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Why Do Famous Celebrities Eat Placenta?

It is a matter of interest that there are several celebrities, who eat their own placentas and people often ask why do famous celebrities eat placenta. The placenta is an organ formed during the developmental phases of the fetus.

There are several views by doctors about the potential benefits and side effects of eating placentas. Several celebrities ingest their own placenta in the form of pills after giving birth to their child.

Eating the placenta is a controversial topic among doctors. But, many famous celebrities are following the trend of eating placenta. There are several rumored benefits related to eating placenta. Despite the lack of authentic evidence, eating one’s own placenta is gaining popularity among mothers.

Normally, every animal on the planet which produces placenta eats it after baby birth. There are a few exceptions to this like humans, camels, and aquatic animals.

What is this condition of celebrities eating placenta called?

Postpartum human maternal placentophagy is the medical term related to this condition. It is defined as the process during which mothers eat their own placentas after they have delivered their child.

According to research, placentophagy is more common among middle or upper-class white women in the Global North.

What is the function of the Placenta?

The placenta is an important organ that connects the fetus in the uterus and mother. It plays a main role during pregnancy.

In addition, the placenta helps to provide oxygen, nutrients, and different hormones for the survival of the fetus. Moreover, it also transfers the waste products away from the fetus.

People who eat placenta claim that it raises energy levels and breast milk quantity. In addition, it reduces postpartum depression and insomnia.

What is the reason for Celebrities eat placenta?

Most people are convinced by the fact that eating the placenta can help to reduce the negative effects of birth. The rationale for eating the placenta is the immediate postpartum period.

Usually, mothers undergo a sudden downfall of hormones. These low hormonal levels can cause mood swings and loss of energy.

The placenta is an organ that produces several hormones. These hormones help prevent depression with several other benefits. Moreover, the placenta is available in the form of encapsulated pills. In addition, it is also available in raw form which can be cooked.

If people eat the human placenta then it can also help to induce lactation, reduce cramps, and improve mood and energy. According to recent research, there is no such evidence available for the authentication of these impacts on human health.

Medication form:

The placenta is available in different forms. The most commonly used form is encapsulated pills. In this form, the placenta can be taken in the form of pills. There are also several other forms of the placenta.

You can take the placenta either in raw form or in a cooked form. Moreover, you can also combine the placenta in a smoothie or drink for your convenience.

What are the benefits of eating placenta?

People often ask is it good to eat your placenta and there is little scientific research related to the potential benefits of consuming the placenta after birth.

It is believed that placentophagy is derived from ancient Chinese medicine. It stated that utilizing organs can help treat various medical conditions like infertility and liver problems.

Besides the benefits, research has shown that the placenta offers a variety of nutrients like fiber, proteins, and potassium stores. In addition, it also contains hormones like estradiol and testosterone which help to elevate mood.

There is an abundance of mothers around the globe who claim the benefits of consuming placenta. They stated that it helps to improve their postnatal health. But still, no such evidence exists regarding the benefits of placentophagy. Some of the stated health benefits are as follows:

Improved milk production:

For some new mothers who want to breastfeed their baby, but are unable to feed due to decreased milk production. Consuming placenta can be helpful for such mothers.

Genevieve Howland reveals on her blog that consuming placenta in the form of pills helps her to significantly increase her milk production.

Moreover, there are also several mothers who commented on parenting forums regarding the increased production of milk by using her placenta.

Improved mood and increased energy:

Placentophagy can also help to elevate mood and energy levels. It also helps to reduce postnatal depression and increase positive energy.

Pain relief:

Several advocates of placentophagy state that consuming the placenta can help to provide relief from after-birth pain. There is no such scientific clue to claim that placenta consumption can provide pain relief.

What are the negative impacts of eating the placenta?

Many people have this question in their mind is it safe to eat placenta. Eating the placenta can pose severe harm to your newborn. Whatever you eat after birth, your baby eats the same diet through breastfeeding.

The placenta is also a protective barrier between the mother and fetus. It may contain several infectious agents that may get transferred to the newborn through breastfeeding.

Claims of physical and psychosocial benefits of using the placenta are quite vague. There is no such clinical evidence regarding the benefits of consuming placenta.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a warning regarding the consumption of the placenta after birth. They issue a warning due to the case of a newborn infant suffering from recurrent neonatal group B Streptococcus sepsis after the parenting mother ingested the contaminated placenta capsule.

Infectious agents associated with the contaminated placenta can induce severe infection in newborn infants. There is also a risk of a lack of research regarding placentophagy.

Any medication that is consumed without sufficient research, serves as a poison. Whether you want to opt for placentophagy after birth, it is mandatory to consult your health care physician for a better decision.

Celebrities who ate their placentas after giving birth

There is a list of celebrities who ate their placenta after giving birth.

Kailyn Lowry, Chrissy Teigen, Kourtney Kardashian, Alicia Silverstone, January Jones, Hilary Duff, Nikki Reed, Holly Madison, Gaby Hoffman, and Kim Kardashian West are among the celebrity moms who ate their own placenta after giving birth.

Kim Kardashian is one of the leading celebrities in the industry. She wrote in a post on her app titled “Eating my placenta”. She posted “when I say ‘eat my placenta, I mean that I’m having it freeze-dried and made into a pill form – not actually fry it like a steak and eat it.”

Hilary Duff also opted to take her placenta in a smoothie form after giving birth to her youngest child. She stated that it was the most delightful smoothie I’ve ever had on Dr. Elliot Berlin’s informed pregnancy podcast.

Nikki Reed celebrated her last day of placenta pills that were recommended by her doula.

What are the doctors’ views related to placentophagy?

The postpartum ingestion of the placenta is quite common among mammals. But, no human culture follows the medical practice of placentophagy.

Nowadays, placentophagy is getting famous among the human population due to some false claims. There is no such evidence regarding the positive effects of consuming placenta after birth.

Different statistics of parenting mothers claim that consuming the placenta after birth can be helpful to manage the postpartum period. There is no such evidence regarding the authenticity of these claims.

Doctors recommend avoiding the intake of placenta capsules. As encapsulation may leave infectious agents to cause harm to newborns.

A physician must inform about the side effects of consuming placenta. This practice should be discouraged to implement a healthy lifestyle for both mother and baby.

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Placentophagy is becoming a very popular medical practice among different female celebrities. There are several female celebrities who ate their own placenta after giving birth to their child.

They assume that consuming the placenta after birth can help reduce postpartum depression and boost energy levels. Besides these claims, there is no such scientific research regarding these claims.

Consuming the placenta can also be harmful to newborns. The placenta may carry harmful infectious agents. These infectious agents can be transferred to the newborn through breastfeeding.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention issues a warning regarding the consumption of the placenta after birth.

If you have decided about placentophagy, you must consult with your physician. As it may cause harm to the newborn with deficient immunity. From the perspective of doctors, they need to counsel the parenting mother regarding the side effects of consuming placenta.

Frequently asked questions(FAQs):

Is it safe to eat the placenta?

No, it is not safe to eat the placenta after birth. It may contain different pathogenic bacteria. These bacteria may induce different diseases among newborns. It is not a safe practice to do experiments on yourself without any evidence. There is no evidence available related to the benefits of eating the placenta.

How to know if you can eat the placenta or not?

Consuming the placenta after birth is not an option available to everyone. You need to consult your doctor. Eating the placenta in a raw or fresh form can transfer various infections to your newborn.

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