Weather changes

Weather changes can affect the water intake calculator. If the weather is hot or humid, you may need more water to sufficiently hydrate your body. You will lose more water in the form of sweating during hot weather conditions. Dehydration effects are also common at high altitudes.

Physical activity

If you work out daily, you need more water to saturate your body. You will sweat more during physical activity. That’s why you need more water to compensate for this water loss.

Pregnancy or breastfeeding

During these physiologic conditions, your water demand increases to satisfy the hydrated state of the body.

What are the normal water intake levels according to the water intake calculator?

A water intake calculator helps to determine the daily water intake. There are different values of water intake levels according to age, weight, and gender. Moreover, it may differ for the person who is suffering from any of the above-mentioned conditions. Let us have a look at the normal values for different people.

  • Children ranging from 4-8 years – 40 ounces or almost 5 cups daily
  • Children of 9-13 years of age – 7 to 8 cups daily or 56-64 ounces
  • 14-18 years of age – 8 to 11 cups daily or 64-88 ounces
  • For adult males – 131 ounces daily
  • For adult females – 95 ounces daily
  • Women with pregnancy or breastfeeding – 13 cups or 140 ounces daily


Water intake calculators are helpful to evaluate the daily water intake count. Decreased water intake may lead to several health problems like constipation, fatigue, dry mouth, and several other disorders. Moreover, water plays the main role to optimize body functions. In addition, water intake optimizes blood pressure and thermoregulation.

Water intake calculators depend on age, weight, gender, and physical activity. Moreover, there are different values for children and adults. An adult female usually requires less water than an adult male to perform the best functions. In the same way, there are different water requirements for children of different ages.

There is no such complexity in operating a water intake calculator. You only need to put values according to the required metrics. Select the gender and mention your physical activity level. Press the calculate button and get the information about your daily water intake. It will provide you with daily water intake details in different parameters for your ease.

Stay hydrated with the help of these water intake calculators. Enjoy a healthy life.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What are the symptoms of dehydration?

Dehydration presents with several symptoms. Some of them are as follows.
● Hypernatremia and high blood pressure
● Dark urine
● Tiredness
● More body temperature
● Headache
● Dry mouth
● Stress
● Cramps

How to rehydrate my body?

There are several steps to rehydrate your body. Some of them are as follows:
● Take sufficient water
● Balance diet with proper water
● Rehydrate your body with water before, during, and after exercise or workout
● Maintain a schedule of drinking water
● Calculate water intake regularly with the help of a water intake calculator

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