Cosmetic Dermatology

This book, Cosmetic dermatology, highly focuses on the good looks of the patients according to their desires. In addition, this book also focuses on the basic surgical and medical procedures to treat different skin problems. This textbook documents the basic science concepts behind this expanding field of cosmetic dermatology.

This book solves all the critical problems of the residents and medical students of this field. In addition, this book also induces confidence in those practitioners who have little experience in the dermatology field. Moreover, this book covers all fundamental aspects that will help cure diseases and maintain the aesthetic look of visible parts of the skin.

From the learning aspects

This book, Cosmetic dermatology, offers the essential knowledge needed to treat different skin problems cosmetically. It includes an overview of systemic, intrinsic, and extrinsic aging processes. In addition, this book also explains detailed information related to anti-aging skincare product ingredients. Moreover, this book also includes references for the available details to make this book authentic for residents and medical students of this field.

About the author

Cheryl M. Burgess (M.D, F.A.A.D)

  • Board-certified dermatologist, who has gained national and international rewards for her expertise and contributions in dermatology
  • She founded the center for dermatology and dermatologic surgery in Washington, DC.
  • Serves as an authority on non-invasive cosmetic procedures and advanced dermatological technology
  • She developed and patented different techniques for aesthetic enhancement using dermal fillers and neuromodulators.
  • Inducted into the prestigious American dermatological association

Clinical features of Cosmetic dermatology

This book, Cosmetic dermatology, covers all important dimensions of the latest cosmetic dermatology. In addition, this book explains the details in a very effective and understanding way. Moreover, this book is concise and comprehensive to go through all essential details.

Let’s have a diversified look at its clinical qualities for the sale of review.

Latest innovations

This book follows the recent trends of cosmetic dermatology. It explains the use of lasers for skin resurfacing that reduces scar formation. In addition, this book explains all dimensions of cosmetic dermatology with the main focus on aesthetics. Moreover, this book offers explanations of the topics highlighting cosmetic enhancement.

Sidebars summaries

This book provides sidebars for a quick review of the details. In addition, it also explains the details by using tables and photographs for enhanced interest. Moreover, this book is helpful for the readers to enhance their interest and clinical skills in cosmetic dermatology.

Clinical explanation

This book covers several clinical examples to correlate the book details with daily-life clinical practice. In this way, this book helps practitioners to apply these examples in their clinical settings. Moreover, it also induces confidence in these practicing residents to achieve excellence.

Changes delivered in the recent edition of Cosmetic dermatology

This book, Cosmetic dermatology, offers a variety of unique features with their proper illustration. It covers all important topics related to the latest cosmetic dermatology. Moreover, it includes different clinical figures and tables to elaborate the content. Let’s review these clinical points concerning cosmetic dermatology.

  • Explains details in a simple and illustrative way
  • Written by several expert female dermatologists to explain the fundamental details
  • Includes several colorful clinical images to explain details in an interesting way
  • Describes systematic intrinsic and extrinsic aging processes with essential information on anti-aging skincare
  • Concise and well-organized book with the use of sidebars, summary tables, and photographic illustration
  • This book also explains clinical examples to correlate the text details on the clinical setting.
  • Explains the latest non-invasive clinical interventions and therapeutic offers for cosmetic enhancement
  • Fulfills the expectations of patient’s desires seeking cosmetic enhancement
  • It also provides the management of various skin diseases focusing on cosmetic purposes.
  • This book also covers the latest technology in cosmetic dermatology by using lasers to manage skin problems.
  • It also explains the use of dermal fillers like botulinum toxin in the field of cosmetic dermatology.
  • Good book for quick and simple review
  • An eBook is also available for this textbook. You may also go through the pdf version to get access to this textbook.

Content details of Cosmetic dermatology:

This book, Cosmetic dermatology, explains all essential diagnostic aspects related to treating different skin problems. In addition, this book covers all the clinical points necessary for the readers to achieve excellence in cosmetic dermatology. Moreover, this book not only highlights the treatment of skin diseases but provides information for cosmetic management.

This concise and comprehensive book guides through well-organized sidebars, photographs, and illustrations. In this way, this book helps to extract the requisite information quickly and easily. Moreover, this book also explains non-invasive clinical interventions and therapeutic offers for cosmetic enhancement.

This book is divided into eight chapters to provide essential details related to cosmetic dermatology. Every chapter offers detailed but focused information following the mentioned topic. This book also includes multiple figures, sidebars, and tables to enhance the illustration of this textbook.

Chapter 1 – medicine as it relates to dermatology

Chapter 2 – anti-aging skincare ingredient technology

Chapter 3 – photoaging and pigmentary changes of the skin

Chapter 4 – chemexfoliation and superficial skin resurfacing

Chapter 5 – botulinum toxin

Chapter 6 – soft tissue augmentation

Chapter 7 – laser skin resurfacing

Chapter 8 – sclerotherapy

Book name:Cosmetic dermatology
Author:Cheryl M. Burgess
Publisher:Springer Science and business media
Book volume:170 pages


The significant purpose of this review is to provide all information related to this book. In addition, this review will help the students to understand the necessary outline of this book. Moreover, this book, Cosmetic dermatology, helps readers clear their clinical concepts related to cosmetic dermatology.

This book also includes different clinical images and tables for enriched illustration of cosmetic dermatology. In addition, this book also covers several sidebars for an easy and quick review of the details. This book is user-friendly because of its easy explanation of the content.

Moreover, this book is also available in pdf and eBook format for the convenience of readers. You can get access to all the content details of cosmetic dermatology with ease.

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