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Shanbhag pharmacology pdf is an Indian book which is the composition of Tara v Shanbhag and Smita Shenoy. Pharmacology tara v Shanbhag ebook presents a simple, easy & understandable format for the undergraduate student.

Brief Overview of Shanbhag Pharmacology PDF

The combined work of Tara V Shanbhag and Smita Shenoy is known as Shanbhag pharmacology. This is a well-known Indian pharmacology book with three versions. Published in a very easy to understand language. The book has one of the great references to look at and maybe conveniently revise to see at once.

In the first edition, all medical undergraduate students use it extensively. Due to the short summaries of each chapter by Tara pharmacology. The figures of Pharmacology tara v Shanbhag ebook is satisfactory to see. The style of Shanbang pharmacology pdf is in clean memorize desk shape.

Key Features of Shanbhag Pharmacology PDF For medical graduate

  • The pattern based on examiner questions-both theory and practice is followed in the format.
  • The content is updated with the addition of latest drugs.
  • The latest edition of shanbhag pharmcology pdf contains the flowchart, figures, and table to ease the better learning.
  • The drugs with indications, side effects, & contraindication are presented in point wise which really helpful medical undergraduate student.

Table of Contents

Tara Shanbhag Pharmacology PDf for Medical Graduates has launched several new subjects, including cognitive enhancers, CNS stimulants, Psoriasis medicinal drugs, and Acne vulgaris.

The definitions, WHO treatment schedules (TB / HIV), RNTCP (TB) guidelines, and JNC classification have been included in the 2003 guidelines, and we agree to the same. WHO TB guidelines have been defined in this report.

Not only medical students but also professionals are welcome to use this thoroughly reviewed version.

  • Chapter 1. General medicines.
  • Chapter 2. Autonomous nervous system behaving drug.
  • Chapter 3. Cardiovascular disease system medication.
  • Chapter 4. Pharmacology of kidney disease.
  • Chapter 5. Centralized nervous system medicines.
  • Chapter 6. Respiratory and autacoids method.
  • Chapter 7. Medicines used in os Gastrointestinal disorder care.
  • Chapter 8. Blood-forming drugs and organs.
  • Chapter 9. Pharmacology of endocrine.
  • Chapter 10. Uteric medicine.
  • Chapter 11. Chemotherapy.
  • Chapter 12. Different medicines.

About the authors of Shanbhag Pharmacology PDF

There are two authors of Shanbhag Pharmacology PDf.

Tara V Shanbhag

Tara v Shanbhag is one of the authors of the Shanbhag pharmacology pdf. Currently, She is professor and head of, Pharmacology Department, Srinivas Medical Science Institute, and Research Centre. She has comprehensive pharmacology teaching experience in medical, dental, health, and related students.

Tara v Shanbhag has received the Good Teacher Prize honorably. She has also published books on dentistry and nursing medicine. In various national and international publications, she has several articles to her credit. She has studied at several universities and schools.

Smita Shenoy

Smita Shenoy is another author of the Shanbhag pharmacology pdf. She is currently a Professor of Pharmacology at Manipal’s Academy of Higher Education, India. 

She has 15 years of teaching experience and has taught at many universities and schools. The ‘Healthy Teacher’ Award was presented to her. She’s an assistant doctoral. She has written and published numerous books on pharmacology in national newspapers.


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Book Name:Pharmacology for Medical Graduates
Author:Tara V Shanbhag & Smita Shenoy
File Size:207.40 MB

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