Steps on to Paediatrics

The current book description is elucidative of a brief overview of the Prof. Abid Hossain Mollah and Dr. NazmunNahar’s series of books on paediatrics. This book series available in the market by the name of “Steps on to Paediatrics” in total 5 editions.

The steps on to Paediatrics series has gained a significant focus of the medical doctors and students for few years due to its comprehensiveness, appropriateness, coherence, and advancement of knowledge. Pediatrics is one of the gleeful subjects in comparison to complicated subjects like anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, etc. It is associated with the studies and investigation of the medical care of younger age kids inclusive of infants, growing children, and those reaching adolescence.

Present era is thronged with a myriad of good quality books of paediatrics aimed at the provisioning comprehensive knowledge to medical students and relevant individuals. Nevertheless, Steps on to Paediatrics have been considered as the best book to use for learning in an efficient manner. Steps on to Paediatricscomprising of 5 editions has been making an impact due to its relevance and more editions are expected to be released soon.

In this regard, the 3rd, 4th, and 5th editions of Steps on to Paediatrics have been authored and edited by Prof. Abid Hossain Mollah and Dr. NazmunNahar. Prof. Abid is serving as the Head of the Paediatrics Department at BIRDEM General Hospital, Bangladesh. Prior to that, Prof. Abid has also served as the Ex-Head of the Paediatrics Department at Dhaka Medical College (DMC) Hospital. Dr. NazmunNahar is a pediatrics specialist having more than 20 years of experience in this field.

The book editions authored by Prof. Abid and Dr. Nahar provide useful discussions which are very brief and easier for students to comprehend. This has been made possible by the insertion of more than 500 clinical illustrations with each case the language of the book is facile to grasp.

Remarkably important topics associated with children’s health have been discussed. For instance, birth injuries, RDS, common electrolyte abnormalities, hemolytic diseases, Wilson disease, dog bite, diabetes mellitus, emergencies associated with life threats, Chikungunya fever, systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), Henoch–Schönlein purpura (HSP), and Kawasaki disease in addition to other relevant topics of management and treatment. The following section is clarifying different editions of the Steps on to Paediatrics in a systematic way:

Steps on to Paediatrics: 3rd Edition | Highlights

3rd edition of Steps on to Paediatrics, released on 3rd October, 2016,has meticulously provided the brief and comprehensive discussion on the common health problems faced by children. This has been done by taking into consideration the symptoms and also, the undergraduate (UG) medical curriculum has been closely considered for making it easier for UG students to understand it.

In this regard, updated knowledge has been added from a myriad of national and international forums in form of websites and guidelines for the management of diseases. Almost, 500 clear illustrations have been added for clear depiction of the cases being discussed.

A pictorial presentation has been done regarding the frequently occurring diseases. Prof. Abid and Dr. Nahar have also included managerial strategies to be adopted in case of different diseases of newborns e.g. hemolytic and Wilson disease, dog bite, posterior urethral valves, etc.

This edition excels the previous one since it has added 4 completely new chapters associated with the shorter stature in kids, pain in the abdomen, constipation, and behavioral challenges. This edition is easy to be comprehended by the medical students since it has also provided objective structured practical examination (OSPE) in addition to the self-assessment exercises along with answer keys.

Steps on to Paediatrics: 4th Edition | Highlights

4th edition of Steps on to Paediatrics, released in May, 2018, has closely considered the fact of targeting UG medical students and thus, has scrupulously done the harmonization of the different issues. In this addition, the advancements have been discussed based on the common issues arising in kids related to their well-being.

For instance, diabetes mellitus (DM), foreign body aspiration, Chikungunya fever, burn type other life-threatening emergencies, etc. Furthermore, Prof. Abid and Dr. Nahar have also added pathogenesis in this addition for comprehending the basic concepts associated with it for better management. Theoretical material has been made further clear by the addition of 525 images in case of different clinical circumstances.

Frequently occurring electrolyte abnormalities have also been discussed. The 4th edition also provides the students with the OSPE and self-assessment exercises along with answer keys.

Steps on to Paediatrics: 5th Edition | Highlights

4th edition of Steps on to Paediatrics was released on 5th September, 2020 when the world was combating COVID-19 pandemic. This version has been revised and updated in a systematic manner for UG medical students encompassing all kinds of health issues of the children.

In addition to the previous data, the 5th edition has especially incorporated some significant topics e.g. managerial practices for COVID-19 in kids, oxygen therapy, newborn examination with clear illustrations, principles to follow in case of newborn examination, fluid-based topics inclusive of the electrolytes in child’s body and homeostasis, systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), and Henoch–Schönlein purpura (HSP).

It is also worth mentioning that Prof. Abid and Dr. Nahar have also added an account of the continuing programs associated with child health at the national level. Also, this edition is inclusive of about 750 pictorial presentations of the clinical cases for the understanding of the UG medical students.

Medical Students and Auspiciousness of Steps on to Paediatrics

The three editions of Steps on to Paediatrics are a complete package to learn paediatrics.


These book series are suitable for medical sciences students. Paediatrics is an important course in MBBS, yet there is a scarcity of good quality books which could deliver the true essence of the knowledge in simpler words. However, Prof. Abid and Dr. Nahar have completely taken into consideration these factors and compiled the book in a consolidated manner, which is easy to comprehend and learn for employment of managerial practices in life.

Neoteric nature and uniqueness

Prof. Abid and Dr. Nahar should be appreciated for their efforts in compiling a unique and different book. In contrast to other medical books, which makes use of difficult language and cases, these series have actually explained the clinical cases with the help of updated illustrations in a simpler manner. Such uniqueness and novelty renders this series to be the first choice of students and teachers for better learning and utilization of the knowledge in real life.

All-encompassing nature

Different editions of the Steps on to Paediatrics have meticulously compiled all the relevant topics in paediatrics. Especially, Edition 4th and 5th have added the most updated and advanced clinical cases for enabling students to compare their book knowledge with their surroundings. It is well reflected from the fact, that 5th Edition is inclusive of the managerial practices for COVID-19 in kids, which is indicative of Prof. Abid and Dr. Nahar’s efforts in imparting their knowledge to their students through this book.

Suggestions for MBBS Students for Better Understanding of paediatrics

  • You must watch different videos on different forums for visual grasping of the bookish knowledge
  • Try learning from the single source i.e. Steps on to Paediatrics by Prof. Abid Hossain Mollah and Dr. NazmunNahar. Rather, consider it as your miracle book.
  • You need to make timely notes right after your dissection class for good understanding and memorization.
  • Being artistic might help you get good grades. You must draw some attractive diagrams so that examiners would give you good marks, since lengthy theoretical details makes things boring for the examiner.

With the Steps on to Paediatrics, you will obtain deeper learning as a medical student and will be able to excel in a remarkable way. I wish you good luck with your medical journey

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