The Short Textbook of Pediatrics

In this post, we have shared an overview and download link of The Short Textbook of Pediatrics pdf. Read the overview of The Short Textbook of Pediatrics. And download using links given at the end of the post.

The Short textbook of pediatric gives useful information on the problems of child health care. It is one of the great MBBS books by the Suraj Gupte which really helps the clinical students.

Overview of short textbook of paediatrics

The short textbook of pediatrics is one of the best selling pediatric books with revised and updated data. The latest 12th edition of the short textbook of pediatric contains the extensive guide to the field of the paeditric with the brand new content. The book has divided into eleven sections which cover everything from the core paediatrics to allied specialities.

The latest edition is not only excellent for the undergraduate students but also for the postgraduates, residents, practitioners and the teachers. The ISBN 10 of the short books of paediatrics is 93855891804 and the publisher is Jaypee brothers medical publishers. It is published in New Delhi, India on 28 May 2016 with 1050 pages.

Key features od the short textbook of paediatrics

  • The book is rationally divided into the eleven sections.
  • It is comprehensive, most updated with brand new content books that focus on relevance in South Asia.
  • It contains hundreds of clinical photographs, diagrams and flowchart with boxes and tables.
  • It also includes MCQs and clinical problem-solving reviews at the end of every chapter for the student to have their self-assessments.
  • The textbook is student-friendly with down to earth presentation.
  • The book is decorated with a colorful design that allowing easy location if key content.

New features

  • Bulleted format for easy learning
  • Five brand new chapters
  • The case-based approach through clinical problem-solving
  • Self-assessment MCQs
  • Hundred of new clinical photograms, diagrams, flowcharts and algorithms.

The short textbook of paediatrics is incorporating national and international recommendations (MCI, IAP, NNF, WHO, UNICEF, IPA, ISTP, AAP, etc).

Goal of The short textbook of pediatrics

The goal of the short textbook of paediatric si to provide a reasonable blend of accustomed concepts along with the astounding explosion of pieces of knowledge in the Avant-grade paediatrics with special prominence on the needs in the south Asia continent.

Author of The short textbook of pediatrics

The author of the famous book the short textbook of pediatric is Dr Suraj Gupte. Dr Suraj Gupte is currently professor and head of the department  of paediatrics (postgraduate), Mamata medical college, Khammam, Telangana, India. He authored and edited several books of paediatrics, including international series, recent advances in paediatrics.

He is also an adviser of 8th international congress of tropical paediatrics and executive member. And dr Suraj Gupte is also a proud alumnus of the influential postgraduate institute of medical education and research Chandigarh India.

The short book of paediatrics is easy to understand

Besides providing the latest information and all the basic concepts required, the short book of paediatrics by dr Suraj Gupte is easy to learn. If you are a clinical medical student you must be well aware of the importance of child health care in the field of pediatrics.

The latest edition of the short textbook of pediatrics stands updated with significant revisions. A new section among all those elevens sections ” emergencies and intensive care”, many fresh clinical photographs, diagrams, boxes, tables, flowchart, highlight texts are added which make easy for the student to learn.

You can download The short textbook of pediatrics pdf by the link given below. if you face any problem while downloading The short textbook of pediatrics pdf, message us on Facebook. We will send you a fresh link.

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