Simpson’s Forensic Medicine

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A Brief Overview of Simpson’s Forensic Medicine textbook

This prestigious and reputable book remains the world’s leading classic forensic introductory book.

This study gives details on the interface between medicine and law for general practitioners or students. This also includes forensic toxicology, forensic chemistry, forensic odontology, forensic anthropology, as well as the legal and ethical responsibilities of those concerned.

Simpson’s history is long and revered, many leading forensic practitioners read it at the beginning of the profession. It continues to be the most necessary guide for forensic medicine practice around the world.

Key Features of Simpson’s Forensic Medicine EBook

Here are the key features that make this book stand out from others:

  • Straightforward, brief, and the full text illustrated with the finest quality color photographs allow you to find details on a look.
  • It focuses on key concepts and is accessible to you regardless of the legal system or country of origin.
  • New writers will bring you up-to-date, fresh, modern and
  • Complete and extended coverage is now available for forensic and forensic sciences, as well as many essential forensic medicine subspecialties.

Editorial Review

Doctor Harry Brown reviewed this book and had this to say about it:

“This book does not concentrate on death but looks at clinical areas which could impact on our day to day workload, albeit in a peripheral manner. There is a very interesting chapter on a topic that I cannot recall reading elsewhere, namely on Police Custodial Healthcare. Obviously, if you have an interest or involvement in this area, this is important reading but makes interesting reading for other healthcare professionals. Much more mainstream is the short but informative chapter (chapter 23) on alcohol.

This book is well written, clearly laid out and a pleasure to read but it’s stand out interest to me was the coverage of medical areas that are sometimes overlooked in the mainstream. Of course, it will be of great interest to those people who are interested in forensic medicine but there are a number of gems here that are sometimes overlooked in standard medical texts.

Some healthcare professions may find this a useful read on topics that may be peripheral but occasionally pertinent to them. I found it fascinating learning of situations not familiar to me. This book would be an excellent addition to a personal or institutional digital library. I also enjoyed reading from the eBook-a sign of the times!”

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