Statistics and Data Analysis for Nursing Research

Considering the medical or nursing profession, it is difficult for students to understand data-based or bioStatistics. This book, Statistics and data analysis for nursing research, is specially organized for nursing students to help them understand the complex Statistics details.

There is a diverse use of data analysis and Statistics in the field of research. This book explains the details in a very easy and effective way to indulge the details in the reader’s mind. In addition, this book is detail-oriented for medical research purposes. Moreover, it will help the students to achieve excellence in the research field.

From the learning aspect

This book Provides Statistical details in a very easy way. These details don’t complicate the understanding of Statistics concepts. In addition, it is especially for the nursing students and junior nurses to help them in the research field. Moreover, this book is sufficient for them to clear their concepts regarding this.

About the author

Denis F. Polit (ph.D.)

She wrote several books on nursing subjects. In addition, she is also one of the experts in the nursing field.

Clinical features of Statistics and data analysis for nursing research

This book provides several unique features that make the details easy to understand. In addition, this book provides details about how to use statistical methods and procedures to analyze research outcomes. Moreover, this book offers thorough guidance regarding data analysis and statistical approaches. Let’s know more about these clinical features.

Research examples

These examples are added in the text to illustrate key points on text. In addition, these examples act as a catalyst for student’s thinking about research and analytic options.

Reader-friendly explanation

The details of this book are user-friendly because of its digestible content explanation. Moreover, this book describes complex concepts carefully and systematically. This feature makes difficult ideas clear to understand.

Clinical tips for analysis

This book includes several clinical tips to enhance confidence. Every chapter of this book includes different practical tips to apply these tips on real-life situations. This feature makes this book a reliable option for junior nurses.

Guidance about presenting details

This feature dictates what information should be in the text details versus in tables and figures. This book greatly works on a presentation to improve the understanding of the reader. In addition, this book also includes exemplary tables that can be used to relate statistical analysis.

Updated changes delivered in the latest (2nd) edition of Statistics and data analysis for nursing research

This book, Statistics and data analysis for nursing research, provides thorough guidance about data analysis related to research purposes. Several changes are part of the latest edition of this book. Let’s explore these changes.

  • Informational, well understood, and reader-friendly
  • It Covers huge details about descriptive, bivariate inferential, and multivariate statistics.
  • More focus on quantitative procedures rather than boring the reader with qualitative methods
  • The main target is how to analyze and interpret data through computer analysis.
  • Every chapter provides instruction on preparing statistical details and explaining specific topics.
  • Also includes a chapter on basic psychometric analysis
  • New terms highlight to provide more updated content
  • Exercises at the end of every chapter to enhance the learning status of readers
  • Emphasis on evidence-based practice for reliable evaluation
  • Approaches for doing power analysis to estimate sample size just expanded
  • Computer output from statistical analysis added throughput the book
  • Guidance on how to read output from computer analysis
  • Exemplary tables added to facilitate learning
  • Tables and figures are part of the book to engage the reader’s attention
  • eBook available to get access

Other important features of Statistics and data analysis for nursing research

There are several other features that are part of this latest edition. This book guides students through the complete analysis process from performing statistical analysis and the rationale behind this. In addition, this book discusses data management, details about how to record variables for analysis and cleaning data, and how to work around missing data.

Missing values

In the latest edition, every final chapter of the book covers strategies for detecting patterns of missing values. In addition, it also covers approaches on how to deal with ensuing problems.

Scale development

Every chapter on factor analysis has been expanded. In addition, a new section on evaluating internal consistency reliability is also a part of this book.

Content details of Statistics and data analysis for nursing research

This book covers all fundamental details about how to analyze data and their presentation. In addition, this book covers the role of statistics in real-life situations. It also covers chapters on psychological statistics. Moreover, this book provides details in tabular or diagrammatic form for easy understanding. Let’s know the content details of this book.

Chapter 1 – Introduction to Data Analysis.

Chapter 2 – Univariate Statistics: Tabulating and Displaying Data.

Chapter 3 – Univariate Statistics: Central Tendency and Variability.

Chapter 4 – Bivariate Description.

Chapter 5 – Statistical Inference.

Chapter 6 -Testing the Difference Between Two Means: The Two-Sample t-Test.

Chapter 7 – Analysis of Variance.

Chapter 8 – Chi-Square and Other Nonparametric Tests.

Chapter 9 – Correlation and Simple Regression.

Chapter 10 – Multiple Regression.

Chapter 11 – Analysis of Covariance, Multivariate ANOVA, and Canonical Analysis.

Chapter 12 – Factor Analysis.

Chapter 13 – Discriminant Analysis and Logistic Regression.

Chapter 14 – Causal Modeling: Path Analysis and Linear Structural Relations Analysis.

This book includes every detail about data analysis for your better research. In addition, this book explains the context in a very easy way.

Book name:Statistics and data analysis for nursing research
Author:Denise F. Polit
Book length:456


This book is one of the best books for nursing students to understand biostatistics. It explains all the details in a very easy and effective way. Moreover, this book does not complicate the concepts by just creating a mess of stats. In addition, this book explains details in tabular or diagrammatic form for improved learning.

This book is user-friendly because of its easy explanation. In addition, this book is also available in pdf or eBook format for your convenience. Moreover, there is also an explanation in the form of slide share for better learning.

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