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7 Days Keto Meal Plan

Here is a sample menu for the first week of a ketogenic diet to get you started:


  • Breakfast: tomato-topped muffins with eggs and vegetables.
  • Lunch: will consist of a side salad, feta cheese, and chicken salad with olive oil.
  • Dinner: will be butter-cooked fish and asparagus.


  • Breakfast: omelet with eggs, tomatoes, basil, and spinach
  • Lunch: Almond milk, peanut butter, spinach, chocolate powder, and stevia milkshake with a side of sliced strawberries.
  • Dinner: Broccoli that has been sautéed and served with roast chicken


  • Breakfast: Stuffed bell peppers with cheese and eggs
  • Lunch: On an arugula salad, there are hard-boiled eggs, turkey, avocado, and blue cheese.
  • Dinner: Grilled fish and sesame-oil-sauteed spinach


  • Breakfast: Full-fat yogurt with Keto granola on top
  • Lunch: Steak bowl with cheese, spices, avocado, and salsa, together with cauliflower rice
  • Dinner: cheesy broccoli and bison steak


  • Breakfast: cooked egg boats with avocado
  • Lunch: Chicken Caesar salad in a salad
  • Dinner: chops of beef and veggies


  • Breakfast: toast with cauliflower, cheese, and avocado.
  • Lunch: pesto-topped salmon burgers without a bun
  • Dinner: Served with Parmesan cheese and zucchini pasta, the meatballs


  • Breakfast: Chia pudding with coconut and walnuts on top of the coconut milk
  • Lunch: Greens, hard-boiled eggs, avocado, cheese, and turkey are all used in a Cobb salad.
  • Dinner:  chicken curry

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